Listen to Aphex Twin for 24 Hours Straight with this Day-Long Megamix

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Richard D. James never ceases to amaze us. Last month we learned that the talented producer enlisted the help of 12-year old video director and fan Ryan Wyer to both direct and appear in the video for  ‘CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]’. The news garnered a lot of support, especially with how brilliantly the video turned out to be.

Now, you can enjoy a full 24-hour Aphex Twin mix that no one yet knows the source of. While it is possible that James approved or asked for the mix to be produced himself, no confirmation on the matter has been received. Whether it is an official release or not, Aphex Twin – The Mix will keep the most avid of the producer’s fan busy for an entire day… or more once it finds itself played on repeat!

You can listen to it below via the Internet Archive.

Meet Aphex Twin’s New Video Director, 12 Year Old Ryan Wyer

Screenshot taken from Ryan Wyer's video for 'CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]'

Screenshot taken from Ryan Wyer’s video for ‘CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]’

A brilliant interview by Culture Creature has just introduced the world to Aphex Twin’s latest video director in the name of 12 year old Ryan Wyer.

Wyer was personally chosen by Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) and his Warp Records label to both direct and appear in the video for  ‘CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]’, which you can see below. The track is part of Aphex Twin’s Cheetah EP, which was released this past Friday July 8th.


Ryan and Aphex Twin first connected when the artist and label discovered Wyer’s YouTube channel and the selection of videos the young director had uploaded, including several Aphex Twin ‘fan videos,’ such as this one for ‘minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix].’ According to Wyer’s mother Maria, it was the label and artist who reached out, “Warp said that Ryan had been spoken about a lot and they loved his work.”

Following that initial contact, and James’ appreciation for Wyer’s work, the label contacted him with the now-released Cheetah EP, asking him to make a video for a track of his choice. As a true sign of James’ true respect for Wyer’s video directing skills, he allowed the twelve year old to produce the video with 100% creative responsibility. Marie specified that “Warp and Richard put Ryan under no pressure and were very supportive and helpful along the whole process.”

What is most inspiring is seeing Ryan’s story and skills as a video producer and director be given the attention they deserve. His mother noted that this story has inspired other children who have a disability, as well as their families. Ryan has autism and is visually impaired, yet has pursued his dreams and skills and has now actively contributed to the work of one of the most respected artists in the electronic music world.

As of writing, the video has amassed nearly 900,000 views on YouTube. Earlier this year, Marie tweeted the below picture of Ryan and James shopping for records together:


Read the full interview at Culture Creature.

Aphex Twin Announces Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt 2 EP

aphex_streetAphex Twin announced last week via Twitter that he will be releasing a new EP titled Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt 2, merely a few months after Syro released in August 2014, his first album in over a decade. 2014 was a great year for him as he garnered a lot of attention and critical acclaim. Aphex Twin also shared over 30 unreleased tracks last November, as part of an interview with Dave Noyze. With the recent announcement, it doesn’t seem that he plans to stop his momentum coming into 2015.

Check out the track list below:

1 diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13 (5:22)
2 snar2 (0:19)
3 diskhat1 (2:26)
4 piano un1 arpej (0:50)
5 DISKPREPT4 (1:52)
6 hat 2b 2012b (1:25)
7 disk aud1_12 (0:08)
8 0035 1-Audio (0:26)
9 disk prep calrec2 barn dance [slo] (4:22)
10 DISKPREPT1 (3:29)
11 diskhat2 (0:38)
12 piano un10 it happened (1:48)
13 hat5c 0001 rec-4 (4:46)

Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt 2 will be released via Warp Records on January 23, 2015.

Aphex Twin: Interview w/ DJs

Aphex Twin, a hugely successful electronic musician from Ireland, has been one of the leading pioneers of minimal techno since its inception. He has continued to develop and redefine the style, sticking true to his underground roots while incorporating elements of a number of genres that have come and gone throughout the years. Due in part to his innovative genius, but not without decades of hard work building a name for himself, Aphex Twin has become one of the most sought out DJs in underground dance music. However, given his enormous success, he has managed to stay humble all these years, embracing and supporting a new generation of electronic producers at a time when so many of the “legends” are squabbling on twitter, running their mouths off about the so-called demise of dance music in America at the hands of “kids.”


