Preview: J.Sanders Releases “Ellipse EP” on BWO Records


Philipp Ort’s BWO Records has been adhering to a strict regiment of releases focusing on the intricate sounds often associated with deep and techno, and the next release comes courtesy of our own, J.Sanders.

J.Sanders offers up two original tracks, Ellipse and Cloudtricks, with respective remixes from Ben Teufel and BWO boss, Philipp Ort. So far the Ellipse EP has received early support from industry heavy weights such as Stacey Pullen, Paco Osuna, UGLH, among others.

Release Information

Release Date: August 24th, 2015
Available on Beatport

J.Sanders: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport
BWO Records: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

The title track, Ellipse, is a deep analog burner with distant drones and ambiance perfect for an emotional break on the dance floor. With elements that make the mind and body sway, Ellipse reaches a level of sonic complexity that will surely strike a chord with audiences.

Ben Teufel’s interpretation of Ellipse picks up the pace slightly while still maintaining a dark emotive vibe utilizing the drones and gritty bassline throughout the arrangement. Following through with the original stems from Ellipse, Ben Teufel puts a nice dark twist on the track to give a nice perspective differing from the original mix. Next up on the EP is Cloudtricks. The original mix by J.Sanders is a soothing and cerebral piece that seems best suited for open-air jungle parties in Tulum, but that’s not to say it wouldn’t find a place in the clubrooms too. Cloudtricks seems to float through the speakers in the best of ways, and succeeds in finding a groove with a low toms and very organic percussions.

Philipp Ort steps up to the controls for the remix of Cloudtricks, and provides a deep version with some main room flare. Filtered horns and the occasional crash make up the break, but when it comes to the bulk of the track the lead steps to the forefront of the arrangement. With careful control over the frequency and resonance, the lead develops into a hypnotic piece that contrasts nicely against the rest of the percussion.

Stream: Philipp Ort – Labyrinth EP

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It’s been roughly five years since Philipp Ort released through BWO Records, but that hiatus ended recently with the release of his EP, Labyrinth. Sticking true to form, Philipp Ort has created two deep and twisting pieces that resonate with the dance floor. For remix treatment BWO Records turns to Montreal based, Andres Velilla, and Nik Allen from San Francisco throws his hat into the ring to complete the EP. An excellent four-tracker sure to find it’s way to a sound system near you soon.

Stream the Labyrinth EP below with the full release being available through Beatport.

Labyrinth EP has received early support from artists such as: Slam, Stacey Pullen, Paco Osuna, Colin Dale, DJ Simi, Miguel Garji, Bravofox, Horatio, Reto Ardour, Lightem, Ben Teufel, Manuel Moreno, Jia, Juliche Hernandez, Quentin Van Hook, Stu Bryan, Thomas A.S., Darren Roach, Graham Gold, Sean Danke, Synkrone, Magazine Sixty, Deep South Audio, Proton Radio,, Tunnel FM, This Is Why We Dance, Kiss FM Ukraine and Westradio Greece.

Labyrinth EP: Available on Beatport
Philipp Ort: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

The title track Labyrinth truly sets the mood for the two original tracks from Philipp Ort. Within the first few moments of Labyrinth it feels as if you’re descending onto a dark dance floor with various synths and sounds contorting to establish a special atmosphere.

Rare fulfills a much different feeling than the opening track. The pace feels a bit faster and clearly more groove oriented, but still maintains carefully constructed synths and melodies to play off the groove. Polyphonic sounds fill the spectrum through out the break only to drop into deep filtered sequences that create a layer of warmth in the mix.

First up on remix duty is Andres Velilla. His remix of Labyrinth has an almost eerie vibe with a unique arpeggio pulling you closer to the heart of the track. But the real momentum from this track comes from a heavy kick and sub layer that brings the track to the next level.

Nik Allen completes the EP taking things in a more bright direction. One would say, Nik Allens remix is like you’re leaving the labyrinth and seeing the sun after a glorious night of clubbing. The automated chord progression, precise drum programming, and occasional reverberated lead make this one a pleasant tune to finish the EP.

BWO Podcast: Andres Velilla

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With the weekend on the horizon it’s about time to get back into the groove. To help with this we have a fresh mix from Andres Velilla for the BWO Records Podcast. Hailing from Colombia, but based in Montreal, Velilla has an affinity to the cerebral sounds crossing through the realms of deep and tech house.

This mix for BWO Records starts with Vinyl Speed Adjust’s excellent interpretation of Thai Cubensis and from there Andres Velilla weaves his way through a sonic journey including tracks from Avatism, Dilby, Alex Niggemann, Affkt, amongst others. Take a listen to the podcast below, and prepare yourself for a great weekend…wherever you may be.

Andres Velilla: Facebook | Soundcloud
BWO Records: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

BWO Records Podcast 013 // Andres Velilla by Black&White Orange Records on Mixcloud