Laura Jones at Sound Nightclub

laura jones

Laura Jones is consistently at the forefront of cutting edge dance music. With releases on powerhouse labels such as Leftroom, Culprit, and Crosstown Rebels, her sound embraces everything that is right with dance music today. From a production standpoint, she takes her time in making sure that she expresses herself fully as an artist, and her attention to detail translates into music that hits the sweet spot for ravers and music enthusiasts around the globe.

Always hard working, Laura Jones has quite a busy upcoming schedule leading into the new year. Ibiza Voice caught up with her recently in a very insightful and engaging article that gives us some great insight on her current projects and aspirations. You can check out the interview on Ibiza Voice’s site here.

So many DJ’s fill their schedule with tour dates around the world, but luckily for us Laura Jones will be gracing the decks at Sound Nightclub in Hollywood tonight for what is sure to be an epic night of music. She’s taken her sound all over the world playing at major establishments in Ibiza as well as on her home turf at Fabric in London, and tonight…she gives Sound a taste of the iconic Laura Jones style.


Laura Jones on Resident Advisor and Soundcloud