The Abandoned Building That Used to Be A Batman-Themed Nightclub

As a popular resort city in Thailand, Pattaya has its share of nightclubs that tourists frequent. But at one time, there was this one particular nightclub which stood out because of its unique concept, as shared by photographer Dax Ward in his photo blog.

In the 1990s, one of the most prominent nightclubs to open in the city was one that had a theme inspired by the DC Comics superhero Batman. While the concept behind it may have some sense since Batman mostly operates at night, he’s also not known to be the type of guy who enjoys parties, and would prefer to intimidate and chase down criminals to justice instead. Though it could be argued that his alter ego Bruce Wayne is seen as someone who loves to have fun, but that’s another story for another time.

Photo by Dax Ward via Mixmag

Photo by Dax Ward via Mixmag

Despite the oddness of it, the Batman-themed nightclub quickly gained a following as one of the city’s hottest nightspots. It went all out on the Dark Knight-inspired theme. It even had its own “bat signal” to “signal” that the club was open.

Photo by Dax Ward via Mixmag

Photo by Dax Ward via Mixmag

Photo by Dax Ward via Mixmag

Photo by Dax Ward via Mixmag

Unfortunately, it had a short lifespan. After just a year and a half in business, a circuit board overload caused a fire in the premises. Worse, the circuit board also handled the operation of the club’s electronic doors, causing the doors to shut with many still locked inside. Inevitably, many died as a result.

Photo by Dax Ward via Mixmag

Photo by Dax Ward via Mixmag

The tragedy sealed the fate of the once-popular landmark. It prompted an immediate shutdown of the establishment, never to reopen again.

Photo by Dax Ward via Mixmag

Photo by Dax Ward via Mixmag

Photo by Dax Ward via Mixmag

Photo by Dax Ward via Mixmag

Today, the old nightclub lies in an abandoned and decaying, at times haunting, state. The presence of numerous graffiti now replaced the people that used to hang out here. Nevertheless, it has managed to survive to this day as a memory of a wild and colorful past as well as its tragic, premature end.


9 Unforgettable Festival Escapes Worth the Flight

Music festivals have been popping out everywhere and in different parts of the world, all with different concepts, lineups and offering diverse experiences from one another.If you’re one of the many people who has done their local and national festivals many times already, why not plan a trip with your friends or fly solo and find the inner music adventurer within you by attending a new festival abroad?

Enjoy beautiful sceneries and get lost in new countries and cities, all the while experiencing some of your favorite DJs in the process, some of which you may never get the chance to see back at home. From all over the globe, we give you nine of the most unforgettable festival escapes worth the flight:

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Yingyang Wall Crowd

Yingyang Music Festival to be Held at Great Wall of China

Yingyang Wall CrowdFollowing a ground breaking start in 2014, Yingyang Music Festival is back at the Great Wall of China for their second installment. The three day festival will take place at the Great Wall of China in the Tianjin region this weekend from June 20-22, and is undoubtedly one of the most obscure and beautiful places to have an event for underground electronic music.

Yingyang Music festival is organized by The Mansion Cultural Centre Shanghai, a pioneering group in China with a dedicated vision of advancing electronic music in China. Yingyang Music Festival has stated on their official website that they have “received unprecedented permission from local authorities” to host the event, and will be allowed to keep the music going from noon on Sunday to 3:00 PM Monday afternoon, a 27 hour marathon to end the festival. (The music on day 1 will be ending at 3:00 AM according to festival organizers). Additionally, tickets have been limited to 2,000 attendees in order to ensure the protection of the historic Chinese landmark.

With over 50 artists from the local Chinese scene as well as international headliners, Yingyang Festival is a global attraction with the possibility of making a major positive impact on the electronic scene in China. For more information, make sure to stay up to date with Yingyang Music Festival and The Mansion Cultural Centre of Shanghai.

Yingyang Music Festival: Official Website | Facebook

Ying Yang Festival Rave

A guy called Gerald

A Guy Called Gerald Tours Asia

Guy Called Gerald Asia TourA Guy Called Gerald or also known as Gerald Simpson will be touring different parts of Asia from the end of March to the beginning of April. Born in the UK, Gerald has set his influences far and wide the last few decades. He is well known for his Acid House vibes during the early 80’s and his track Voodoo Ray. Through the years Gerald has developed his own unique and eclectic taste in music that resonates with many music fans. Today he is still touring the world as an international DJ spreading the music culture to all, and his upcoming Asia tour will take him to great venues and enthusiastic crowds.

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New Day Featured

Preview a Track from Satoshi Tomiie’s Second Album, New Day

New Day Album Art
The immensely talented Satoshi Tomiie has revealed the details for his second album, New Day. With a release date set for May 18th on Abstract Architecture, New Day will end a sixteen-year album hiatus for Satoshi Tomiie. He is a true artist dedicated to his craft, and chances are he will deliver on a very memorable second album.

Thursday, 2am is the first single to be revealed off the new album, and from the first echoing chord we realize that every sound and texture has been carefully sculpted to perfection. Thursday, 2am is an excellent way to set-up the rest of the album, and leaves us excited for the full release.

