What Record Would You End Your Set With at 6AM?

The first track and the last track. A lot of the times those are the two records that anyone in the room immediately recollects when thinking about a set they witnessed. It may seem like an annoying trivialization perhaps, but it’s still the truth. They are the bookends that encapsulate what we always hope is an unforgettable musical journey.

The first track is the business card which the DJ presents to his dance floor, the one that somehow draws in the crowd and lets them know the trajectory and mood the set will take from that moment on. Granted, the DJ may throw in a surprise or two during his performance but more often than not the beginning of a set gives a clear inkling of the direction the night may be going in. And then you have the last track, the icing on the cake of a path that, hopefully, has already given a myriad of emotions and comes together as a whole, as a single piece of definitive musical work.

That last record can often be the the one track they still hear when their head touches the pillow and they close their eyes back home. When chosen and offered right, the last track is often associated with some of the best clubbing and underground partying memories, that link that binds us to the music and to entire nights spent dancing until sunrise.

These tracks can be anthems that drive the entire room into one last frenzy, or dreamy records that perfectly bring the journey to a close. A crafty track-selector  is able to read the room and knows which one to pick and when. We have chosen 15 of these tracks – but there are plenty others – that give us wonderful chills along the back, transforming our six in the morning into literal inescapable moments:

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Watch This Documentary About Glasgow’s Thriving Underground After-Hours Scene


Glasgow, a city that truly knows how to party.

The largest city in Scotland is known to be a hot-bed for skillful DJs and producers, in large part thanks to a thriving nightlife scene with several world-renowned clubs the likes of Sub Club, La Cheetah and SWG3.

But beyond the clubs, there’s a deep underground after-hours scene that is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about in the world. i-D has decided to explore this late-night/early-morning world through a mini-documentary that dives deep into the city’s underground scene and the players that are making it shine.

“Discontent with the current political climate, they are artfully rebelling, reclaiming the city and throwing illegal after-hours parties. In this love letter to inner-city Scottish misfits, we discover more about the ripple effects of regeneration on Glaswegian youth culture.” — i-D

Watch the documentary in full below:

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Listen to Four Hours of Move D and Jus Ed at a Berlin After Hours

Move D at Electric Minds

What’s better than a classic Move D mix? Move D back to back with Jus Ed at an after hours in Berlin – that’s what. Both Move D and Jus Ed are some of the finest curators in the game, and this Berlin after hours mix really sees the two artists dig deep into their record bags. From James Brown to DJ Koze, the mix touches upon all flavors throughout the four hour journey.

Move D and Jus Ed are the DJ’s DJ’s. With a taste unparalleled by others, and technical precision perfected through years of experience, the two are incredibly admirable in their dedication to the craft. Sit back, relax, and enjoy four hours of Move D and Jus Ed.