If anything, Aphex Twin has shown that as long as there are dedicated fans and musicians, this culture will continue to thrive indefinitely and continue to penetrate all corners of the globe. Thanks to his respect of emerging artists, he has graciously taken the time to answer 25 questions in an in-depth interview, thus providing younger artists with wisdom  from a seasoned veteran, a gift that, prior to the rise of the blogosphere, was virtually impossible . The kicker? All 25 questions were written by DJ/Producers, and a stellar collection of artists at that. Some of our favorite questions, by artists such as Richard Villalobos, Sven Vath, Rchie Hawtin, Luciano, all followed up with a bonus question by American dance music guru Skrillex… okay, well Skrillex isn’t exactly underground, but he has been monumental in fostering both underground and mainstream in LA.


Check out some of our favorites below, or click here to read the full interview


8. Ricardo Villalobos: Do you mostly make music just for yourself or do you make it for others?

“Well, the people come into your mind when you’re doing stuff. Sometimes people kind of flow past you. Sometimes you fixate on a person. Most of the time you’re not thinking about it, it just comes in. People just come into your head. Because when you’re making music it’s like meditating, when it’s good, when you’re really good. Sometimes, if I like the taste of a person, I try to make music I imagine this person really likes. Which is quite interesting. I don’t even think I want to play it to them.”


10. Sven Väth: Which relatively new musicians have you been listening to or enjoying recently?

“There are so many! I suppose most are from the dubstep genre, it’s stuff I find on [the download and record store, ed.] Juno. There’s actually one thing that is pretty large: It’s some kid called Sd Laika. Generelly, I think, I listen to old stuff more than to new stuff. At the moment I listen to lots of early 90’s Techno, I’m pretty obsessed with it. I really like that, because it’s so raw and basic not so complicated or detailed like my own tracks. Most of those early techno tracks have only three things in them.”


25. Luciano: What are your thoughts on the explosion of “EDM” worldwide, but especially in the US, and all those massive LED light shows with only one guy performing on a stage?

“It’s fine. I actually don’t care what people are doing. I just care about what they’re actually playing. It doesn’t feel related to anything I’m doing. This guy Skrillex, I’ve only heard about his tracks, because my kids played them. It sounds like he has a good grasp of technology. I think it’s pretty poppy, isn’t it? It’s too poppy for me.”


Bonus question – Skrillex: Do you still own your tank and if so, can I come visit to you, try it out and drive it?

“He can come, yeah! It’s still at my sister’s house in Wales. It still works! Amazing old technology, when things were designed and they lasted forever. So, it’s 50 to 60 years old and it sounds fucking amazing.”


Throwback Thursday: Aphex Twin

Pitchfork Music Festival Paris 2011 - Day 1

2014 was an impressive year for all of dance music, both in the underground community and commercially. One electronic album that stood tall in both senses was Syro by Aphex Twin released on the iconic Warp Records. The album received critical acclaim with fans and critics alike. No surprise here; Syro is a beautifully constructed electronic piece, and managed to climb the Billboard Top 200 chart in overall album and electronic album categories. Although Syro’s chart life span was short, it was still an accomplishment and enjoyed it’s brief time in commercial spotlight. As far as underground credibility goes, Syro landed the number four spot on Resident Advisor’s Top 20 Albums of 2014, placing it in the company of many notable albums.

For Throwback Thursday today, we highlight Minipops 67 (Source Field Mix) from Aphex Twin’s album. A truly refreshing piece that breaks away from electronic music within our comfort zone. Check it out below:

Filled with synthetic textures, modulated pianos, and dusty drum patterns it is a track that only begins to break the surface of how incredible the Syro album is. Even with an incomprehensible vocal the elements shine through, and make this a standout track on the album.