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Preview: Bruno Browning – Roots Of Raw EP

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Bruno Browning has been making splashes in the underground dance scene for over a decade. Both through his own releases and his Vegas-based Soulsupplement label (primarily vinyl until 2007), Bruno Browning has cemented his presence in a number of dance circles. His next work, an EP entitled Roots Of Raw, will be coming out June 30.  The record blends the sounds and textures of Chicago house, funk, disco, and even a bit of Detroit techno. Part of the Dope Den Productions crew (Jay-J, Miguel Migs, Chuck Love, Mark Farina, and more) Bruno Browning has all of the support he needs to make this upcoming EP a success. It will surely be met with critical acclaim, and we can expect to see the tracks hitting dance floors early July.

The Do LaB Presents: Woogie Weekend

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The mastermind’s behind The Do LaB are at it once again. Still fresh after their first ever sellout weekend to Lightning in a Bottle, the Los Angeles based event production company has decided to launch its next project: Woogie Weekend.

The inaugural camping festival is set to take place July 17-19 at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, California; a beautiful open air location that will be the canvas for an excellent weekend. Conveniently located between LA and San Diego in Orange County, Woogie Weekend will be taking over the venue that played host to Lightning in a Bottle between 2010-2012.

The festival aims to capture the core essence of Lightning in a Bottle’s fan favorite Woogie Stage and will definitely be an intimate experience as there are over 30 acts across two stages throughout the weekend. Performances include top notch house and techno from the likes of Alexi Delano, Camea, Danny Daze, Marcel Fengler, Nick Warren, and Pig&Dan, with additional appearances from local artists such as Marques Wyatt, Jon Dadon, and Tara Brooks.  The most exciting announcement perhaps though, comes in the form of the legendary All Day I Dream party series hosted by Lee Burridge as he and his team conduct a complete stage takeover on Sunday to conclude the weekend.

Festival goers will experience the dynamic and energetic vibes within the treehouse Woogie stage from LIB as well as an entirely new stage production designed specifically for Woogie Weekend.

 Tickets start out at $135 for Full Weekend Passes.


Preview: taMe – Karma EP

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taMe is at it again with dance floor ready bombs on their new EP, Karma. For the sixth release on taMe Music they’ve pulled no punches, and bring forth three tracks with excellent variety while still adhering to a distinct sound. With early support from the likes of Carl Craig, Joseph Capriati, Stacy Pullen, and Tom Novy, the Karma EP will be making it’s rounds across many dance floors in the future. Take a listen to the previews below, and stay tuned for the official release in June.

taMe: Facebook | Soundcloud
taMe Music: Soundcloud | Beatport 

Beatport Exclusive Release: 06/15/2015
Release on All Other Outlets: 06/29/2015

taMe – Yah (Original Mix)

The EP kicks things off with the pulsating roller that is Yah. Whether you’re already in the peak of the party or you’re about to take it to the next level, Yah has all the ingredients to make it a go to track. The low end dominates while a gritty and resonate tone sits in the perfect range to make a serious impact on the dance floor. And in true taMe fashion there’s just enough sounds from left field to give it a cerebral touch.

taMe – Positive Vibes (Original Mix)

Positive Vibes is similar to Yah in the sense that it is direct and hard-hitting. But there’s something about Positive Vibes that gives it an air of subtlety. Chugging along at a steady and comfortable pace, the arrangement is embellished with various textures and percussions that keep things interesting. The break is an appropriate length and allows for DJ’s to have some fun before bringing it back into the immense groove.

taMe – Sonix (Original Mix)

taMe finishes the EP with Sonix, a track that fully embodies their sound and vision. With a definite main room vibe to it, the track takes a turn towards epicness with a huge break filled with the sounds of echoing chords and synthetic qualities. However, the break is short lived and it’s back to the action relatively quickly with active percussions and melodic arrangements.

Movement 2015: Top Artists

Photo Courtesy of Douglas Wojciechowsk

Photo Courtesy of Douglas Wojciechowsk


Year in year out, Movement in Detroit sets the bar for high quality festival programming. The team at Paxahau never compromise when booking talent for the three-day festival, and Movement arguably has the best lineup in the United States…one that even the strongest techno purists can’t complain about. When looking at the lineup one of a few things may happen. Read more

Movement 2015: Top After Parties

Movement Body - CBS Detroit
Just like there’s no shortage of epic talent on the Movement Festival lineup…there’s certainly no shortage of after parties for the city to divulge in when the main event ends. And let’s be honest, when the clock strikes midnight chances are you won’t be going to your hotel to get a good night’s sleep. Read more

Preview: Jozif – Waikiki Pt. 2


Travel 2,500 miles west of Los Angeles and you’ll find yourself in Waikiki, Honolulu. Judging from the title of Jozif’s new EP on Culprit LA, I think it’s a safe assumption in saying that the beautiful island had a strong influence on this release.

