#909Day: Watch KiNK Improvise on a TR-909 for Soundwall

Kink BR

In celebration of 909 Day, producers, DJs and music fans alike are all honoring 33 years since the release of the Roland TR-909 by playing on the drum machine, listening to music produced with it or, in the case of Roland themselves, launching over 30 new products on the market via live stream.

There is no question that KiNK is one of the top artists in today’s electronic music scene, known throughout the world for his crafty and improvised live sets. In honor of 909 Day, the Bulgarian artist launched an improvised performance in exclusive for Soundwall, the leading electronic music Italian publication.

Earlier this month, KiNK released a brand-new EP which he made available for free download thanks to Red Bull Music Studios.

Enjoy KiNK in action on the TR-909 via the video below.

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Roland Commemorates 909 Day with Release of More Than 30 New Products

Roland Future

The big day is finally here: 909 Day. And Roland, the company behind the iconic and genre-defying TR-808 and 909 drum machines, is set to commemorate the 33rd Anniversary of the 909 with a ground-breaking and innovative event: a globe-wide initiative lasting a full 24 hours on September 9th (today), and taking place in eight cities with more than 30 new products debuting via live streaming demos and artist performances.

The event is so unique and iconic that Roland has dubbed it a “24-hour music festival,” aiming to redefine the future of its brand by fusing liveliness and diversity.

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Check Out The Perfect Daft Punk Helmet, It’s FAR Better Than The Original

Daft Punk helmet

While Daft Punk’s role in dance music is unquestionable, part of the duo’s allure has long been both the elusiveness of their sets in recent years and of their own personal identity throughout their careers. Although we know them also as Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, it would hard for anyone that isn’t close to them to really recognize or know how they look like, as they spent years performing behind helmets before they stopped touring.

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The History of House Music and the Roland TR-909 Explained on Video

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 11.31.23 PM

Point Blank and F9 Audio founder and Freemasons member James Wiltshire has just released a two-part video series exploring the history of house music and the pivotal role played by the Roland TR-909 at the inception of the genre.

In the videos, Wiltshire highlights the key players that were responsible for creating those early house records, as well as what exactly went into the formation of house and how the studios at the time grew alongside this new sound. In the videos, the role of the Roland TR-909 is underscored heavily both with a little history as well as practical use when Wiltshire uses samples from the hardware to create a classic house track in Ableton.

Point Blank is The Global Music School, with courses in London, Los Angeles and Online. Voted ‘Best Electronic Music School’ by DJ Mag, you can learn Ableton or Logic via their online courses or in our state-of-the-art studios in London or LA. All info on their official website.

Paco Osuna, Nicole Moudaber and Matador Are the Latest Ambassadors for Richie Hawtin’s PLAYdifferently MODEL1 Mixer

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 7.31.54 PM

It was just at the beginning of this year that Richie Hawtin unveiled his latest project to the rest of the world. Alongside Andy Rigby-Jones and Allen & Health, the Windsor-born producer, label head and DJ introduced PLAYdifferently’s MODEL1 Mixer, aiming to revolutionize the way DJs perform.

Throughout the prototype testing, Hawtin enlisted the assistance of several other elite DJs in trying out the product, all of them endorsing it as true ambassadors of what they felt was a truly unique and much needed new addition to DJ gear market. Later, PLAYdifferently welcomed Dubfire, DJ Tennis, Chris Liebing, Maceo Plex, Mike Servito, Hito, Loco Dice and many others to join Richie on his Prototype Tour across the world performing exclusively with the new MODEL1.

Now, this illustrious group of artists is joined by Nicole Moudaber, Paco Osuna and Matador, the latest ambassadors to have endorsed PLAYdifferently’s vision and MODEL1 as an ideal mixer for both DJ and live sets. Together with this announcement, PLAYdifferently has also introduced a key technology partnership with one of UK’s most renowned nightlife brand and venue, The Warehouse Project in Manchester. The goal with the collaboration is to allow a wide array of artists to have access to Hawtin’s first released mixer at several elite events yet to be specified.

Each of the new ambassadors had the following to say regarding their involvement with the project:

“Finally a refined mixer is available. It was instant love when I played the MODEL1 in Palm Springs. The sound experience and attention to detail implemented is second to none. This 6 channel mixer is a game changer for the DJS who seek to enhance their sets as well as playing back to back.” – Nicole Moudaber
“I’d been searching for the right analogue summing mixer to glue together all the elements in my live set, something that could also give me hands on control with certain familiarities. The MODEL1 has become the centre-piece, the engine room for my live performances, delivering next level sound and opening up sonic possibilities & techniques that I could only dream of in the past, a truly inspirational piece of kit!” – Matador

“It’s important to have a tool that facilitates the musical expression as MODEL1. The features of the mixer allow me to be much more creative; as it has such precise equalisation and such a great range of frequencies, I get to keep using many more tracks at once without making the mixing sound too stuffy. Also, for me it’s essential that all channels have a filter, be it independent or general, as that way I can use six channels at once; and by using the general filter the sound is uniform and compact. The tool I need to maximise my creativity when I’m DJing is finally here!” – Paco Osuna


Trackitdown And Music Choice Have Partnered To Offer Labels A Distribution Stream to 55M US Homes


Digital download site Trackitdown has partnered with multi-platform video and music network Music Choice to bring the best house and techno programming to 55 million U.S. homes. The music will air seven days a week from 3-5pm ET (12-2pm PT) and 10pm-12am ET (7-9pm PT) as part of Music Choice Dance/EDM Channel’s “The Best of BE-AT.TV” block, showcasing the newest DJ performances from the world’s best festivals on a weekly basis.

