City Travel Guide: DETROIT

It’s likely that if you ever tell someone you’re taking a vacation to Detroit, you will be met with a mixture of concern and curiosity. While many don’t think of the Motor City as a leisure destination, Detroit holds a special place in America’s history and more so in the dance music world as the birthplace of techno and home of Movement Electronic Music Festival – a three-day affair complete with impressive line-ups attracting tens of thousands to the city’s Hart Plaza every Memorial Day Weekend. Don’t be mistaken in thinking of the city as unsafe or not worth visiting, however, for Detroit is rebuilding and remains a great party and visiting destination throughout the year thanks to its vibrant techno scene, iconic venues and wonderful arts scene.

Throughout this Detroit travel guide you will find everything you need from hotel and food recommendations, transportation tips, things to do away from the music, and of course, a party guide to techno in the Motor City.

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Your Complete Party Guide to Movement Detroit 2017

It’s that time of the year once more as Movement Detroit nears and parties happening in the city throughout Memorial Day Weekend begin to get announced. With so much happening on the course of five days, we have put together this comprehensive guide to help you choose and plan your weekend with ease.

The list is sorted in order by day, with events displayed alphabetically. While most are afterparties, there are a few day parties too which are clearly marked to avoid confusion. It’s Detroit during Movement weekend, so bear in mind that some night parties turn into day parties, and sometimes certain events go longer than originally announced.

The 6AM staff combed through the entire list and selected favorites that we recommend based on years of experience traveling to Detroit for Movement weekend. Please be aware that some lineups are still TBD and some parties are altogether still yet to be announced. We will be updating this list daily to ensure it’s complete for your use. As you prepare your trip to Detroit, also check out our expansive City Travel Guide to help you get the most out of your stay.

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Paradigm Presents Announces Dixon b2b Seth Troxler Open-To-Close Movement After-Party

The Paradigm Presents crew is taking over Leland City Club once more this coming Movement Detroit weekend, with a special edition of their Motorcity Madness series taking place on Sunday, May 28th.

For the occasion, the upstairs section of the historic venue will be taken over entirely by two heavyweights of the techno and house music scene. The artists in question? None other than Detroit-raised Seth Troxler and Innervisions boss Dixon.

The two will join forces for a never-done-before back-to-back set from club opening time until the music cuts off in the early hours of the morning. Knowing how Detroit gets down during Movement weekend this will be the perfect opportunity for those with enough energy to waltz into a cab and make it on time for Old Miami’s doors opening at 7AM for the iconic Need I Say More day party.

Tickets are available via Ticketfly.

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Motor City Becomes a “Vinyl City”: How Vinyl Has Redefined Detroit

Detroit has long been known as the center of America’s automobile industry. An industry still trying to get back on track after years of decline that also affected the city in major ways. But while the jury is still out whether better days are ahead for the city’s auto industry, Detroit is experiencing a “revival” of a different kind. One brought about by another industry the city has also been in love with: music.

In particular, it’s the vinyl industry that is spearheading this particular Detroit revival. With the opening last February of a new vinyl pressing facility, Detroit is making history as one of the elite few cities in the world with not one, but two vinyl pressing facilities in operation within its boundaries.

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Discover Movement Detroit’s 2017 Lineup With This Comprehensive Playlist


Yesterday Movement Electronic Music Festival released its Phase 2 lineup, adding over 40 artists to an already extensive roster of talent.

The lineup now features over 120 acts, with headlining sets by Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox and deadmau5 as testpilot. While some of the bigger names are known to most who love techno and house, the lineup also features up-and-comers and festival debuts that some may not be accustomed to.

With that in mind, we have compiled a comprehensive playlist of live sets and mix recordings from every electronic artist on the lineup, a total of 163 hours of music from 120 separate acts.

Enjoy it below:

Connect with Movement: Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Construction Begins on Detroit’s Packard Plant That Will Feature a Techno Club Headed by Tresor Berlin Owner

Packard Plant Outside

Earlier in summer 2016 we reported that Tresor Berlin’s owner Dimitri Hegemann was eyeing the abandoned Packard Plant in Detroit as the possible site for a new techno club.

At the time, news specified that the project would take as long as 10-15 years to complete, and that the techno club construction was was part of a fourth and final phase that also included a hostel and spa. As of today, the club portion of the construction plan should begin in 2018. The other phases include an administration building, a recreation building and an artist studio building. See below for an outline of the planned project.


Packard Plant Phase

Work on the factory has now begun officially, as reported on the Packard Plant Project official website, “work has begun and Qualified Teams are on the ground.”

Enjoy some before shots of the administration building below.

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Route 8 and Asquith Had Entire Gear Stolen on First Leg of North America Tour

Route 8 Asquith

The artist tour life is never the rosy affair it seems to be to those looking from the outside. You get to see a lot of the world and play amazing gigs, sure, but also face a lot of traveling hours, sleepless nights and unfortunate incidents, as Route 8 and Asquith just experienced on the first leg of their joint North America tour.

After their Detroit gig, the car of the promoter hosting them in Motor City was broken into and all of their artist gear and personal belongings stolen. The loot included Route 8’s Elektron synths, Roland groovebox, FNR compressor, Yamaha mixer, Macbook laptop, back-up hard drive with unreleased tracks as well as personal possessions and clothes. Records, a laptop and even a passport were stolen from Asquith, who however does not use an extensive live set up as Route 8 does to perform.

The duo plan to continue on their tour with stops at Output in Brooklyn, Smartbar in Chicago and gigs in Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco and Los Angeles all going ahead as planned. As Route 8’s entire live set-up is now gone, he will be DJing instead.