Waikiki Pt. 2 is the follow up release from the original Waikiki release back in September of last year, and where Pt. 1 was mostly made up of nu-disco flavors and elements, Waikiki Pt. 2 seems to suit the vibe of the island much better. Jozif’s Waikiki Pt. 2 EP features two original tracks, with Eric Volta and Hanfry Martinez turning in their interpretations of the opening track, Soonar.

Culprit LA will be the home for the Waikiki Pt. 2 EP, with the EP being available Monday, May 4th. You can preview the EP below, and be on the lookout Monday for the official release.

Jozif: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport
Culprit LA: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

Soonar is a slow paced burner complete with drums that place you in the heart of a rain forest, as orchestral strings and a tempting low groove pull you deeper into the mix. First up on remix duty is Hanfry Martinez bringing a serious tropical rework to Soonar. Not much is changed from the strings found in the original, but the overall atmosphere on Hanfry’s remix is clearly more suited for the energetic dance floors.

To complete the remix package No. 19 mastermind, Eric Volta, steps up with his “Dig You A Deeper Grave Remix”. And the remix title says it all. Consistent with the slow pace of the original, the track then takes a complete dive 6 feet under with synthetic percs floating all around you. The EP is complete with Rondevouz, the second original track from Jozif. With an autotuned vocal and classic deep house bassline the track isn’t exactly ground breaking, but it’s enough to round off the Waikiki Pt. 2 EP

Techno Therapy: CNTRL Los Angeles


When Richie Hawtin initiated the CNTRL Tour back in 2012 the goal was to go beyond EDM by educating the upcoming generation about electronic music and the rich history behind in. They accomplished this through a series of keynote lectures and workshops at university campuses across the country, with an event that same evening. It’s an all-inclusive package for those eager to learn more about this wonderful culture.

CNTRL Lecture

Photo Credit: CNTRL

The 2015 CNTRL Tour is already underway, and this Saturday April 25th Richie Hawtin will be making a stop here in Los Angeles. At the UCLA Campus, Richie Hawtin will be present for a Point Blank Music Master-class followed by a two-hour artist lecture with guests Chris Liebing, Victor Calderone, Ean Golden, and Grimes.


The night event will take place at the Hollywood Palladium, and to get us ready for the evening here’s a heavy dose of Techno Therapy from everyone on the lineup.

CNTRL Los Angeles 2015: Information | Tickets to CNTRL at the Palladium Read more

Clinic Wednesdays Announce April + May Lineup


Clinic Updated

Los Angeles is a city graced with world-class talent everyday of the week. From Hollywood to Downtown there is certainly no shortage of events for Angelinos to pick from; but when it comes to weekday house and techno gatherings Clinic Wednesdays is a staple party.Taking place at Couture in Hollywood for the past two years, Clinic’s DJ booth has been graced by top industry artists from around the globe, and their April and May lineup is a testament to how strong the party has become.

After another successful night last week with All Day I Dream artist, Gab Rhome, here’s what Clinic has in store for April and May. Read more

Visionquest’s 50th Release with Shaun Reeves and Tuccillo

Seclusion Banner

For the past five years Visionquest has played a major role in shaping the musical landscape that we enjoy today. Many artists have contributed to the catalog, and for the 50th release Visionquest founder, Shaun Reeves, has teamed up with Tuccillo to deliver serious dance floor material.

Seclusion is a three track EP loaded with melodic grooves that Reeves and Tuccillo know so well. The EP features two original tracks from the two artists, and includes a dubby minimal cut from German producer, Dorian Paic. Seclusion is an excellent release that encompasses the Visionquest sound, and will certainly find it’s way into DJ playlists for months to come.

You can preview the entire Seclusions EP below, with the release being available May 17th

Shaun Reeves: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport
Tuccillo: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

Must See Underground Artists at Coachella

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It’s that time of year where many music enthusiasts make the great migration to Indio, California for the annual Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Considered one of the premier festivals in the United States, Coachella consistently sets the bar for festivals with their production and bookings ranging from AC/DC and Alt-J to Ben Klock and Danny Tenaglia. To describe the Coachella lineup as diverse would be an understatement; with so much music to discover and enjoy, the three-day festival extravaganza is one of the most anticipated weekends of the year.

Like any festival, we begin to lose our minds thinking about what sets we want to see most. So to assist in the decision making process we’ve compiled our Coachella Weekend 1 battle plan complete with our must-see underground acts of the weekend.

Editors Note: Coachella Weekend 1 set times have been added to the bottom of this post Read more