FestEvo Promises a Better Festival Experience

Music festivals are fun to attend to, but sometimes the experience can be overwhelming, from traveling to the festival venue to keeping up with the many festivals happening each year, not to mention familiarizing oneself with the artists performing.

Enter Tucker Gumber, an avid music festival attendee who has come to be known as “The Festival Guy”, who has introduced a new app that aims to enhance the overall festival experience called FestEvo.

Available online and on mobile through the Apple App Store and Google Play, FestEvo aims to create a foster a vibrant festival community through networking, establishment of etiquette, offer needed gear for festival goers, promote top industry vendors, push discovery of up-and-coming artists, and provide rewards for those who are active in the community.

“There was a point in my adventures attending music festivals where I realized festivaling is just as much of an outdoor hobby as my other passions of fishing, golfing, and snowboarding,” Gumber said in a statement. “(But) unlike other outdoor activities, there’s never been any established etiquette or education. With many hobbies, knowledge is passed from veteran-to-newbie, there are books you can read, courses you can take. There are plenty of brands that support outdoor enthusiasts with products and information…That has never existed for festivaling. Until now.”

Among FestEvo’s offerings, the gear store gives festival goers access to products designed specifically for their needs for the first time. To make travel to and from events simpler, FestEvo has partnered with Priceline to offer great travel deals as well. There is also the Preferred Vendors which offers exclusive deals and discounts on some of the hottest items in the festival industry  cfor FestEvo members.

Another feature is the FestEvo Player, allowing users to listen to every artist on a festival lineup, thanks to its database of over 30,000 of the top artists and DJs in the world. While its social network component is designed to connect the festival community, connecting friends and the events they will be attending, as well as support ride shares, ticket swaps and meetups. FestEvo currently has a database of over 700 festivals across the globe and is still growing.

Alongside the release of the platform is the launch of “The FestivalGoers Guide,” a 164-page book that brings together festival philosophy, etiquette and hacks that Veteran FestivalGoers use to achieve their best festival.

And as a bonus, FestEvo provides a membership rewards platform, allowing users to earn points in the form of a currency called PROPS when buying gear, ranking artists, and inviting friends. These can be spent on buying items in the store or to enter in raffles with a chance to win prizes such as tickets to festivals, experience packages, and gear from nearly 50 preferred vendors on the FestEvo store.

The FestEvo experience is available to anyone through a low membership fee of just $10/year. For more information visit FestEvo.com.