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Roland Boutique: Compact, Lightweight, Classic

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Last week, Roland teased us with a vague announcement of an upcoming product, fueling a great deal of speculation; thankfully, they didn’t keep us waiting too long this time. The company has just officially announced its upcoming Boutique series, consisting of digital reissues of the so-called “holy trinity” – the Jupiter-8, Juno-106, and JX-3P.


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The Boutique synthesizer line, which includes the JP-08, JU-06, and JX-03, will make a nice addition to your favorite gear from the AIRA series. Designed to be ultra-portable, the synths are compact and lightweight, run on battery or USB power, and can be played by either an external MIDI keyboard or the optional mountable keyboard. Each unit features a built-in speaker, step sequencer, dual ribbon controls, and four-note polyphony. As of now, Roland has not disclosed the release date and pricing for the Boutique line, so be sure to keep checking back for updates. For now, enjoy the video below.

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Roland Teases New “Boutique” Synths

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Roland, one of the world’s most beloved producer of synthesizers, drum machines (including the iconic 808 and 909), and other audio gear, is notorious for slowly teasing us with vague announcements regarding upcoming products. They continue to push the envelope this day, venturing far outside the realm of traditional gear.

Most recently, they have released a video announcing “Boutique,” with little information other than short references to classic synthesizers such as the Jupiter-8 (1981), the JX-3P (1983), and the Juno-106 (1984). One can only imagine what to expect out of this new product, but the gear community will eagerly await for more news.

Stay up to date as Roland plans to unveil new information regarding the “Botique” synth line.

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Triller iOS App – Make Music Videos On Your iPhone

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We are pleased to announce the release of Triller, a brand-new iOS app that will revolutionize the way we interact with music and visuals. Created by Karaoke app developers David Leiberman and Sammy Rubin, with the help of  director Colin Tilley (who did Kendrick Lamar’s videos, among others), Triller allows you to shoot lipsync music videos of your favorite songs at the push of a button. As Leiberman puts it,

“With  Triller, you don’t have to be Colin Tilley to make a music video that looks like it was shot by Colin Tilley. The app truly democratizes the music video creation process. Whether you’re hanging in the park with friends or an artist on tour, Triller makes it easy and fun to create great-looking music videos.”

Just point, shoot, and record a few takes, and Triller will automatically compile and edit the takes into a finished project; using cutting-edge facial and audio recognition, the software analyzes your lip movements to determine the proper moment to cut scenes between sections of the song. The app also features zooming tools, a number of filters, and the ability to manipulate the edits generated. After your video is complete, you can share via social media, text message/WhatsApp, or simply save to your phone.

Check out the video below, and be sure to visit the App Store to download the app for free.

Triller: Official WebsiteFacebook |  Twitter | Youtube | Vine


Doppler Labs Unveils Here Active Listening System

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Doppler Labs has already been making waves this year with their game-changing Dubs Acoustic Filters, some of the most comfortable earplugs on the market at an affordable price. Today, the company has yet again pushed the envelope with the announcement of their upcoming “Here Active Listening System”, a set of powered earplugs that are controlled by a mobile app. Using your smartphone, users can adjust the level of noise reduction to taste; however, it doesn’t end there. The smartphone app also features a five-band EQ, various audio FX, preset filters, and preset modes. Perhaps most exciting are these presets, which can provide either functional operations (such as “jet engine” or “baby crying”) or aural enhancement (to enhance the sound rather than subdue it).

Doppler Labs has initiated a Kickstarter campaign in conjunction with the announcement of Here Active Listening; with 28 Days remaining their Kickstarter has already raised $109,000, and with steady support it appears that reaching their goal of $250,000 will not be a problem. CEO and Co-Founder of Doppler Labs, Noah Kraft, had this to say about the Here Active Listening System:

“With the Here Active Listening System we want to give you the tools to have the perfect listening experience. We all perceive sound differently, but everyone has been to a concert where the audio wasn’t quite right or has been subjected to a long flight with a screaming baby.  Here changes all that, giving control back to the listener by allowing you to curate what you hear and how you hear it.  Our goal is to make it so you never have to deal with noise or a bad mix ever again.”

Doppler Labs have quickly and definitively established themselves as an authority in the hearing loss prevention industry. After giving every Coachella attendee a pair of Dubs Acoustic Filters, they have cemented their position within the dance music community as well. With the Here Active Listening System, Doppler Labs has developed a one-of-a-kind product that will revolutionize acoustics while spreading awareness about hearing loss (a topic that we don’t take lightly)”Here” is ideal for many applications with it’s broad range of functions and features, and can be utilized by anyone and everyone in their daily lives.

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The product has been fully developed and tested, and is undergoing crowd funding via Kickstarter for mass production. While one can contribute any amount, any contribution over $179 gets you your own Here Active Listening System. The concept and vision of Doppler Labs is incredibly forward thinking, and the introduction of Here will certainly revolutionize the sonic market.

Here Active Listening System is set to retail for $249 with an official release date to be announced.


  • Smartphone-controlled
  • Volume reduction control
  • 5-Band EQ
  • Audio FX (such as reverb, flange, vinyl distortion, and more)
  • Preset filters and modes designed for specific applications
  • Completely wireless (connects by bluetooth)
  • 6 hour battery life (includes a carrying case that can hold 2 full charges)
  • Multiple silicone tip sizes

For more info and contributions, please click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.
To learn more about Dubs and Doppler Labs, please click here.
To learn more about hearing loss and other ways to protect your ears, please click here.


