The Great Facebook Purge Is Coming

purgeThe so-called Great Facebook Purge will be coming this Thursday, March 12. Essentially, Facebook will be removing what it calls “inactive users” from business and music pages. “Inactive users” is a euphemism for the fake profiles, which will be targeted in the purge as a necessary solution to a growing problem of artists “buying” social media followers.

While it is unclear just how many thousands, or millions, of accounts will be targeted, one thing is certain – everyone will see a decrease in the number of “likes” on their pages. This may seem bad at first, but in reality, it will be much better for everyone. The end result will be more accurate up-to-date insights for businesses and artists. Instagram executed a similar purge in December, which resulted in a number of extreme cases such as Justin Bieber losing 3.5 million followers. While “like” counts across the board will surely decrease, this move will create a transparency amidst the epidemic that “buying fans” on social media has become.