Opinion: Why A Women-Only Music Festival Does Nothing Long-Term

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness month and while the media’s focus has been on sexual predator and recognized American film producer, Harvey Weinstein, people on Facebook and Twitter have been sharing personal sexual assault stories with the hashtag #MeToo.

Unfortunately, the festival culture has contributed to this problem. In 2015, a Coachella festival attendee proudly wore an “Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat” shirt while he posed with a grin and the peace sign. In 2017, one rape was reported at Glastonbury festival in the UK. The Bråvalla Festival in Sweden reported four rapes and 23 sexual assaults over the course of the four-day event and was consequently canceled for 2018. These are a few of the recurring tragedies in our community.

To confront what happened at Bråvalla Festival, a Swedish comedian and radio host, Emma Knyckare, proposed an idea on Twitter:

“What do you think about putting together a really cool festival where only non-men are welcome that we’ll run until ALL men have learned how to behave themselves?”

The idea spread like wildfire and Knyckare created a Kickstarter to crowdfund Statement Festival, “the world’s most awesome music festival – without cis-men” where her goal is to, “…create a safe space for the people who want to attend a festival without feeling scared for their personal safety.” The fund surpassed its goal of 500,000 Swedish Krona, which is approximately $61,630, by 3,300 people who funded the campaign.

Regrettably, this voluntary gender segregation implies that men and women cannot coexist peacefully. It reminds me of the commonplace gender segregation that occurs in places like India and the Middle East.

Besides creating a safe space during the festival, the rash decision to bar cis-men doesn’t address the root of the problem: sexual assault education.

According to a 2013 report by the United Nations, rapes and sexual assaults are a direct result of sexual entitlement, seeking of entertainment (who knew) and as a punishment. These are the areas where men need to be educated.

Take the hashtag #MeToo. It was extremely powerful for men to see the amount of sexual harassment and assault stories that it caused several of them—in my very own community—to self-analyze and really look at what is happening around them.

Men do not need to be told that the only way women can be kept safe is through segregation. They need to understand the consequences of their actions from an early age; they need to be taught about consent by their guardians, parents, teachers, and peers. They need to be taught the importance of basic human decency, respect, and love. And most importantly, they should lead by example to influence their male counterparts.

While Statement Festival may solve the assault issue in the short-term, it won’t help solve anything long-term. It reinforces the ideas that men and women cannot live in unison, and that all men are sexual offenders, even if they aren’t. It does not present innocent men the opportunity to teach their male counterparts how to respect women and how to be conscious of their actions.  After all, don’t we want to be as inclusive as we aim to be included and treated fairly?

The Funniest Tweets To Come Out Of The Fyre Festival Disaster

Update: Read the official statement from Fyre Festival co-founder Billy MacFarland

Fyre Festival has turned out to be quite the disaster, to put it lightly. Attendees, some of whom literally forked over thousands and thousands of dollars for what they expected to be a lavish experience, were greeted on festival grounds at the Bahamas by an experience that was everything except the luxurious, supermodel-filled getaway which they had been promised.

You may know of the festival, which is run by Ja Rule and Billy McFarland’s Fyre Media company, thanks to their heavily sponsored content campaign which was promoted on Instagram and other social media outlets by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, and Bella Hadid. The glamorous offerings, however, didn’t quite live up to expectations.

While thousands got to witness the shambles waiting for them in the Bahamas, many didn’t even get to fly to the Caribbean island, with all flights scheduled to depart to the destination reportedly cancelled after initial news of the disaster zone awaiting them began to make the social media rounds.

But let’s backtrack a bit and discuss what happened at the festival itself. Consequence of Sounds reports: those who made it to the grounds discovered soon enough that it was a far cry from the oasis they were promised. Tickets to the festival ran between $4,000 and $12,000, with the price of admission including a chartered flight from Miami, private villas to sleep in, yacht rides with gorgeous models, and performances from the likes of G.O.O.D. Music, Major Lazer, Blink-182, Disclosure, and more. On paper it all sounded great, if you’re the kind of person that is into that super exclusive douchebag festival experience. In reality, festival grounds were littered with half-built tents and mountains of trash. Catered meals were nothing more than a slice of bread and cheese, with a salad garnish for good measure. As night fell, the situation became even more chaotic, with festival staff and security nowhere to be found. Luggage was thrown out of the back of a truck to an awaiting mob. There were reports of feral dogs running loose through the festival grounds, and some attendees allege to have gotten into verbal and physical confrontations with locals. All the while, flights to the island have been cancelled.

