Premiere: Listen to Melchior Sultana’s “Feel This” From Debut Album on His New Profound Sound Label

Renowned for his intricate productions techniques and fervent dedication to all things deep, Maltese producer Melchior Sultana is an artist in the truest sense of the word. A multifaceted producer and live act, Sultana has repped some of the scene’s most renowned names in his time, with the likes of Jus Ed’s Underground Quality and Mike Grant’s Moods & Grooves among those who’ve hosted his sultry jams.

The producer’s latest endeavor sees him kick off his own label, Profound Sound. A vehicle for Sultana’s own productions, the imprint’s inaugural release is Love for the Art, a four track EP that’s bristling with warm analogue goodness throughout.

Getting us underway is the sounds of “Feel This”, which we are premiering today. A hazy introduction to proceedings, its packed with beguiling melodies and atmospheric vibes throughout, and though its roots lie closer to Detroit than Malta,it’s exactly the sort of gem that’d sound perfect when toasting a sunset on the Maltese coast. The A side is completed soon after with a live edit of “Give it to the Moon”. Another stunning track, this one comes complete with a gorgeous female vocal, and pairs Balearic tendencies with deep house characteristics. The end result being a track that’s sure to take the breath away. Stirring and emotive, it’s a fitting track with which to culminate any set.

The B side gets underway courtesy of “Treasures”. Again, Sultana’s penchant for beautiful melodies is again apparent, with this one maintaining a relatively relaxed ethos that’s subtle but also stunning. Seeing us out the door is the original edit of “Give it to the Moon”. A handy alternative to what’s come before, it’s this version that’s sure to leave discerning tastemakers in a spin. An EP of wonderful sound and scope, Profound Sounds’s opening salvo is every bit as profound – and indeed, excellent – as the label’s title suggests


Love for the Art is out February 12th and available via Juno