SoundCloud Has Lowered Sound Upload Quality By Half and Everyone Is Asking Why

Update: SoundCloud Responds to Change In Audio Quality Allegations

Why? If music uploads is the bread and butter of your already failing business, why would you even consider lowering upload sound quality by half?

That’s the question everyone is asking today upon learning of SoundCloud’s latest “brilliant” idea. The streaming giant, who was seemingly recovering after a disastrous first part of 2017, lowered its bitrate from 128 mbps to 64 mbps Opus without really explaining why or even giving a warning. This means that the quality of the sound you now hear from the platform is lowered by half.

Truth be told, the original 128 mbps compression was already a point of major contention, with audiophiles straying away from using a service they feel should put emphasis on music quality but doesn’t. Reducing it to 64 mbps is a strange move that has undoubtedly left many just as angry as they are baffled.