Digging Deeper with ANOTR

From the early career stages in an Amsterdam attic studio to being called a breath of fresh air, producers to watch, and future superstar DJs, the importance of commitment and patience is once again underlined by the prime example presented right before your eyes: ANOTR.

Consisting of 21 year olds Jesse van der Heijden and Oguzhan Guney, ANOTR are the house-meets-tech-house revelations of their time. After hours and hours of hard work and tweaks to reach undisputed perfection, the first eye-opening works of the Amsterdam based sparked the interest of record label Armada Music, subsequently leading to the release of summer anthem͚ Strobe͛ on Defected records breakout label DFTD in early October 2015.

Despite their tender age, ANOTR have played on summer festival hotspot Ibiza, rewarded their fans with multiple DJ performances during Europe͛s main dance music conference Amsterdam Dance Event, and graced plenty more internationally acclaimed clubs, venues, and festivals with their distinctive sound, and unmatched, on-stage energy.


Hey guys, thanks for taking some time to chat. First of all, what has been the highlight of your year so far?

Thanks for having us. There have been so many highlights this year, but the biggest highlight has to be starting our label in February. We’re always in the studio, so it was good to have a continuous output of music for ourselves and others.

You guys started NO ART recordings about eight months ago. Can you tell us what it’s like for you to manage your own label?

Starting our own label has been great so far. Seeing something we’ve built up from scratch getting support from the biggest names in the scene is insane. It’s a lot of work, but definitely the best move for us. Now that we’ve got the main idea of the label, it’s all about the music we put out and ensuring the highest possible quality of the releases.

I happened to come across some releases/remixes on the label from Santé and Sidney Charles. Those are pretty big signings for a label that just started out. Can you tell us how you managed to get these guys on board?

We’ve been in contact with both of them for quite a while now, supporting each other’s work and sharing music back and forth. Next to that, we’ve released on AVOTRE a couple of times, so when we asked them to release on the label, they were happy to join the team.

Are there any other producers you’d love to sign to NO ART?

There are so many great producers out there, but we feel it’s not about the artists that release on the label, but about the quality of the music that is released. We’re focusing on signing great tracks by known artists and new talents alike.

You guys are releasing track after track after track. How do you stay so productive?

Basically, we just spend a lot of time in the studio. We’ve got our weekly schedule of producing separately and teaming up on other days to finish our projects. This way, our output is twice as high while maintaining our ANOTR sound at the same time.

Are there any exciting collaborations in the pipeline we should know about?

Not yet, we’re just looking forward to involve as many great producers on our label as possible.

What can we expect from ANOTR and NO ART in 2018?

Even more music, new artists on the label and a refreshing sound.


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