Techno Therapy: Sam Paganini

Sam Paganini Press photo

Fresh off appearances at Awakenings and Guendalina in Italy, Sam Paganini will be gracing the decks with a four hour set at Exchange LA this Saturday. He’s among many artists from Italy that have developed their own signature style of groovy techno, and has developed a deep understanding of the dance floor over the years.

Throughout his career, Sam Paganini has released EP’s and albums on esteemed techno labels such as Cocoon Recordings, Drumcode, and Octopus Records, and to honor his trip to Los Angeles we’ve picked three various releases from his techno catalog.

Enjoy the mid-week grooves and make sure to catch his extended set at Exchange LA this Saturday, July 18th.

Guestlist + Tickets: Sam Paganini at Exchange LA
Sam Paganini: Facebook | Resident Advisor

Cocoon N

Sam Paganini – Labyrinth (Original Mix)

Labyrinth is a heady techno groover that found it’s way onto Cocoon Recording’s Compilation N. Sam Paganini elevates his creative and technical ability in Labyrinth and achieves electronic complexities that keep the mind and body locked in. The groove often associated with his Drumcode releases are the perfect compliment to the distorted chords that occupy the arrangement.

Released: September 8th, 2014
Purchase: Beatport

ChocolateSam Paganini – Chocolate (Original Mix)

In addition to being a regular on Cocoon, Sam Paganini has also found a welcoming home on Drumcode with groovy mainroom techno being his specialty. Chocolate gives us some insight into his sound as a Drumcode artist, showing his tight control over the various elements within the track. Even with a dominant groove Sam Paganini still recognizes the subtleties that make the track a cohesive arrangement.

Released: October 14th, 2013
Purchase: Beatport

OctopusSian – Famous Child Actor (Sam Paganini Remix)

Sam Paganini stepped up to the plate to deliver this remix for Octopus Records head honcho, Sian. Like he does so well, Famous Child Actor is a serious slab of groovy techno. It chugs along at a steady pace while continually layering and evolving into a mainroom weapon. Essentially…it’s the track that would be best served up on the Space Terrace during a Drumcode marathon, but hearing it on the Funktion One at Exchange LA is not a bad alternative.

Released: May 6th, 2013
Purchase: Beatport

Techno Therapy: CNTRL Los Angeles


When Richie Hawtin initiated the CNTRL Tour back in 2012 the goal was to go beyond EDM by educating the upcoming generation about electronic music and the rich history behind in. They accomplished this through a series of keynote lectures and workshops at university campuses across the country, with an event that same evening. It’s an all-inclusive package for those eager to learn more about this wonderful culture.

CNTRL Lecture

Photo Credit: CNTRL

The 2015 CNTRL Tour is already underway, and this Saturday April 25th Richie Hawtin will be making a stop here in Los Angeles. At the UCLA Campus, Richie Hawtin will be present for a Point Blank Music Master-class followed by a two-hour artist lecture with guests Chris Liebing, Victor Calderone, Ean Golden, and Grimes.


The night event will take place at the Hollywood Palladium, and to get us ready for the evening here’s a heavy dose of Techno Therapy from everyone on the lineup.

CNTRL Los Angeles 2015: Information | Tickets to CNTRL at the Palladium Read more

Techno Therapy: Carlo Lio & Nathan Barato

Carlo Lio

Fresh off an appearance at Womb, Tokyo, Carlo Lio will find himself at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles this Friday joined by fellow Canadian, Nathan Barato. Individually, both artists deliver raw groovy techno so it will be quite a treat to see them in action for their back-to-back set. Nothing says Tuesday’s like some powerful groovy techno from these two Canadians.

Free before 10:30 Guestlist: Carlo Lio B2B Nathan Barato at Sound Nightclub Read more

Techno Therapy: Oxia

Oxia WarsawThere’s something special about good old-fashioned house music. The chords, the groove, the melodies…everything working in unison to create a unique vibe that we will remember forever. Oxia will be curating the house and techno vibes this Friday for our third installment of WORK, and we’ve selected a few of our favorite Oxia tracks to help curb our anticipation.

Read more

Techno Therapy: Josh Wink to play Exchange LA

Josh wink at space

Josh Wink will surely go down as one of the house and techno legends of our time. As a producer he’s one of a kind, and as a DJ he’s capable of rocking the intimate clubs to the massive festivals like Timewarp. This week Josh Wink makes his way to Los Angeles to perform alongside Doc Martin at Exchange LA. It’s been a while since Josh Wink has graced the decks in Los Angeles, and the night will have a very special vibe throughout the evening. This weeks Techno Therapy is dedicated to the Ovum Records head visionary; two massive tracks that perfectly display Wink’s range as an artist. Read more

Techno Therapy: Hollywood (Clovis Remix)

Body image

Hollywood, a place that many of us call home. Located in the heart of Southern California, Hollywood is an urban playground that can satisfy one’s interests regardless of what those interests may be. This week’s Techno Therapy comes in the form of Clovis’ remix of Hollywood, and this puts us in the perfect mind set for this coming Friday.

Clovis will be playing alongside Livio & Roby at King King (Hollywood) this Friday for our first event of the year. The night is looking excellent so far, and we’re excited for all these incredible DJ’s to control the musical journey for the evening. More info can be found immediately below.