New Day will be released first on April 20th as a limited edition vinyl sampler with remixes from Ron Trent and DJ Sneak. All other formats will be available on May 18th

Satoshi Tomiie on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor | Beatport

New Day Tracklist

  • Last Night (In This Dream I Watched A Film Of A Dream Within This Dream)
  • Landscape
  • Odyssey
  • New Day feat. John Schmersal
  • Nature Abstraite
  • Thursday, 2AM
  • Calm Me Up
  • Momento Magico
  • Wave Side Back
  • 0814
  • Sinfonia
  • Cucina Rossa
FMF 2015 Featured

Future Music Festival, Singapore Cancelled

Fresh off the heels of a very successful few days at Future Music Festival Australia with Sven Vath, Art Department, and Apollonia, the upcoming edition in Singapore has been cancelled. Future Music Festival Asia has been refused a Public Entertainment License by the Ministry of Home Affairs, thus resulting in the cancellation. Read more

Art Department To Play at VOLAR


Art DepartmentThe music scene in Asia is steadily on the rise. The Canadian duo Jonny White & Kenny Glasgow, better known as Art Department, will be a making a quick stop in Hong Kong before coming back to Miami to reunite with other talented artists for WMC. Right now they are tearing it up at Future Music Festival in Australia along with Apollonia.

On Friday, March 13, their sounds will be heard at the well recognized club, VOLAR, on the busy streets of Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong.  This is the perfect timing for the duo to visit as Hong Kong is celebrating their annual art festival that showcases exhibits, art performances, and of course music.

March 13th- Art Department @ VOLAR, Hong Kong

Album Art Asia Music Release

Preview: It’s Time EP on Asia Music

Album Art Asia Music Release

Asia Music is a record label that specializes in serious dance floor affairs. Look no further than having support from artists like John Digweed, Sasha, Dubfire, Jimmy van M, Danny Tenaglia and Guy J to name a few. Their releases encompass a spectrum of sound that feels so rich and full, resulting in a fantastic catalog with very talented artists. Soon to be released on Asia Music is Satoshi Fumi’s EP, It’s Time, with NiChiFanLeMei and our own Tenten One and J. Sanders on remix duty. Here’s the preview to the forthcoming release.
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Field Trip Series: DJ Sneak at Origami, Tokyo

Origami Japan

Japan experienced a phenomenal year in regards to dance music. For starters, Japan’s cabinet removed the “anti-dancing” law providing a major boost for the nightlife environment in the country. But even prior to the ban being lifted, that didn’t stop Japanese clubs from hosting world-class talent such as Loco Dice, Delano Smith, and an arsenal of their own residents. This week is no different, with Origami Nightclub hosting the Original House Gangster, DJ Sneak.

DJ Sneak will be making his debut at Origami this Sunday December 28th, and like always he’ll be bringing his world-renowned house grooves. It’s a good thing that the law was lifted, because I anticipate that the dance floor won’t stop moving during his set. Sneak will also have support from local artists Iori Wakasa (Deep Tech Records, eMBI Music), You Forgot, and U-T before the madness of his set ensues.

Origami may not be the biggest club, but nonetheless it is still a hot spot in Tokyo amongst the likes of Air and superclub Womb. An intimate setting that provides quality bookings that help progress a scene with much room to grow. Some quality house music sounds like a perfect way to prepare for the new year in the amazing city of Tokyo. This one comes highly recommended to anyone that finds themself in the Eastern part of the world.

DJ Sneak on Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor

Field Trip Series: Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand

Rabbit Art

For this weeks Field Trip feature we travel (figuratively of course) across the world to Thailand for Wonderfruit Festival. But this isn’t your ordinary music festival. To be honest, it would almost be insulting to pin this down as just a music festival. Wonderfruit is a celebration of art, architecture, film, health, sustainability, and of course music. The three day festival will be taking place this weekend in Pattaya Thailand, and will showcase talent from a variety of genres. There are a tremendous amount of great live bands, but for the electronic fans they’re in for quite a treat.

In the months leading up to Wonderfruit Festival they’ve added heavy hitters such as Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Subb-an, Francesca Lombardo, Damian Lazarus, and many more notable industry names. So from an electronic music standpoint they’re obviously in good hands, but again this festival is so much more than just music. Wonderfruit strives on a collective experience that fosters creativity, health, and self-expression.

Soi StageOn their website they state that they are dedicated to practicing sustainability, and are taking many efforts to ensure that they follow through with their ethos. To exemplify this, look no further than Shrine On, one of the artists that will be designing the SOI Stage. The image to the left is one of his previous installations. His description on the site explains that he “is arriving at the festival site before anyone to single-handedly build his land structure from found objects and reclaimed materials around Chonburi”. Sustainable architecture to build a beautiful enclosure for one of the stages sounds like a great start in achieving their goals.

It doesn’t stop there though. Wonderfruit Festival encompasses so many different areas of life that I’d find it difficult to fully experience everything. However, that being said, it is a true testament to how special this weekend will be for the attendees. Wander into the lotus garden for a massage and meditation, or perhaps take a mountain bike ride through the beautiful landscape of Thailand. See what I mean about being more than a music festival? Wonderfruit is a festival of life and living it to the fullest. I would normally say that the music is always first, but Wonderfruit proves me wrong. In this case, the music is only a lovely compliment to a beautiful weekend experience in the beautiful country of Thailand.

But don’t get me wrong…after a day of hiking, boating, or visiting the festivals flee market…dancing the night away to the sounds of Francesca Lombardo and Subb-an sounds like a perfect way to continue the experience. Damian Lazarus also seems like he’ll be right at home in his element. From the temples in Mexico to the lush landscape of Thailand he’s certain to bring an eclectic mix of deep and spiritual dance tracks. Lovers’ Eyes seems to be appropriate for the occasion.

So much can be said about Wonderfruit Festival. Many festivals claim to be all about “innovative ideas” or “the headliner” and talk of being a unique experience, but at the end of the day they still just feel like music festivals. Wonderfruit appears to deviate from that, and looks like it will truly be the experience of a lifetime. To anyone in Thailand or in surrounding countries, this is a weekend not to be missed.

Obviously we can’t cover everything about the festival. It’s just so expansive, so for the comprehensive list of information head on over to their awesome website. How much is a flight to Thailand again?

Wonderfruit Festival: Official Site | Facebook