Ellen Allien Presents Third Part of “Nost” Remixes

Ellen Allien‘s seventh studio album, Nost has gained positive reviews and has brought about two well-received remix EPs. But if you think there is nothing more in store, get ready to be proven wrong!

Her label BPitch Control will soon release part three of the “Nost” remixes, RMXS 3. The lineup of contributors for this release is impressive, with Alan Oldham, Eomac, Amotik, and XDB all poised to bring a whole new dimension to the music, each stepping up to the plate to deliver their own interpretations of “Queen Bee’s” original works.

Nost RMXS 3 opens with Alan Oldham letting loose on “Jack My Ass”, pumping it full of energy and jackin’ beats with a hypnotic riff keeps listeners locked in throughout,. All the while he maintains a minimalistic approach for a maximum impact.

Eomac’s offers a dour version of “Mind Journey”, where the vocal from the original is so distorted and warped to make the pace is slow and purposeful, moving forward with eeriness.

Amotik follows up with his own twist of “Mind Journey” as well, this time a little more frenetic and energized. The pace is quickened with a slightly agitated energy and hefty drums as the tension builds steadily until a thumping breakdown accompanied by emotive strings.

XDB’s take on “Call Me” is put through the filter, with softened pads and a rolling groove keeping you engaged from start to finish. The beats are crisp, the top end full of soul and the bassline is much pronounced.

Ellen Allien’s Nost RMXS 3 is set to be released on February 23.

For more information, visit her official website at www.ellenallien.de.