When asked about the new union, Nick Coles, Head of Operations at Trackitdown, stated, “with independent labels constantly having to evolve around a shifting landscape of services and revenue streams, this exciting new partnership gives us an unprecedented platform to reach millions of music fans across the US each and every week. It is a fantastic progression for Trackitdown and for all the labels that support us.”

The channel will reach 55 million homes across the US and will generate a new stream of publishing for Trackitdown’s thousands of artists and labels. The digital download store currently works with over 30,000 labels and distributors spanning all electronic genres from Armada, K7, Ministry of Sound, New State, Spinnin’ and Toolroom.

Music Choice has channels on several leading U.S. cable providers: Comcast Cable Communications, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable. Check your local listing for channel number.

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Pioneer Announced New $350 PLX-500 Turntable With Built-In USB

Pioneer Dj 1

Looking for a new turntable? Pioneer DJ has just come out with the announcement of the brand-new PLX-500, aimed for use by both DJs and casual listeners who collect records.

Available in two colors (black and white), the PLX-500 comes as a follow-up to the recent Rekordbox features that allow for recording and organization of vinyl. The beauty of this new turntable is the killer USB port and soundcard, allowing DJs to digitize vinyl with ease or to use it as a DVS player for Rekordbox DJ.

Pioneer’s latest hardware also comes with a cartridge, stylus, slipmat and, according to the company, is still suitable for scratch DJs despite a slightly reduced pitch range and lower torque.

You will be able to buy the turntable in early September, for a retail price of $359, a definite more budget-friendly alternative to those who cannot fork out £2,799 for the recently announced updated Technics SL-1200. You can find a more detailed in-depth comparison to other turntables on the market here.

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Is SoundCloud Really Worth $1 Billion?

SoundCloud money

Following news last month that Twitter reached an agreement with SoundCloud for an investment of $70 million, it is now being reported that the music streaming company is seeking a buyer for an estimated $1 billion.

When the Twitter cash infusion story broke mid-June, experts believed that the funding valued SoundCloud at about $700 million — the same value that investors placed on the company in 2014 when it raised $60 million. According to Bloomberg, however, SoundCloud is now looking to sell for $1 billion.

The publication cites “people familiar with the matter,” affirming that SoundCloud’s investors and founders are exploring ways to reach a sale. The business news outlet states that other sources have confirmed SoundCloud’s interest in finding a buyer, reporting that the music company has been having difficulties finding someone willing to pay $1 billion for the business although talks of a sale have been ongoing now for some time.

Is the streaming platform really worth $1 billion and will they find a buyer willing to match that evaluation? The company reported $44 million losses for 2014, specifying that “in the three years from 2012-2014, SoundCloud lost almost €75m – but only brought in €37m in income.”

A SoundCloud representative declined to comment.

Introducing The Glow Mat: Light Up Your Car Floor!

The Glow Mat

Every once in a while comes a new product that connects a piece of the world of electronic music with everyday life.

Today saw the launch of The Glow Mat on Indiegogo, originally designed to meet the demand for safe and secure lighting for aviators in the cockpit, and now made available for private use in cars. Aiming to replace the standard-issue car floor mats found in every automobile, The Glow Mat gives the interior of your car an entirely updated aesthetic and feel.

The Glow Mat works as easily as you may expect, illuminating the floor of your car when plugged into the cigarette lighter via USB port. The mats are available in 8 different light-up colors, and also become a versatile tool in illuminating otherwise dark parts of your car when driving at night. Made from densely woven poly-blend yarn on the top and water resistant rubber-nibbed back for extra protection, the mats themselves come in black, grey or tan.

The minds behind The Glow Mats are car and plane enthusiasts Tony Pasquini and Dan Lawrence, who came up with the idea in February 2016 following years of experience in aviation, boating and car customization. The goal is to begin production this month and have the first run of Glow Mats shipped by November of this year, with plans to add new designs, color-changing capabilities and more further down the line.

The Glow Mats turn your car into a quasi-personal club, all the while adding that cool factor and safety that comes with a lit up vehicle floor. The mats come in two-seater and four-seater packages, priced as cheap as $49 for early backers.

Back The Glow Mat’s Indiegogo campaign and light up your floor like never before!

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SFX Will No Longer Be Selling Beatport

Beatport Long

Six months ago, SFX Entertainment declared bankruptcy raising a vast cloud of doubt over the future of various companies it had acquired during the EDM boom of 2010-2015.

One of the companies whose future was uncertain was Beatport, the giant electronic music-oriented online store founded in Denver, Colorado. While it was initially reported that the company was going to be put up for auction in May, SFX has now announced that it will no longer be sold.

Beatport will continue to operate as a marketplace after earlier canceling its streaming services. This last change was among several other actions taken by SFX in the last few months that have proven to have dramatically improved the company’s profitability.

Below is the full statement from SFX Entertainment:

“Our renewed focus on the Beatport Store, following our announcement of platform changes in May, 2016, has been well-received and successful. The changes we implemented have laid a strong foundation for Beatport that have dramatically improved its profitability.

“As a result of these improving trends, SFX has determined that retaining ownership of Beatport is in the best interest of the Company and has withdrawn its motion to sell Beatport through the Chapter 11 process. We look forward to emerging from Chapter 11 in the next few months, as strong and vibrant business, positioned to pursue both organic and strategic growth options. The dedicated Beatport management team is committed to continuing to serve our core DJ customer base and enhancing the quality of our customer experience.”