Barem & Alexis Cabrera Launch Fun Records


“In the end, it’s just about good music and having fun. Just like the label name suggests” – Barem

Argentina has a habit for developing some of the finest artists in house and techno today. Barem, who has been an integral part of labels such as Minus and Sci-tec, is pairing up with fellow Argentinian, Alexis Cabrera, to launch Fun Records. The project is described as a laidback way to revitalize the character and integrity of the global dance scene.

The first release on Fun Records will come from label founders, Barem & Alexis Cabrera, and is so appropriately titled Turn on the Fun. If the tracks on the release are anything like Barem’s exclusive mix for Ibiza Voice, then we can expect some vibrant, groovy, and spacious beats from Fun Records.

EP art

In addition to the promotional mix for Ibiza Voice, Barem and Alexis Cabrera will be hosting Fun Records Showcases at Club4 (Barcelona), Watergate (Berlin), and The Egg Terrace (London). More club nights are expected to be announced, but these three are very appropriate and grand for the occasion.

Have a listen to the Fun Records mix by Barem, and get ready for some seriously fun and warm grooves from the duo and friends throughout the summer. With these two at the helm, we’re incredibly confident in their ability to follow through on their vision of having…you guessed it…FUN!

Release Information 

Vinyl Release: July 13, 2015
Digital Release: August 3, 2015

Fun Records Showcase Schedule and Tickets

July 9, 2015: Club4, Barcelona
July 15, 2015: Watergate, Berlin
August 23, 2015: The Egg Rooftop, London

Fun Records: Facebook | Resident Advisor


Victor Calderone launches Matter at Space New York


Victor Calderone has announced the debut line-up for his new ‘Matter’ residency at Space New York this Saturday. The brand has been subtly promoted throughout his social media for weeks hinting the forthcoming of this night and new album. Victor Calderone is one of the most prolific techno artists that is constantly pushing boundaries across the globe and has been doing so for over nearly 4 decades and is ready to return home to his roots for a career refresh at Space New York. Joining him for the evening will be M-NUS artist Barem with opening support from Julia Govor.

The newly opened Space New York is said to have similar vibe as the ones from Ibiza refers Calderone. What sets this venue apart from any other mega club in North America is the floor-to-ceiling windows along New York’s 50th Street; they stay closed during the night and dramatically opens during sunrise similar to what is done at Berghain, the Berlin mega club.

Victor Calderone’s remarkable musical journey has itself been an evolution from bouncy anthems to pure drum’n’bass. Back in the ’80s, he was the hot young straight guy on the dance floor at Paradise Garage, the revered gay club where he, Junior Vasquez, and the late Frankie Knuckles were present for the birth of a sound that combined Motown funk with the military march of disco to create house. Tickets to catch Victor this Saturday are almost sold out, grab them here before it’s gone.