Q&A: Bristol Duo Apexape Talk Ahead of What’s Up EP on Nothing Else Matters

 Apexape are an immensely talented DJ and production duo on the rise. With inspiration taken from Bristol’s thriving drum and bass, house and hip-hop scenes, they’ve forged and created a unique sound that blends their influences for fast paced and evocative DJ sets packing a real punch.

With support from the likes of Eats Everything, Camelphat, Rudimental and Disclosure, Apexape have gone on to play mammoth festivals including Glastonbury, Festival No.6, Budafest, Beatherder and Bestival during the warmer summer months, and Snowbombing in the winter.

Following a break-through 2016 year, Apexape have continued on their quest to introduce more and more ears to their brand of electronic music, working hard in the studio on a series of remixes for a whole host of artists from Emeli Sande to Offaiah, and their own productions on labels such as Eton Messy, Nothing Else matters and the legendary Strictly Rhythm.

Hi guys, thanks for taking some time to chat with us over here in Los Angeles! How are things back home?

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, things at home are going well and we’re looking forward to the festive season. Time to get super MERRY!

Where is home for you guys by the way?

London & Bristol

Ben: I live in East London but I’m from Bristol originally.

Klaud: I live in Bristol but from South London originally.

We met when Klaud moved up to Bristol from London 12-13 YEARS AGO! It was a DJing blind date and we never looked back. Don’t judge us!!!

We all heard about your huge 2016, how has 2017 compared up until now?

“Joy & Pain” was a great look for the summer of 2016 and did far better than we expected it to. This really helped us build momentum and bring those positive vibes into our production for 2017. It has been great to remix tracks from artist like Charlotte O.C, Martian Solveig & Emeli Sande and release with labels which we have admired for year such as Strictly Rhythm and Nothing Else Matters. These are a few of the great labels we have been able to work with this year and looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Any gig highlights you’d like to share from this year?

We just played at Crane in Birmingham which was crazy… It was at capacity and some times the set can get a bit lost in big warehouse raves, but the vibe was ripe and ready for picking. The energy levels where through the roof. It’s nice to drop your tracks to a rave of that size and see it go off … it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

You’ve received support on your tracks from greats such as Pete Tong, Danny Howard and Annie Mac. How influential is it to have thumbs up from influential radio/industry personalities like them?

Annie Mac, Pete Tong and Danny Howard are all the shows that we have been listening to for years and to have your tracks played by these great DJs is really amazing. The support we’ve had from these taste makers, has really give us confidence, thinking that we may be on to something. Knowing that your track is on these guys playlists allows your music to be heard by large audiences, it’s a very competitive market with so many great producers… IT’S A BIG LOOK!

Speaking of Danny, your next release “What’s Up” is out on his label Nothing Else Matters next month, can you tell us a bit about the track and how your relationship with the label came about?

Danny has been amazing, he has really supported us and championed a lot of our music. Starting with ‘Joy & Pain’ he really showed us that he likes our sound and made it one of his tracks for Ibiza. That was unreal and its has ramped up since then really. It is a real privilege to have a track out on his label and along the other great artists (Mason, PAX and The Golden Boy) on this EP. “What’s Up” was getting a good response when we played it in our sets and it was good timing that Danny hit us up and we had this track to send him and he liked it… Winning

What can we find you doing on a lazy afternoon when you’re not working on music?

Klaud: I like to put on a new artist I haven’t heard of before on apple music, play it loud and clean my house.

As the year ends have you set yourself any goals for 2018?

Onwards and upwards! We got some cool tracks in the pipe line and working with some fresh vocalists. Looking forward to get them out there in 2018.