Avision: 5 Techno Anthems That Have Been Killing NYC Dance Floors

Avision’s 2017 was a constant steady rise, to say the least. At only 24 years old and with a sound mature beyond those years, the New York native helped usher in a new wave of techno with a string of releases that have been supported by the biggest and best names in the world. Throughout this year, Avision has released on tastemaker imprints including Carl Cox’s Intec Digital, Mark Broom’s Beardman and Victor Calderone’s Matter+. Closing out the year, Avision made his debut on Carlo Lio and Kareem Cali’s On Edge Society with the outstanding Clips EP, comprised of four banging techno tracks aimed right for the dance floor.

We took the chance to ask him for the top 5 techno anthems that have been killing dance floors in his home-city of New York, which he was kind enough to share with us below.

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Celebrate Black History Month with These Iconic DJ’s

Note: Originally published in February of 2016 and republished in 2017, this article is being republished today in honor of the amazing never-ending list of iconic DJs that have graced our scene with their illustrious art and careers.

Since the beginning of time there have been countless individuals who helped shape the music landscape. In celebration of Black History Month, we took some time to honor some of the most iconic DJ’s of recent times:

*Artists are listed in alphabetical order

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The Women Behind Dirtybird, One of the Biggest Labels in Dance Music

With women making waves in various fields and receiving the recognition they deserve in the electronic music industry, there are stories out there that should serve as an inspiration for other women that they can do anything, and do it successfully too. One of them is the story of record label Dirtybird.

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Digging Deeper with DJ Cream

Has the Italian house music scene ever been in better shape? Maybe that’s an argument for another time, but what’s absolutely not for debate right now is the staggering amount of good music currently emitting from the country. One man who personifies Italy – and his city’s – love for eclectic 4/4 is DJ Cream. The owner of the Smile & Stay High label, Cream is exactly the sort of individual to give us some insight into the goings on in his native city.

What’s more, he’s an expert musician in his own right, as anyone who’s sampled (sampling incidentally, is something he’s quite good at) his own body of fantastic work. A producer who seems destined for big things, we decided to put some Qs to him recently. Here’s what he had to say:

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Digging Deeper with London Fields

After making his debut with Find Our Love EP earlier this year, London Fields (aka Joel Edwards of Deepest Blue fame) returns to the Friday Fox den with a superb new slice of indie-fused underground House titled Colour To My Life. Centered around a smoldering deep house groove that’s underpinned by a brooding bass, “Colour To My Life” is charged with an infectious and beautifully candid vocal from Joel.

We caught up with Joel to discuss the release, discuss his career and learn more about the man behind the artist known in the music world as London Fields.

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Digging Deeper with Superfreq Bosses Mr.C and David Scuba

This Friday, February 9th, esteemed label Superfreq lands back in Los Angeles for a special night in the underground featuring Lee Curtiss, Dance Spirit and imprint bosses Mr.C and David Scuba. The night, which is presented in collaboration with Cyclone, goes from 11pm until 6am and promises to be the kind of acid warehouse affair you do not want to miss!

Head here for more info on how to attend and read on for our exclusive interview with Mr.C and David Scuba where we discuss everything Superfreq and more!

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Don Letts in conversation with Chris Salewicz: “Reggae 45” – a Bob Marley Birthday Special

After The Sunday Times recently placed Reggae 45 in it’s “Top 50 Podcasts of 2017”, Turtle Bay and Don Letts are ready to unleash their latest podcast edition. The cultural icon and all-round musical magician teamed up with the Caribbean restaurant and bar franchise last year to produce an initial run of 4 podcasts. However, with popular demand and what would be Bob Marley’s 73rd birthday looming, the pair have cooked up an irresistible recipe to kickstart Reggae 45 and it’s 2018 campaign:

The last four podcasts included 4 different topics within the field of reggae as Don took his listeners through a journey of music, chat and discussion, delving deep within multiple areas of the genre – Sound System, Singers and Performers, Dub Version Excursion and DJs, MCs and Toasters. Next up, Don is focusing on Bob Marley, who on the 6th February would have celebrated his 73rd birthday. Needing little introduction, Marley is arguably the frontrunner in reggae, ska and rocksteady, as his unique blend of song-writing and composition lifted the music to mainstream recognition. An icon to many, the idea of this Reggae 45 podcast is to celebrate his life, his work and his contribution to music and culture.

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Breaking: Dirtybird Campout East Shut Down By Local Florida Officials Following Noise Complaints

Update: The festival announced that gates re-opened and that the weekend schedule was to continue as planned!


If you heading to Florida to attend what was meant to be the first ever Dirtybird Campout East we recommend you halt your plans and consider returning or staying home.

According to Dirtybird Campout’s official social media statements, a series of noise complaints has resulted in local officials closing the festival gates and not allowing anyone else to enter. The tweet with that info was followed by another that recommended “not traveling to the event until further notice.”

According to social media posts the situation is serious and there looks to be little hope for the festival to actually take place.

Stay up to date with Dirtybird Campout’s Twitter for further updates.

Digging Deeper with Anton Kubikov

Russia might be home to a burgeoning electronic music scene, and although it too offers a healthy dose of 4/4, there’s no doubting that Prague is a city that lags behind the likes of Moscow and St. Petersburg when it comes to discerning electronica.

So the fact that one of Russia’s most celebrated producers, Anton Kubikov, has relocated from Moscow to Prague is news in itself. That said, it’s a move that’s clearly treating him well. Having released his last album (a brilliant ambient release) on Michael Mayer’s Kompakt, he’s kicked off 2018 with his brilliant Ten Days Past Acid release for the fledgling Mayak label, and it’s one that speaks volumes of his diversity and his ability to effortlessly switch genres.

With all this in mind, we decided to put some questions Anton’s way. Here’s what he had to say for himself.

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Digging Deeper with Yamen & EDA

Yamen & EDA have been friends since they were kids, and anyone who’s experience their music won’t be too surprised to learn this. Boasting an almost telepathic understanding of one another’s musical thoughts, their tracks play out like grandiose statements, regardless of whether they veer toward minimal planes or more peak-time pastures.

Born and raised in Montpellier, France, theirs is a sound that is every bit as sophisticated as the country they call home. Recently, the guys have set up their own label, Maison mere, a home for music they love which caught our ear recently courtesy of their most-excellent Retrospect EP.

We put a few questions their way recently to see what they had to say about it all, and here’s what went down:

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