$10 Pre-sale tickets available here: WORK 02 w/Livio &Roby and Clovis
Discounted Guestlist available here: 6AM Group

Clovis did this remix as apart of the Hollywood Revisited EP on Los Angeles record label, Culprit. Culprit never disappoints, and this remix is no exception. Lush pads rising on the fourth beat, synths that make us feel nice and warm, and a subtle groove remind us why we love our city. Whatever inspired Clovis during the time is reflected in this lovely piece of smooth house music.

Clovis is an incredibly talented producer from Los Angeles, and shares a deep passion for house and the underground scene. We’re incredibly excited for his set this Friday, and look forward to another memorable night in our beloved Hollywood.

House Therapy: Eric Kupper to Play for Incognito

Incognito show

Nothing is off limits for legendary producer Eric Kupper. Over his long career in the music industry he has established himself as a go-to producer for everyone from Cher to Frankie Knuckles (may he rest in peace). His catalog and résumé are incredibly extensive, and this Friday January 16th Los Angeles will get to see the master himself in action thanks to the team at Incognito. This weeks “House” Therapy is dedicated to Eric Kupper as we prepare for a night of true vibes and proper house music.

RSVP via Incognito’s Event: 25 Years of House w/Eric Kupper

To start Techno Therapy this week here’s a massive remix that Kupper did with Frankie Knuckles. Move Your Body (Directors Cut Signature Mix) is an iconic track that really was the house music anthem back in the day, and would still set the tone right for any party today. The elements of the track such as the pads, house stabs, and vocal hook make this a timeless piece, and is a great insight into the expansive work of Eric Kupper.

Next up is In Your Arms (Afrogroove Mix) with vocal treatment from Keiko Yoshimura. Not a club banger by any means, but a beautiful piece of house music that highlights his range as a producer. The drums have a very smooth yet subtle groove that give this track the laidback vibe, and the vocals by Yoshimura complete the track.

Last but certainly not least is an original track from Eric Kupper. Faith Healer is an excellent piece that can rock the club just as much as it can be enjoyed at home. Scattered shaker patterns with a jackin off hat provides the groove while Kupper introduces new elements throughout the arrangement. Just about halfway through when the strings come in is about when we imagine the dance floor starting to go wild just before a minimal tom driven drop rounds off the track.

Techno Therapy: Fur Coat Free Download


Techno Therapy this week comes just in time to celebrate the New Year. Today we bring you an excellent track from the duo, Fur Coat, which they have also so kindly put up for free download on their Soundcloud. A nice little post holiday present right before their NYE show in LA for Minimal Effort’s Black & White extravaganza.

Polyphonic, as the name suggests, is loaded with that warm grit that can be attributed to many polyphonic synths throughout history. The filters ring out when they’re opened up, and Fur Coat utilizes the iconic sound to fatten up the track with many layers making this an intense dance floor tool. Fur Coat is an excellent compliment to the other artists on the lineup, so expect them to lay down some great tracks while they keep the energy going.

If you’re still looking for New Years Eve plans, Minimal Effort still has Tier 4 tickets and Open Bar VIP tickets remaining. Keep in mind it is a ticket only event, but you can go to the link below for more info.

Ticket Info – Minimal Effort: A Black & White New Year’s Eve

Fur Coat on Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor

Techno Therapy: Minilogue Studio Jam

Today we’re doing things a little differently for Techno Therapy. Breaking away from our usual tradition of featuring an excellent finished techno track, today we present a 23 minute jam session with Swedish duo Minilogue.

Minilogue is notorious for releasing very long tracks. Now this isn’t a bad thing at all. Throughout the journey , the tracks continue to evolve and grow into something so much more than functional dance floor tools. Many of their tracks range from 13 to 20 minutes; so rather than featuring one specific track, it seemed more appropriate to showcase their workflow. The Swedish duo has an arsenal of gear at their disposal in the studio, and they compliment each other perfectly when behind the controls. After seeing this jam session, it makes complete sense how they can construct beautiful techno that takes the listener on a journey through sound. This is some serious Techno Therapy for all the audiophiles out there.

Minilogue on Facebook | Resident Advisor

Techno Therapy: 16B – Water Ride (Stacey Pullen Remix)

Stacey Pullen live

When an artist grows up listening to the sounds of Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and other Detroit legends there’s a strong chance that they too will become great. Stacey Pullen is a perfect example of such an artist. Bridging the gap between house and techno, Stacey Pullen has an uncanny ability for taking the crowd on a spiritual journey through the musical spectrum. Fortunately for Los Angeles, he will be gracing the decks at Sound Nightclub this Friday along with fellow Detroit legend, Carl Craig. Which is why Techno Therapy this week is dedicated to Stacey Pullen; here’s his remix of Water Ride that sends us on that journey.

Free before 10:30 with RSVP: Stacey Pullen and Carl Craig at Sound Nightclub

His remix of Water Ride is such a well-rounded track it would be impossible not to move to this. Lush pads swirl gently in the background along with a sequence of verbed out rides that provide support to the classic house stabs. A timeless piece that shows his talent, but as we know his ability and range stretches wide across both house and techno. We’re looking forward to a memorable night this Friday with him and Carl Craig at the helm. For now, this will be the Techno Therapy to get us through the rest of the week.

Stacey Pullen on Facebook | Soundcloud |  Resident Advsior