Premiere: Listen to Summer Jam “Aphrodite” by KORT & Elementary

KORT & Elementary join forces once again, ramping up the feel-good factor for summer with their new jam, “Aphrodite” out on Tropical Velvet Records this upcoming August 19th. Sautéed with echoes of those heady sun-drenched Balearic days of early house, “Aphrodite’s” infectious percussive groove  drizzled with an evocative vocal, shimmering disco strings, funky guitar licks, bells and emotive pianos. Just perfect for those ‘hands in the air’ moments, whether poolside, sundown, or dawn.

UK producer/DJ KORT (aka Ben Webb) has been forever in pursuit of creating distinctive, quality house music, a journey that has taken him to launch his own Tropical Velvet label, an imprint that has seen him work with stellar artists such as J Paul Getto, Lorenzo Hall, Man Without A Clue, Electronic Youth, Deeptrak, Angelo Ferreri, Tommie Cotton, as well as being a stable for his own productions.

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Q&A and Premiere: Sentre Delivers Eclectic Debut Album “Dream Logic” on Bird Up!

Having worked with Sasha, The XX, and Pete Tong while keeping their identity under wraps until now, Dream Logic is the debut LP from London duo Sentre aka Dave Gardner and Denis White.

Navigating everything from electronica, pop, R&B and house, Sentre’s debut album is a far-reaching debut LP from a duo whose unrivaled experience behind the limelight of music’s biggest stars has provided them with the tools and abilities to craft one of the most impressive albums of the year. Dream Logic yields propulsive melodic techno, sensual downtempo electronica, stunning soulful vocals, blissful progressive house, ethereal breakbeat and more, marking them out as a particularly diverse force. 

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Premiere: Listen to Riccio’s Summer House Tune “Here You Are” on Bosconi Extra Virgin

After the last acclaimed Pretty Eyes EP, and releases on Slow Town, Fly By Night and Messalina “Don” Riccio is back on Bosconi Extra Virgin with a new four tracker EP fully inspired by his new residence in the middle of the mediterranean sea and where all his palette of different styles has been included.

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Premiere: Eraldo Bernocchi & Netherworld Release Ambient LP “Himuoro” on Glacial Movements

An Iceberg is a large mass of ice detached from a glacier or from a floating platform of glaciers that drift in the sea. It  is in constant motion and most of its mass remains submerged under surface of the water. The goal of this new Iceberg series of releases on Glacial Movements is to describe through techno / dub music this huge mass of ice.

Himuro is the debut album of ambient duo Eraldo Bernocchi and Netherworld. Composed and produced in two years of exchanging material and sound inputs coming both from electronic treated guitars and organic sources.  The album lies its foundation on ambient, dub, space and distance.

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Global Vibe Radio 070 feat. Lindsey Herbert

Techno is the name of the game for the 70th episode of 6AM’s Global Vibe Radio.

This week we bring you a LIVE recording of Lindsey Herbert‘s set in Los Angeles on June 24th in support of Mike Parker.

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Premiere: Listen to Ethnikman’s “Aoulouz” Off Forthcoming 18-Track Debut LP “Ahwach”

Ahwach is the debut album from Ethnikman aka Yassine Arrahil. His 18 track opus is a masterfully inventive electronic album that is filled with influences from the worlds of folk and ethnic music, out on July 27th via Symphonic Distribution and available for pre-order now on Juno.

Ethnikman is born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and grew up in Marrakesh, Morocco, surrounded by a unique variety of inspirational sounds that still inspire and influence him to this day. He has previously made hip hop, engineered live events and graduated at the SAE Institute of Rotterdam. An avid collector of old folk LPs and 45rpm records, his quest for forgotten ethnic sounds now comes full circle as he present a whole world of them in this fresh electronic album in an “Ethnic House” style. Each track’s name represents a remote village in Morocco, from which the “Ahwach” of that region preserve their authentic chants, music and performance for centuries.

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Premiere: Listen to Knarly Knob’s “Contumax” on Knarly Knob Records

Knarly Knob‘s new EP gets back to strong and refined atmospheres, introducing two new tracks with techno and electronic traits.

“Contumax” persists on robust, groovy and deep arrangements; it features a main synth which keeps thrilling throughout. The second track, “Silva,” plays a more refined sound with echoes and delays which surf on the beat, referencing noises within a tropical forest.

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15 Back-To-Back Sets You Need To Listen To


Last year Ben UFO expressed his feelings on the importance of back-to-back sets, attempting to tackle the criticism some have thrown at promoters and DJs alike, with claims that b2b billings are a simple marketing gimmick to sell more tickets.

While there is no doubt that interesting back-to-back pairings do catch the attention of event-goers, the words of the highly thought-of British DJ had us looking back in time at some of the best back-to-back sets ever recorded. We have selected fifteen of our favorites that we think you should definitely give a listen to!

Did we miss any? Tell us via Facebook or Twitter.

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Premiere: Techno and Downtempo Reign in Occultists’ “Book of Shadows Various Spells Vol. 1” EP

Occultists is a label concept born out of the idea of playing with the polarities of finding the light within the darkness and curating a musical output of techno that has an esoteric flair.

After making some noise with their freshman release from Dugong, label founder James Demon continued on the hunt from some fresh new artists to officially join the Occultists family. Finding just that, the label is proud to present it’s sophomore release Book Of Shadows: Various Spells Vol. 1.

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Premiere: Listen to “Secrets” by Mâhfoud & Javier Orduña on Get Physical Presents: ‘Words Don’t Come Easy Pt. 5’

Now into its 15th year, Get Physical continues to lead from the front with the fifth installment of its Words Don’t Come Easy compilation series.

Once again packing a punch across 20 tracks, it arrives with two continuous mixes filled with fantastic artists old and new. There are many exclusives along the way from Cord Labuhn & Jansen, M.A.N.D.Y., Dakar, Noema, Sophia Saze, Ryan Murgatroyd and Mâhfoud & Javier Orduna and they all add up to one great listen.

We are premiering the super slow motion churns of Mâhfoud & Javier Ordun and their track “Secrets” today, a brilliant tack that fits perfectly in this diverse yet coherent collection of tracks that shows just how Get Physical continues to be so brilliantly eclectic in its offerings.

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