What ensued was a slew of tweets depicting just how bad and dangerous the situation was and, in true unforgiving Internet fashion, throwing some humor on the fiery situation… pun intended. William Needham Finley IV took to his Twitter to document the experience in brilliant detail and with great humor:


Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t the only one to unleash some humor on the situation:

As can be seen from the tweets above, most of those who originally made it to the festival grounds found ways to leave and fly back to the mainland United States. Needless to say we strongly doubt that Weekend II — yes Fyre Festival was meant to run over the space of this weekend and the next, pretty unheard of for a first-time festival — will take place. Instead we assume that organizers will be dealing with a few lawsuits or perhaps a class action suit from the hundreds of (possibly) wealthy attendees that were scammed out of thousands of dollars to receive what turned out to be a fairly realistic disaster relief experience.

The festival’s social channels have been unsurprisingly quiet, except for the following misleading, uninformative and frankly dishonest Instagram post blaming all the above vicissitudes to mere “growing pains.” We honestly doubt they will have much of a chance to do any growing following this…


Things got off to an unexpected start at day one of Fyre Festival. FOR THOSE CURRENTLY ON GREAT EXUMA We are working to comfortably accommodate guests and deliver a great experience. If you have needs, please head to the “BLUE HOUSE” on the main festival site. Security, first aid, and Fyre Festival staff are here to assist immediately, 24/7. FOR THOSE WITH PENDING TRAVEL TO THE EXUMAS TOMORROW Due to circumstances beyond our control, and in line with a culture of safety, all inbound charter flights to the Exumas have been canceled. Your ticket and any funds uploaded to your RFID band will be refunded. Thank you for bearing with us as we work through the growing pains that every first year event experiences. Revised itinerary information will be shared soon for the remainder of this weekend and weekend two.

A post shared by FYRE FESTIVAL (@fyrefestival) on

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H/T: Consequence of Sound

DayClub Announces Coachella Party with Sasha, The Martinez Brothers, Hot Since 82, Maya Jane Coles

Coachella is upon us, and the parties surrounding the festival are starting to spring up left, right and center!

The latest announcement comes from Sound Nightclub’s Framework, and the release of a monster DayClub lineup for Sunday April 16th at the Hilton Palm Springs. The 21+ event will feature sets by Kaz James, Lauren Lane, Maya Jane Coles, Sasha back-to-back with Hot Since 82 and The Martinez Brothers.

Tickets and further info are available via the DayClub Official Website.

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Win Tickets to Wicked Delight x Dr. Fresch pres. The Prescription Pool Party During Coachella Weekend 1

We have teamed up with L’Affaire Musicale to give you the chance to win 2 GA tickets to Wicked Delight x Dr. Fresch present The Prescription Pool Party during Coachella Weekend 1!

The event, which is taking place on the Saturday afternoon of April 15th at The Saguaro Palm Springs, will feature a selection of artists hand-picked by Dr. Fresch himself, including friends Hotel Garuda, Point Point, Dr. Fresch himself and a special surprise guest yet to be revealed! The event runs from 11am until 6pm and 21+ only.

To enter our giveaway simply follow the instructions in the widget below. The winner will be selected at 7pm on April 11th.

Tickets are on sale via Ticketfly. Check out the FB event for full event information.

Please note: If you are having difficulty opening/entering this contest via cell phone, try the following:

      1. Open this link directly on Safari or another designated web browser (not through the FB or Twitter apps)
      2. If the above fails, try via desktop computer.

Win tickets to Wicked Delight x Dr. Fresch present The Prescription Pool Party (Contest on

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Meet Steve Lieberman, the Production Lighting Expert Behind Coachella, EDC and Ultra Music Festival

Lighting and audio-visuals are an aspect of event production that can at times be overlooked or misunderstood. Nevertheless, it is an important element that can make or break any event, as well as the experience overall and the lasting brand image you hope your attendees leave with. Undoubtedly, extreme technical expertise and a sense of flair are needed to pull off such a spectacle.

This particular expertise is the specialty of people like Steve Lieberman, a notable production lighting expert for music festivals and similar productions. Steve has worked on the lights and visual design of hundreds of productions, including popular music festivals such as Coachella, EDC, Insomniac, and Ultra. His is expertise drawn from years of experience, beginning in the 1990s when he started working on lighting for underground rave parties in New York.

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Coachella 2017: How Accurate Was The Predicted/Rumored Lineup?

Coachella 2017


When we originally published this article, it was a collection of Coachella 2017 lineup rumors, predictions and confirms. Up until early December we continued to update it with as much accurate information we could find from reliable published sources as well as industry insider information, and we got pretty darn close.