While the show must and will go on, Route 8 has set up a fundraiser to replace the live/studio gear that has been stolen from him. He is giving away two unreleased tracks and is asking for donors to choose how much they want to pay for them, “These are the only 2 unreleased trax left on my old USB stick so I give them away in order to raise money for rebuilding my live/studio setup so I can make music again. If you can please support me. Thank you <3”

Despite the incident, neither artist is discouraged about the tour and is looking forward to the dates ahead. Route 8 wrote on his Facebook, “Still I’m happy that my first gig in the US was here in Detroit. I always wanted to come here, It was my dream, and the party here was mad. I felt that special Detroit connection with the crowd. Shout outs to everyone who was there. Tomorrow we will go to New York and than to Chicago. Let’s hope that for a few hours we can forget about this on the dance floor.”

Asquith himself took to social media to express his feelings, saying that he himself doesn’t need money to replace what was taken from him, but is welcoming music to perform at the shows ahead lined up for the tour.

Full dates of US Tour:

Lobster Theremin

Populux Detroit Now Permanently Closed Following Twitter Controversy

Populux Detroit

News has just come in that Populux is permanently closing following the Twitter controversy that made headlines two weeks ago. The Detroit nightclub came under fire after its Twitter account was used to send out tweets and retweets criticizing Black Lives Matter, liberals and President Obama for the Dallas shooting that left five police dead on July 7th.

Initially the club announced a temporary closure, claiming that their Twitter account had been hacked and used by an unknown individual to send out the fiery tweets. At that point, the club proceeded to shut down all its social media accounts.

According to the Detroit Free PressPopulux is now permanently closed and set to be replaced by the Magic Stick — the venue that resided in the same space until 15 months ago when Populux first opened. According to Amir Daiza, the longtime promoter and restaurateur who operated Populux, the twitter fiasco— which drew national attention and prompted artists to cancel in protest — was the final straw for a venue already under fire from some corners of the local music community.

“We want to catch the perpetrator,” mentioned Dave Zainea, whose family owns the Majestic complex in Detroit. “We think it was done deliberately to get back at (Populux) management.” According to the Detroit Free Press, a “John Doe” lawsuit was filed Monday in Wayne County Circuit Court, paving the way for a subpoena process that could force Internet providers to divulge names of individuals who accessed the Populux Twitter account that night.

The White Stripes playing the Magic Stick on Sept 10th, 1999

The White Stripes playing the Magic Stick on Sept 10th, 1999


It’s clear that all parties concerned deemed the Populux name as unsolvable following the scandal, deciding to bring back the Magic Stick name that for two decades was linked to alternative music and local Detroit-bred rock. The venue will no longer cater to electronic music, and will undergo a make-over until September to ready it for the rock crowd it is set to welcome once it reopens.

According to Zainea, the closure could result in up to $300,000 in lost sales.

Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and Derrick May Are Planning a Belleville Three Tour for 2017

Belleville Three in action at Awakenings 2010, Amsterdam

Belleville Three in action at Awakenings 2010, Amsterdam

A look back at the history of techno inevitably takes us to Detroit, but also to nearby suburban Belleville High School, on the outskirts of the Motor City. It was in Belleville that Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and Derrick May united to influence their generation, and countless following it, with the hypnotic sounds of techno.

While the three continued on to have successful solo careers as producers and DJs, they also performed together as a trio best known as the Belleville Three. The last show to see them billed together dates back to 2010, when they played Awakenings in Amsterdam.

In a recent interview with We Got This Covered, Saunderson opened up about a planned reunion for the three techno pioneers, “What I can say for the future is that we’re working on a tour now, for all three of us as the Belleville Three. We’re gonna try to kick it off next year, and it’s gonna start out with DJing and evolve into a much bigger thing, too.”

While nothing more is known about the project, it remains exciting to discover that the three techno icons are working on future plans together. It appears that on top of the tour hinted at by Saunderson, the Belleville Three may further pursue other endeavors in the spectrum of techno. Could it be that recording studio time is on the cards in their imminent future? Only time will tell.

A Look Inside Moodymann’s Detroit Home: A Tribute to Prince

Moodymann. Photo by Matthew Reeves

Moodymann. Photo by Matthew Reeves

Detroit. The birthplace of Techno yes, but also the home of Motown and a selection of top-tier artists that symbolize a wide array of genres including Jazz, Gospel, Hip-hop, Rap, Rock and roll and of course Pop.

During the city’s second wave of emerging Techno artists, Kenny Dixon Jr., also known as Moodymann, represented an enigmatic figure that always strived to put music ahead of his own persona. He famously refused to give an interview for the first ten years of his career, despite becoming one of the genre’s most respected artist following the release of his ’97 debut Silentintroduction LP on Carl Craig’s Planet E Communications imprint.

During this past Movement weekend, Thump managed to gain access to one of Moodymann’s residencies in the Motor City. Located across from the Submerge record store, the characteristically Detroit three-story brick house turned out to be a living homage to the late Prince Rogers Nelson.

When asked about Prince’s biggest impact on his life, the Detroit producer quickly replied, “Girls. Women. I didn’t have to have no game, I just had to put a Prince record on. It was easy. I didn’t have to say nothing. They’ll come to the car where I’m playing it loud, and they’ll be like, ‘Can you turn that up?’ And I’ll be like, ‘No, you turn it up.'”

The following pictures tell the full story of Prince’s impact on Dixon as an individual, but also on his music, and by default on Techno as well.

Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens

Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens


Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens

Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens


Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens

Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens


Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens

Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens


Photo by Michelle Lhooq

Photo by Michelle Lhooq


Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens

Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens

Connect with Moodymann: Facebook | Twitter | Resident Advisor


Source: Thump