For a Limited Time Only: Watch a Documentary on the Birth of Techno in Germany for Free

Germany has built itself quite the solid reputation as the techno hub of Europe and one of the most happening techno scenes in the globe. Indeed, one cannot think of techno without its association with Germany as the two have become synonymous with one another.

Of course, Germany’s renowned techno culture is not something that came about in a short period of time. It took years of evolution and development for it to get to where it is today, and it is still constantly evolving to this day. However, it is a story that few are even familiar with in full.

A documentary that is now streaming on YouTube for free fills in the gaps for anyone wanting to learn all about Germany’s techno history.

Titled “We Call It Techno!” the documentary was actually released back in 2008, yet still offers an insightful view of techno’s cultural roots in Berlin and Frankfurt, eventually spreading throughout the country and beyond its borders as well. The documentary provides some exclusive interviews, unpublished film clips, and rare photographic material taken during German techno’s early years between 1988 to 1994. It also includes comments from some of the movement’s most significant DJs and producers, like Sven Väth, Tanith, and many others.

You may view the one hour and forty minutes documentary for free in the video link below. Catch it while you can as it will only be available for free until early 2018.