Premiere: Listen to Bosconi Soundsystem’s Spacey “Serotonin” Out On Bosconi Records

Months after their debut release, Bosconi Soundsystem is back with another killer package. The Italian production trio, consisting of Rufus, Mass Prod and Bosconi Records boss Fabio Della Torre, perk up here with Unrequested States of Bliss, a 2 x 12″ offering that’s packed from start to finish with spectacular dancefloor-ready cuts.

The action kicks off with “Serotonin”, a driving tech house jam that’s full of driving, spacey atmospheric overtones.

Bosconi Soundsystem is the DJ trio formed by Fabio Della Torre, Mass Prod and Rufus.

It is born as a project based on two main concepts: DJing and Crew. The project’s main features are the idea of a solid and united group of artists, the synergy between the single players, the love for music without any compromise, the never-ending sound research, the musical digging and the share of this big musical love.

Futurist and Old School at the same time, Bosconi Soundsystem starts from an idea of a free musical flux: exploring different aspects of the club music sound and history,  BSS goes through Downbeat and House passing by Techno and Disco, from the more broken vibes of the Uk Garage movement, through more avant garde-istic and timeless musical genres, always looking for new styles and new melting pots.

Bosconi Soundystem’s Unrequested States Of Bliss is out Dec 11th and is available for pre-order via Juno