Premiere: Listen to James Demon’s Dark Title-Track from Forthcoming “Alessa” EP on Occultists

Occultists returns with a brand new release of arcane inspired techno, this time label founder James Demon presents his first full length EP titled Alessa. The demon of light provides four-tracks that take the listener though a piece of his world, while playing with different polarities that stand true to the labels philosophy of finding the light within the darkness.

The dance floor friendly EP whisks the listener off into a world that is dark but still pleasant and tries to suck you into a techno version of a horror movie soundtrack. Pairing pulsating kicks and otherworldly percussion with eerie pads and taking samples from different films to set the mood of each particular track, it’s clear that James Demon has a specific vision that he has translated into club music. Welcome to the gothic world of Occultists where you are sure to find the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

As a child this demon in the rising was drawn to a bevy of musical outlets. James Demon learned how to sing and to play the cello before even reaching high school. It was obvious that the universe had granted this boy with the gift of creativity. Little did he know that one day the music would become his entire world.

Literally growing up in the rave scene in the late 90s, James was exposed to a diverse range of music from techno to happy hardcore. Shortly after embarking on his musical voyage through the soundscapes of electronic music he began to buy his first techno records. Heavily influenced by female artists from Germany he began to spend every penny he had on vinyl. Once he graduated high school he finally got his first pair of turntables and so his journey continued.

Spending the next few years jumping from different styles James eventually fell back into his first love for techno. He decided to put all of his focus into finding his own sound and creating a brand for himself. Drawn towards the more obscure, sexy, gothic and witchy soundscapes, this techno loving being had finally found his niche. He was re-born with a mission at hand to solidify a harmony between polarities like masculine, feminine, the light and the darkness.

His love affair with music and the occult began to blossom into one entity. After studying music business in college, James was ready to commence on his next musical adventure. He decided it was time to bring his love for the esoteric and techno together in the form of a record label called Occultists. The label will feature artists who will emerge from the shadows bringing us to a higher state of being through music and esoteric knowledge.

Track Listing:
1. Weisse Hexe
2. Stay Up Late
3. Alessa
4. Pentagram

Alessa EP by James Demon is out on Occultists Oct 27th and available for pre-order via Beatport

Connect with James Demon: FacebookSoundCloud | Instagram


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