How close? The predictions was 67% in naming the headliners and major undercards that were finally announced on January 3rd. Overall the line-up was 55% correct, with the techno and house acts in the Yuma Tent admittedly the least accurate predictions of the entire bill. We have left the article as-is from our initial publishing date, but below you can see the final line-up (left) and fake leaked line-up (right) which, although not made by us,  was mostly based on the predictions we reported on:


With Coachella 2017’s lineup release scheduled for early January, artist rumors, confirmations and predictions are beginning to fly.

The ladies and gentlemen at Travel Grom have been meticulously working to scrape information to solidify and confirm these rumors based on verifiable information extrapolated from a myriad of different sources including band’s tour dates, booking sheets for Goldenvoice-owned venues,  random tips and emails from industry insiders, Coachella forums and clues that the bands tweet or make public in magazine interviews. Their prediction list last year was 64% accurate, meaning that it’s extremely likely that over half of the acts predicted this year will be on the lineup announced in January.

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10 Reasons Underground Dance Music Fans Shouldn’t Miss The Yuma Tent At Coachella 2017

DJ Koze performs inside the Yuma Tent at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA, USA, on 16 April, 2016.

DJ Koze performs inside the Yuma Tent at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA, USA, on 16 April, 2016.

With high anticipation and lineup speculation circling the festival, Coachella calmed the storm with the release of its star-studded 2017 line-up; confirming many of the artists we predicted earlier this year including Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, and Radiohead as headliners.

To no surprise, the $399 general admission tickets sold out within three hours.

After review of this year’s line-up, we uncovered Coachella booked the most proper underground electronic artists to perform at the festival to date. As we did last year, we highlight ten underground artists who cannot be missed in the heaven that will be the Yuma Tent. 

Please note that we think most of the below artists will be playing the Yuma Tent, but there’s a small possibility that some will be featured on other stages due to the diverse and eclectic arsenal of music they are capable of performing.



This UK-based DJ is such an exquisite mixer that he rose to the top even with no production experience. His unique track selections make him one of the most sought-after DJs in the underground dance music community with sounds ranging old and new, house to dubstep.

A forward-thinking selector who is into constant development, Ben UFO does not disappoint.


Bicep, A Northern Irish duo with the passion for heavy house grooves, have established themselves as prime producers and DJs. They are known to always incorporate the most carefully-selected house rhythms to light up any dance floor, leaving you desiring for more. Releases on their record label, Feel My Bicep, feature the likes of house, techno, funk, and italo cosmic sounds, a representation of the eclectic set you can expect to hear when they perform at Coachella 2017.

Their top hit this year, “Higher Level”, was one of their most successful releases to date, a track we predict they will play this track during their Coachella set.



Even and especially among the underground elite, Steffen Berkhahn is considered a multitalented veteran in the community. From being vice president of the FC Magnet Mitte Bar in Berlin, a bakery owner, Innervisions label co-founder with Âme, a producer and a DJ, Dixon is always busy letting his creative juices flow.

His producing and DJing career has been on a meteoric rise for more than a decade. Consequently, he has amassed superb skills behind the DJ booth and is known to please his audience with an array mix of house and techno that has landed him Top DJ in the world on the Resident Advisor poll for four years in a row.

Floating Points

An absolute mastermind. Sam Shepherd’s productions and mixes are truly reflective of his Ph.D. in neuroscience. He has the ability to fluidly blend jazz into techno and garage into house, while still maintaining the elements of each genre.

Per his tweet, he will perform with his live band and a DJ set. Both are never anything less than amazing.

Four Tet

Kieran Hebdan began his extensive career in 1997 producing music with folk and electronica influences, a style later dubbed “folktronica”. He held a residency, alongside Floating Points, at the legendary PlasticPeople in London from 2009-2011.

Fast-forward to today and Four Tet is best known for his techno, house, and minimal infused sets that shape his now established sound.


Honey Dijon

This Chicago native will be representing the original Chicago House sound infused with the depth of New York underground. As a veteran in the electronic music community, Honey Dijon pulls from a wide variety of musical styles including Chicago House, disco, tech-house, tribal, funk, and soul.

With her biggest inspirations come from Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, and Frankie Knuckles, Honey Dijon’s set is sure to be a fun one!

Marcel Dettmann

Marcel Dettmann

A well-known Berghain resident, Marcel Dettmann is known for his wide-ranging selection and production of heart-pounding techno. He is recognized as one of the most influential producers in modern techno with the capacity to intermix new and old. A well-respected performer in the community, Marcel also works at the legendary Hard Wax records in Berlin.

His Coachella debut and the resultant heavy techno in the desert experience is not one to miss,

Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar

A star that never stops rising, Nicolas Jaar’s live performances and most recent productions are truly unprecedented in today’s dance music world. Incorporating live instruments, real world sound samples and deep synths, Nicolas has soared to the top of underground lists with his impeccable creativity and musical genius.

