Premiere: Listen to Lexer’s Remix of Jan Blomqvist’s “Back In The Taxi”

Jan Blomqvist, born in the ’80s (not in Sweden), is a Berlin-based solo artist and band leader. It was he who invented concert techno, complete with dreamy vocals and simple beats., with his band BLOMQVIST. As a band member he is into dancy electro-pop, but as a solo artist, he plays club soul.

It is as a solo artist that we listen to him today. It’s been well over a year since Jan Blomqvist dropped debut album Remote Control, but its charm has far from faded. The critically acclaimed album proved one of the most elegant bodies of work to see release in early 2016 and that is exactly what Jan Blomqvist builds on as he releases its sixteen-track remix album: Remote Control (Remixed).

Today we are premiering Lexer‘s remix of “Back In The Taxi” in turn opts for a percussion-heavy and progressive take on ‘Back In The Taxi’, displaying the full extent of his innate talent and intuitive approach to music. That attitude helped him become a staple in and around the Berlin scene and shines through in his groove-plated remix as well.

Pre-order Jan Bomqvist’s Remote Control (Remixed) via Beatport. Release date May 19th, 2017

Connect with Jan Blomqvist: Online | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud | Beatport

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