[Photos Courtesy of Doppler Labs]

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Google Chrome Adds MIDI Capability

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As bandwidth and hosting become increasingly affordable, we are seeing a number of cloud-based audio production apps spring into existense Fortunately, there is now a way to use your favorite MIDI controller with in-browser software; simply download the latest Google Chrome update, which allows Chrome to scan your computer for connected MIDI devices and allow those devices to control cloud-based plugins. This update will facilitate collaboration and is a big step toward making cloud-based production a legitimate means of remote musical collaboration. As of now, only a couple of cloud-based apps have included MIDI functionality, but we expect the vast majority of them to follow suit now that Chrome will be able to transmit MIDI data between your computer and the apps.

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Gear Maintenance – Learn To Protect Your Equipment


Maintenance is often overlooked in the blogosphere; many people watch tutorials and reviews, but there seems to be a lack of information regarding proper maintenance and care within this world. We have compiled a list of tips and suggestions for DJs/performers, producers, engineers, and even just the average listener. Read more

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Guda Audio “KickR” Kick Drum Plugin


A great kick drum is absolutely essential for any dance music production; more often than not, however, we find ourselves digging into the same sample packs over and over. While using kick samples definitely has its benefits, there is also something to be said about dedicated kick drum plugins; one that stands out in particular is Guda Audio’s KickR. Its three sections (Body, Thump and Noise) allow for precise control and sculpting of. The plugin also features “Warm EQ,” a vintage-style EQ that adds mild saturation when driven hard. This can be especially beneficial for shaping the tone and giving your kick that extra oomph. The GUI is streamlined yet customizable, offering different color themes and knob styles. At an affordable price of $19, this little beast packs quite a punch. Click here for more information

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R Is For Roland – Book Of Synths & Drum Machines

R Is For Roland

Roland is one of the companies directly responsible for the creation of house and techno music; their legendary 808 and 909 drum machines are some of the most highly-sought after machines in the world. In addition to the classic drum machines, Roland has been producing many types of synthesizers for over four decades and continues to dominate the modern hardware synth market.

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Last week, renowned photographer/illustrator Tabita Hub released “R is for Roland,” a coffee table book filled with high-quality photographs of classics such as the Space Echo RE-201, System-100, SH-7, CR-78, Jupiter-4, RS-09, TR-808, Jupiter-8, TB-303, TR-606, Juno-6, SH-101, Jupiter-6, MC-202, JX-3P, TR-909, Juno-106, TR-707/727, Alpha-Juno 1/2, TR-505 and TR-626. Along with these photographs are charts, graphs, and quotes/interviews from a number of heavy hitters, such as Lee “Scratch” Perry, Nightmares on Wax, and Portishead. Jeff Mills, one of techno’s greatest minds, has used Roland products since his early days, has contributed a quote saluting Roland’s iconic status in the dance music community: “Certain machines do have a particular fashion in which they spit out the sounds. The Roland TR series were revolutionary in this respect.”

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The visually stunning collection of photographs and other material is available for 44.64 EUR (53.80 USD). For more information and/or to order the book, click here to visit the official website. To learn a bit more about the amazing woman responsible behind it, check out the video below.


Till von Sein & Tigerskin In-Studio Interview

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Till von Sein and Tigerskin (AKA Dub Taylor), both highly successful artists in their own right, have received a great deal of attention for recent collaborations. Last year, the duo made a major splash with “Dance,”  a groovy, Jackin’ House bomb released on their Arkansas City EP (Dirt Crew Recordings) Now, Future Music Magazine takes us behind the scenes with an in-studio interview; Till von Sein and Tigerskin discuss the inspirational, creative, and technical aspects of creating the record. Essentially, they say, it is just a drum track; while they use a very simple bassline and vocal sample, those parts are auxiliary and serve to highlight the drums. Both producers clearly have a sense of humor, and you can tell that they don’t like to take themselves too seriously in the studio. Watch the full video below!


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Giorgio Moroder Teams Up With Novation

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Giorgio Moroder is a nothing short of a living legend; at the age of 75, he continues to maintain a strong presence in multiple sectors of the music and film industry. We’re thrilled to announce that the man himself has partnered with Novation to create the MoroderNova, a so-called “signature edition” of the Novation “mini-nova,” with 500 of Giorgio’s patches and presets, to be released in the near future.

The synthesizer is stamped with moroder’s signature moustache/sunglasses sillouhette, and the silver-on-black color scheme looks incredible. Unfortunately, the synth will only be produced in a limited run of 500 units; however, this marks the beginning of a new era in dance music. Dozens of rockstars have released signature series guitars for decades, and dance music artists have enjoyed software brand endorsements for several  years. However, as far as I am aware, this is the first signature series hardware synthesizer by an established electronic musician. And Giorgio truly is the ultimate electronic musician to bear this burden. Although is his first time using his name on any instrument, and Novation’s first ever signature synth, we are confident that this synth will live up to the hype. Although we can’t wait to get our hands on it, no release date has been announced – be sure to check back for updates. In the meantime, take a moment to listen to a couple tunes and learn a bit more about his fascinating history:

Giovanni “Giorgio” Moroder rose to prominence in the 70’s as a producer for disco artists, shaping the careers of Donna Summer and countless other legends, many of whom were enormously influential on the early pioneers of house and techno in the next decade. In the 80’s, using a number of synthesizers, he produced soundtracks for classic 80’s films such as Scarface and Top Gun. Through the 90’s he remained relevant via his productions with the same disco superstars that he helped launch decades before, ultimately winning a Grammy in 1997. His 2013 collaboration with Daft Punk sparked an enormous revival of interest in disco music (from both him and other artists); as a result, he has recently produced music for some of the world’s leading pop-stars, and had his own tracks remixed by some of (both underground and commercial) dance music’s heaviest hitters.

For more information, click here (MoroderNova site)