Regardless of whether he will perform live or a DJ set, Nicolas Jaar will not disappoint.

Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin

This English-Canadian is among the most influential underground dance music artists of our time. His career began in Detroit during the early 90’s techno scene and has never stopped since. He is also known for his work under the alias Plastikman and for his ENTER. events in Ibiza and around the world. Most recently he partnered with former Allen & Heath engineer Andy Rigby-Jones and launched PLAYdifferently, a new mixer to diversify the way DJs performed.

There is no doubt that he will be using this new mixer during his first Coachella performance in four years.

belleville three

The Belleville Three

Last but certainly not least, The Belleville Three’s presence on the Coachella 2017 lineup is a testament to the Yuma Tent’s vision of representing underground dance music at what is considered to be one of the most commercial and eclectic festivals in North America and beyond. Consisting of Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, the trio who formed an alliance after being high school friends in Belleville, Michigan and have since been considered responsible for giving birth to techno. While the three together are known to be Detroit Techno pioneers in their own right, they since split ways to begin producing individually and are only now reuniting after several years of solo career focus.

Their first Coachella gig is possibly the first stop of their 2017 tour, one you certainly do not want to miss!

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How Philip Anschutz, Coachella’s Main Financier, Supports Anti-LGBTQ Groups


News is breaking out today that Philip Anschutz, the multi-billionaire behind Anschutz Entertainment Group, is being linked with direct support of anti-LGBTQ and climate-change-denial groups.

Anschutz Entertainment Group, which you may more commonly know as AEG, as been revealed by the Washington Post as one of the most important donors to several anti-LGBTQ groups, with donations upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars going to associations such as Alliance Defending Freedom, National Christian Foundation and Family Research Council.

The news comes following an investigation by Freedom For All Americans (FFAA), a “bipartisan campaign seeking nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people nationwide” that was created last year in the wake of the backlash that resulted from the Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage.

forbesAs the Washington Post reports, “one of the hubs of this coordination is Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a 22-year-old group that “advocates for your right to freely live out your faith.” Another is the National Christian Foundation (NCF), which funds a lot of the groups aggressively working to chip away at the equal rights of LGBT Americans. One of them is Family Research Council (FRC), which is listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an ‘extremist group.‘”

The piece goes on to explain, “Another is Liberty Council. Listed as an “extremist group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the group is notable because chairman and founder Mat Staver represented Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who caused a national stir when she refused to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple in defiance of the Supreme Court last year.”

Phil Anschutz is one of the richest people in America, with an estimated fortune of over $10 billion, and is listed at #42 on Forbes’ U.S. Billionaires list as of May 17, 2016. His link to these anti-LGBTQ groups isn’t exactly news, but perhaps due to Coachella’s recent lineup announcement the association with the festival is now. AEG is the parent company behind Goldenvoice, the organization that you might recognize as the producers of massive musical operations the likes of Coachella, Panorama, FYF, Stagecoach, Splash House and Firefly.

Furthermore, Anschutz has also been linked with strong support of Koch Industries, some of the world’s biggest deniers of climate change. Greenpeace has reported that Anschutz has been having regular meetings with the brothers to discuss strategies to push an anti-environmentalist agenda that also challenges the science behind evolution.


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Goldenvoice: 1960’s Rock Show, Coachella-Style


Goldenvoice, the mega-brand responsible for, among others, the iconic Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, has just dropped a major announcement. From October 7-9 this year, Goldenvoice will be hosting a three-night concert at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, California. with an unbelievable lineup: the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, the Who, and Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame). This will be the first time that these six artists, all inductees of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, have shared a bill. All of these artists were enormously influential in the development of pop and rock music through the 60’s and 70’s, and this festival provides a perfect opportunity to acknowledge and honor their contributions to both British, American, and global musical traditions.


Is The Coachella Family Invading The Rose Bowl?


Miami Music Week has come and gone, and Coachella is next on the list, boasting an incredible (as always) lineup; even if you aren’t attending the festival, Indio is the place to be, with a plethora of pool parties to keep you cool all weekend.

Goldenvoice, the company behind the legendary Coachella festival, will be further expanding its live music conglomerate, adding another three-day festival to its calendar.

The festival, titled “Arroyo Seco Music and Arts Festival,” will be held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. Not many details have been released, although the Pasadena City Council approved a 10-year deal between Goldenvoice and Darryl Dunn (Rose Bowl manager), so it appears as if the festival is here to stay. This event will likely be far out in the future, so stay tuned and be sure to check our site for the latest updates.