Berlin Officials Pledge $1M+ To Save Club Culture

Berlin has long been known as one of the world’s centers of club culture and the creative arts. Some estimate that about 50 percent of the 32 million tourists who visited the city last year came because of its vibrant nightlife scene and the “open spirit of the city,” which in turn generates billions in revenue.

But despite Berlin’s stature and the benefits it has been reaping from this stature, the city has been dealing with many challenges similar to what clubs around the globe are facing. The statistics tell a clear story: about 170 clubs have closed in the city since 2011.

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HYTE Announces Plans for NYE in Berlin

After the much talked about success of last year’s event, globally-renowned underground dance music brand HYTE is returning to Berlin for the fourth New Year’s Eve in a row. This time, HYTE’s New Year’s Eve 2017 promises to be a one-of-a-kind 24-hour New Year’s Eve rave unrivaled in electronic music anywhere in Europe, showcasing the underground elite the HYTE brand is so well known for.

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In Photos: Berlin’s ’90s Rave Era with Sven Väth, Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk and More

The 1990s were an interesting period as far as the rave era goes, and especially so in the techno-loving city of Berlin, where the genre pretty much defined the rave scene of that decade. Not to mention of course the wild fun that came with these parties.

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G20 Berlin Cops Partied So Hard They Had to Be Sent Home

When the rave bug hits you, it hits you hard, and no one is exempt from it. Not even cops.

That is exactly what happened when three squads of the Berlin’s police force had to be sent home after partying too hard at a party they threw leading up to the G20 summit next week.

Berlin’s squads 14, 15 and 32 were actually stationed in Hamburg in preparation for the political event, and it is at their headquarters where they were stationed that they instigated a huge party that spiraled out of control. There they drank heavily, urinated in the open on surrounding fences, and engaged in public sex as loud music played.

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An Interactive Festival Map With All The European Summer Festivals That Matter

Heading to Europe for the summer? Still looking to plan a last-minute trip to a festival you have never been to?

Check out this interactive map put together by Electronic Beats, it may come useful in your planning! This handy visual guide highlights all European festivals worth knowing about between the end of May and the end of August, including heavyweights the likes of Awakenings, Sonar, Into The Valley Dekmantel, Sonus and Dimension, as well as a lot other smaller less-known festivals.

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Ellen Allien and Vinyl: A Love Affair

This coming May 12th, BPitch Control boss Ellen Allien will release her upcoming LP Nost, her first club-ready album since 2010.

Nost is short for “nostalgia,” each track a homage to her twenty-five-plus years on dance floors all over the world. During her long career Ellen has emerged from Berlin’s fertile, post-wall era and gone on to secure an impressive list of achievements which have undoubtedly made her a consistent positive and progressive contributor to the evolution of the city’s techno scene. Her DJ sets, musical productions and her iconic label, BPitch Control have become intrinsic elements of the city’s effervescent techno culture, as well as that of the techno movement around the globe.

Throughout her career Ellen has remained an avid lover and collector of vinyl, still today choosing to play records at clubs and festivals whenever possible. Her love for vinyl has taken her to launch a series of events called Vinylism that see her perform very intimate vinyl-only sets at some of her favorite record stores around the world.

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Listen to 6AM’s May 2017 Techno Playlist

May promises to be a memorable and exciting month for techno, but then again which month isn’t?

For your listening pleasure we have prepared a Spotify playlist of techno artists scheduled to perform at some of the world’s best techno nightclubs and festivals throughout this month,  which we hope you enjoy below:

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Watergate Berlin Could Close Down As Landlord Doubles Rent

Watergate, one of Berlin’s iconic nightclubs, is at risk of shutting down.

The new landlord has decided to spike up rent by literally doubling it, following the entire building’s recent sale for €6.3 million. This is in some way a result of the club’s own success, falling victim of gentrification after 15 years of extremely successful operation.

Founder Steffen ‘Stoffel’ Hack spoke to Resident Advisor recently on the subject, staying: “In unbridled capitalism, the market regulates the price and there is no protection of business tenants or rental ceilings to counter this, [which] leaves the successful management of Watergate on very fragile terrain. In the end, we will all leave.”

The rent increase is substantial, meaning that the club could decide to shut down if it’s unable to find creative ways to bring in enough revenue to make up for the added costs. Hack has explained how the club has to “expand conceptually as well as in terms of content.” This includes a forthcoming world tour that will see the venue celebrate its 15th anniversary with stops in Spain, Brazil, Morocco, Switzerland, France and the United States.

Coming up at Watergate in Berlin are acts the likes of Solomun, Soul Clap, Pan-Pot, Adriatique, Coyu, Prosumer, Gui Boratto, Kerry Chandler and many more. Full list of upcoming shows can be found here.


The History of Electronic Music Exhibit Opens in Berlin

If you have an interest in music history, especially electronic dance music history, then this recently-opened exhibit in Berlin is something you should check out! Called “Good Vibrations,” the exhibit showcases some of the most iconic electronic instruments of the last 100 years, the instruments that helped shape music as we know it today.

Among those are an early Theremin produced in Russsia in the 1920s and a Trautonium, an early monophonic electronic instrument invented in 1929 by Friedrich Trautwein in Berlin. There is also the collection of iconic synthesizers, from the Fairlight CMI, to the Buchla music easel and the EMS VCS 3, among several other models on display. Alongside these vintage classic analogue equipment, visitors are also treated with a glimpse of the future through the selection of prototypes of new inventions on display.

Good Vibrations also features workshops and opportunities to play a selection of the instruments on display.

The exhibit currently runs at State Institute for Music Research at Tiergarten 1, Ben-Gurion-Straße, 10785 Berlin, Germany. Its run will end on June 25.

H/T: The Vinyl Factory

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Q&A and Premiere: Daniel Boon Releases Debut Album “Boon & Bane” on Neuhain Recordings

Boon & Bane is an exciting long player of Berlin techno DJ/Producer, Daniel Boon, a highly intelligent man who likes to think outside the box, creating a unique blend of underground sounds. His long-awaited first album which have been carefully built over the last year, reveals Daniel Boon’s widely rich musical identity through 10 awe-inspiring tracks!

The debut album comes out comes out on his own imprint Neuhain Recordings, a techno label with recent releases from David Ternessi, Crazy
Sonic and Superstrobe. Boon is responsible for numerous parties throughout Berlin in the late ’90s and early to mid 2000s, including club nights at the legendary old Tresor club and the now closed Maria Am Ostbahnhof. Furthermore Boon also founded Ostfunk Records with Oliver Tatsch in 2005 which became one of Berlin’s leading techno labels.

Boon & Bane is an exploration of textures. Each track has its own sonic character whether that’s the growling rumbles in “Fade Array” or the noise explosions in “Inside Symmetry”. The percussion is warm and expertly laid, often within the form of polyrhythms. “Demand Echoes” for example
bleeps in and out while carrying a crunch of a clap which is a welcome theme throughout. The reverse synth percs in Fallback Audio show Boon’s minimalistic calibre while tracks like “Rattle Blade” and “Shadow Forecast’s” vocal-use give rave nostalgia. “Humo Routine” sticks out as a garage house influenced shuffle techno hybrid with a wobble-esque bassline, perfectly giving the middle of the album a breath.

We spoke to Daniel ahead of the forthcoming release, from which we are also premiering “Rattle Blade”

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