Make Your Voice Heard and #savefabric From Closure!

Save Fabric banner

fabric is facing an upcoming license review on September 6th that could potentially close the venue for good.  The club is now asking its patrons and music fans from all over the world to join the #savefabric campaign by signing a petition to keep the club open.

The London nightlife institution could be closing down for good after its license was suspended by the local council in liaison with the Metropolitan police following the recent death of two clubbers from drug overdoses. The situation has sparked international attention, with artists, record labels and other venues lending their voice to save the club and asking the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to step in to assist.

Mr. Khan has called for a solution that both saves the venue and safeguards patrons, going a step further by launching a hiring campaign for the first ever Night Czar in London that will be charged with shaping London’s future as a 24-hour city.

Islington Council will hold a scheduled review of the club’s license on September 6th, where both councillors and authorities will forward their arguments and push for one of three solutions: a change of license, a suspension of license or even closure.

In an effort to ensure that the club does not shut down, the venue is encouraging supporters to sign a petition to underline the club’s importance.

You can sign the petition here.

The club released the below full statement on the current situation via its Facebook page: