PL0T’s Most Memorable DJs: Top 6 Artists Who Rocked the Party

On May 21, Miami’s most creative event brand, PL0T Miami, and its heroine mastermind, Rebecca “Becks” Lange, screened their spotlight episode in a web-series produced by Red Bull TV titled Inspire the Night. Currently in its second season, Inspire the Night is an unscripted series that explores the brilliant and rousing individuals behind some of America’s greatest nightlife experiences. As the founder of PL0T Miami, Becks Lange earns her very own chapter in this music and culture driven mini-doc.

The devil is in the details, which is why Becks Lange ensures each and every aspect of her PL0T-produced events is accounted for. From lighting, to sound, to highly imaginative decor—Lange secures the perfect party experience. Some of PL0T’s most noteworthy affairs include the first ever Life and Death showcase during Art Basel 2016, and a day-long beach party titledWhere Are My Keys? with acts such as Red Axes and Robolledo.

We had a chat with Becks where we discussed her illustrious career, fantastic roster of past bookings and asked her to pick 6 of the most memorable sets from the many she hosted. Watch the full Red Bull TV episode, “Becks & PL0T Miami Stand Out From A Crowded Commercial Scene | Inspire the Night” below, and read on for her picks!

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Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey Immerses Himself in Nature While Taking Mushrooms To Prepare for Psychedelic Film Role

Jim Carrey, one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, will be starring in the controversial film adaptation of True Hallucinations. True Hallucinations shows the life and work of ethnobotanist and psychonaut Terence McKenna.

Carrey, known for his rubbery body movements and distinctive facial expressions, will take on the role of McKenna who advocated the use of hallucinogenic substances. McKenna believed plant-based psychedelics can increase many forms of human awareness and is very vocal about legalizing its use.

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Watch This Documentary About Glasgow’s Thriving Underground After-Hours Scene


Glasgow, a city that truly knows how to party.

The largest city in Scotland is known to be a hot-bed for skillful DJs and producers, in large part thanks to a thriving nightlife scene with several world-renowned clubs the likes of Sub Club, La Cheetah and SWG3.

But beyond the clubs, there’s a deep underground after-hours scene that is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about in the world. i-D has decided to explore this late-night/early-morning world through a mini-documentary that dives deep into the city’s underground scene and the players that are making it shine.

“Discontent with the current political climate, they are artfully rebelling, reclaiming the city and throwing illegal after-hours parties. In this love letter to inner-city Scottish misfits, we discover more about the ripple effects of regeneration on Glaswegian youth culture.” — i-D

Watch the documentary in full below:

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Watch a Mini-Documentary Featuring Dixon and Âme’s Innervisions Imprint

Ame Dixon

Smirnoff Sound Collective is giving fans an exclusive look into one of the most respected labels in the underground dance music world: Innervisions.

The German label, co-founded by Steffen Berkhahn, a.k.a Dixon, and Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann of Âme, has been paving the way as one of the most respected imprints in the world thanks to signature dreamy and mesmerizing releases from some of the most respected producers in the scene.

The mini-documentary features some exclusive footage including from Amsterdam’s Woodstock ’69 where Dixon and Âme performed b2b all day, Wiedemann diving into the label’s work and chilling with label newcomer Aera at the office in Berlin, as well as discussions on how to run a label of success such as Innervisions. The information revealed is particularly interesting for a label that counts three major producers and DJs at the helm, but it does a great job in describing how compromising and finding common ground has been key in pushing Innervisions to high levels of success in the 11 years of its existence.

The documentary comes following a recent revelation, via Dixon’s take-over of Resident Advisor’s Instagram, that fans can expect forthcoming albums from Âme and Schwarzmann in 2017.

Watch the documentary below.

Connect with Innervisions: Discogs | Resident Advisor | Facebook | Twitter

Connect with Dixon: Resident Advisor | FacebookInstagram

Connect with Âme: Resident Advisor | Facebook

#TBT Series: The Story of Tresor Berlin and Its Influence On The City’s Techno Scene [Video]


Photo by Michael Lange

It could have been like any other regular club, a shooting star that blinks across the sky of nightlife like a burning diamond, only to dissipate shortly after into a black hole of nothingness. It could have joined the countless others who fall victim of the short lifespan plague that permeates the nightclub scene across the globe. It could have, but it wasn’t.

