Premiere: Listen to Atjazz’s Remix of “The Believe” by Genetic Funk Ft. Mr V

Genetic Funk and Mr V’s ‘The Believe” spoken word groover of 2016 get’s a sublime make-over from the mighty Atjazz. Injecting some raw beat science, teased with abstract jazzy key hooks and celestial , Atjazz cultivates a hypnotic ambience to accompany V’s positive message… “Believe”!

Atjazz has carved a huge name for himself globally with his distinctive quality musical output through his own record label Atjazz Record Company and through other labels including Yoruba Records, R2 Records, Lazy Days Recordings, Local Talk and Miso Records, among others.

Track Listing

1. The Believe (Atjazz Remix)

2. The Believe (Atjazz Beats, Bass & Mr V Dub)

3. The Believe (Atjazz Remix Instrumental)

‘Believe’ (Atjazz Remix) will be released on December 1st 2017 on Grounded Records and is available for