Dirty Electronics MUTE II Handheld Synth Announced

dirty synth 2Synth heads, we have some great news! Dirty Electronics have teamed up with MUTE Records (Moby, Mr. Oizo, Ritchie Hawtin, and many more) to release the MUTE II, a follow-up to the original dirty electronics MUTE handheld synth (2011). This device was designed in collaboration with Mute and graphic designer Adrian Shaughnessy. The release was announced by dirty electronics this past weekend, with the release date set for November 14th. Check out the video – this tiny machine packs a powerful punch, perfect for electro, house, techno, bass and glitch music. With a miniature patchbay, internal clocks, feedback oscilators and a sequencer, this synth will make a great addition to your arsenal. There isn’t a better hardware synth anywhere near this price.


Click here to pre-order the synth from Mute Records 

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