Tresor Berlin made history, but no one would have expected that back on March 13th 1991 when the club first opened. Today, the techno institution is in the midst of blowing 25 candles to celebrate its life at the forefront of the electronic music movement, and is throwing a series of large parties to commemorate the special occasion. The celebrations began March 12th at the Berlin club and continued on to Milan, Denmark, Amsterdam, London and Spain before their upcoming US stop in Detroit during Movement weekend and a final flurry of dates in Australia and back in Europe.

Inside Tresor in the 90s

Inside Tresor in the 90s

Back in 1991, Tresor opened shop in a shack on Potsdamer Platz, located atop the the vault of the Wertheim department store. The Berlin wall had just fallen less than two years earlier, leaving the city’s youth in search for a connection and a sense of freedom many could only find through music. They found that connection at Tresor.

Armed with an art gallery license and a three-month lease, the venue owners woke up every day expecting authorities to barge in and shut operations down. Instead, things continued and the venue carried on to make history by connecting the music and artists coming out of Detroit with the rise of Berlin’s love and burning passion for techno. As the club itself proudly recalls, it went on to be the home of Jeff Mills’ first sets on three turntables, the brain behind the grandiose Tresor Park parties, and the mastermind of the various chapters of the Loveparade with Sven Väth in the 90s.

Detroit Jeff Mills, Dimitri Hegemann, and French DJ Laurent Garnier at Tresor

Jeff Mills, original club founder Dimitri Hegemann, and Laurent Garnier at Tresor


Despite complications, temporary closures and raids, the techno persisted and persists still to this day. Its location may have changed in 2005, but the club and its religious attachment to techno haven’t. Tresor is very much alive and well, and with it is the message of music and freedom it has been carrying for twenty-five years.


Inside the current Tresor nightclub

In 2008, a documentary directed by Tilmann Künze entitled “SubBerlin” was released. It highlighted the history of Tresor from its beginning in 1991 until the closure of its original location. The one-and-a-half hour video includes interviews with many of the artists that played at the venue, from Atkins to Sven Väth, as well as the people that made the club happen, such as original founder Dimitri Hegemann. The original documentary was released on TV, and later made available on DVD by the club in 2012.

Enjoy it in its entirety below.

Connect with Tresor: Online | Facebook | Twitter | Resident Advisor

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Jeff Mills Releases Part 3 of The Exhibitionist Series


Last year the music community was exposed to Exhibitionist 2 – a three-part music and documentary series from Jeff Mills. Part 1 and 2 were released in July and September 2015, respectively, and featured exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of The Wizard in action, along with new studio productions from Mills.

Part 3 of the Exhibitionist Series is now here as we’ve entered the New Year, completing the project in true artistic fashion. Part 3 features a live recording of Jeff Mills in Leiden, and serves as a concrete example of the hard work that Jeff puts in day in day out working towards his creative vision of futuristic techno and philosophy. Read more

As I AM: The Life and Times of DJ AM Debuts at Tribeca

Tribecca Banner

As I AM: The Life and Times of DJ AM is a new documentary debuting this Friday at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. DJ AM’s rise to fame within the music industry is an engaging story filled with tremendous challenges, ending with his untimely death in 2009 at the young age of 36.

Director, Kevin Kerslake, pays tribute to the life of Adam Goldstein through this documentary. To tell the story of As I AM: The Life and Times of DJ AM, Kerslake includes interviews with friends and colleagues such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Pasquale Rotella, Z-Trip, and Travis Barker who all provide phenomenal insight about their time with DJ AM. Despite his tragic passing, DJ AM surely left his mark on the industry and helped paved the way for future avenues of music and culture.

As I AM: The Life and Times of DJ AM has a run time of 102 minutes, and can be seen on the following dates at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Friday, April 17: Regal Cinemas Battery Park
Time – 9:15 PM

Saturday, April 18: Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea 6
Time – 9:30 PM

Wednesday, April 22: Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea 7
Time – 3:00 PM

Saturday, April 25: Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea 6
Time – 9:30 PM

Tribeca Film Festival: Official Site

Slices Mini-Documentary: KiNK

Kink Banner body

Electronic Beats bring forth another excellent feature in their Slices Series. This time around they visit the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, to visit none other than Strahil Velchev; best known as Kink.

The Electronic Beats team traverses throughout the city with Kink, and make a stop at his mothers house to take a look at his home studio loaded with analog gear. You can view the Slices feature, as well as our interview with Kink from NAMM 2015, in the videos below.

Kink on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor