Posh and Scott Palmer – Project London Radio


The vinyl resurgence is alive as ever, and as a result more boutique vinyl only labels seem to be coming up. One of these vinyl only labels is Project London Records, and their radio series is a great representation of their sound. Here’s a mix from Posh back-to-back with label owner Scott Palmer to get started on the right track today. If hypnotic house grooves are something you enjoy then this mix will be perfect for you. Take a listen below and start the Monday journey.

The label specializes in proper house music with moments of deep hypnotic grooves. Very appropriate for a vinyl only label that delivers such quality music for the mind and dance floor. This particular back-to-back session with Posh and Scott Palmer showcases their deep sound, and it’s so smooth that the 58 minutes really isn’t enough. For a vinyl only label I’d like to think that the mix is all vinyl as well, however they don’t make that specification in the info.

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