DUBS Earplug Giveaway at Coachella 2015

Dubs Coachella body image

Hearing protection seems to be a popular theme to start 2015. In the fourth quarter of last year Doppler Labs introduced DUBS Acoustic Filters, an earplug that changes the game when it comes to hearing protection. In an effort to spread their message and service the mass audience of music lovers, Doppler Labs has teamed up with Goldenvoice to distribute a free pair of DUBS earplugs to all attendees at Coachella 2015.

CEO and Co-Founder of Doppler Labs, Noah Kraft, had this to say about the newfound partnership with Goldenvoice and the Coachella give-aways:

“We simply could not ask for a better platform than Coachella to launch DUBS Earplugs. Coachella has set the standard for live music and curation. We are proud to be a partner and provide hearing protection that allows all attendees to be immersed in the festival and optimize their music listening experience.”

Attendees will be receiving a slightly simplified version of the DUBS for trial purposes, and have the option to buy the advanced retail version on site for $25. Not many would argue with a favorable price point like this. It’s easy to get on board with this; small investment for long term protection is hard to beat.

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