Premiere: Listen to Son Of 8’s “Dark Love” on 8 House Records

Two life-long friends – both with their own personal tastes and musical experience – formed to create Son of 8, a new electronic project that’s shrouded in mystery, hailing the arrival of an exciting new sound from the deluge of British electronic dance music producers found today.

Rooted in the post-industrial city of Liverpool, the two elusive friends combined their artistic endeavors and love for music to produce a razor sharp, contemporary sound. The resulting music tips a hat to the classic sounds of Chicago, whilst reinvigorating it with elements of pop, electro, uplifting EDM breakdowns and bottom-heavy, deep house drive.

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Listen to 6AM’s Mamby On The Beach 2017 Spotify Playlist

The Windy City will again transformed into Summer City as Mamby On The Beach, Chicago’s only beachside summer music festival, returns on Saturday, June 24 and Sunday, June 25, at Oakwood Beach.

The festival will feature a main stage with the backdrop of Chicago’s iconic skyline and Lake Michigan’s shimmering waters. Meanwhile, on the lush grasses of the park stage, attendees are invited to kick back and groove to a diverse group of crossover acts from all corners of the hip-hop and electronic gamuts. The festival also features an electronic state, curated for a second consecutive year by Mixmag and hosting hypnotizing rhythms and underground beats for two days straight.

As always, this year’s Mamby On The Beach will feature an eclectic mix of artists, bringing some of the most defining sounds in the indie, electronic and hip-hop genres. As a teaser, check out our Spotify playlist and listen to the hits of the artists that are playing this year’s edition of the festival:


For more information and tickets to Mamby On The Beach 2017, check out their website at Head here to enter our contest for 2 free GA tickets to this year’s Mamby On The Beach.

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Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 064 Feat. Unjin

The 64th episode of Global Vibe Radio sees 6AM cross the Pacific and land in South Korea for a special techno edition featuring Unjin.

A techno DJ/Producer from Seoul, Korea, Unjin is also the founder of his country’s first techno label, ECI Korea, and resident at the iconic vurt in Seoul. He also releases music as Rainjacket – an imaginative abstract ambient project. Unjin’s international debut came in Miami at Winter Music Conference in 2010, the launching pad for a career that has now seen him become one of Asia’s most respected techno producers and DJs with a touring schedule that has taken him to all corners of the globe.

Since its launch, ECI Korea has become a platform for the exposure of emerging South Korean and international talents to the world stage. Through his work as an artist and label-head Unjin has played a key role in laying the foundation for a Korean techno culture, releasing his first techno album Spiral Sequence as one-half of duo East Collective and receiving international recognition for the successful remixes of works for Ryogo Yamamori and DJ Sodeyama with Drumcell, Mr. Jones, Jonas Kopp, Tony Rohr & Layton Giodani, just to name a few. Under the ECI Korea label, Unjin’s first concept album Kids In Seoul came to life with support from DJs 2000 and One, Abstract Division, Efdemin, Etapp Kyle, Troy Pierce.

While continuing to hold a residency at the world-renowned Vurt Club in Seoul, Unjin tours internationally. Host venues have included Tresor Berlin, London’s Ministry of Sound, Zouk in Singapore, Tokyo’s Womb and Air, the Sullivan Room in New York City, Spybar in Chicago, ℅ Pop in Germany, Ultra Japan, Midi festival, Shelter, Beijing’s Lantern and Sonar Korea.

Enjoy the mix and read on for both our exclusive interview with Unjin and for a complete track list. You can also download the mix for free here.

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Moby Releases Album Via Satirical Anti-Trump Press Release

That Moby does not approve of Donald Trump shouldn’t come as a surprise, nor should the fact that he has used his hard stance against the current President of the United States to announce his latest LP.

Available now for download, More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse is the second album to come from Moby’s band, Void Pacific Choir following their debut with These Systems Are Failing. The announcement on the release came through a satirical White House press release in the form of a video by John Miller, “a publicist that Donald Trump invented in the 1980s to speak to reporters on the phone.”

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Premiere: Listen to David Keno’s ‘Mojo’ on Mother Recordings

David Keno is back with another fine new EP on Mother Recordings following on from the number 1 success of his “Moonshine“ tune here back in 2016. This label is one of his regular homes alongside the likes of Snatch! and Dirtybird and again finds him serving up real heat across both cuts.

Up first is “Mojo”, which we are premiering for you today. It is nearly six minutes of fresh and modern sounding house music with slick drums driving along down low. Vocal snippets add real fire up top and some lively chord stabs bring an essential element of color to proceedings.

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Premiere: Listen to Horatio’s “Burning Man” out on UNDR the RADR

From the guitar flourishes in ‘Agua Blanca’ to the rolling bass in ‘Café Del Sol’ and the acid-flavored arpeggio in “‘Burning Man”’, Horatio‘s fresh EP is as multifarious as it is high-end. Imbued with subtle grooves and solid beats, it’s poised to turn any dance floor into clubber’s paradise.

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Premiere: Listen to Man Without A Clue Feat. Marli “Shook” on Armada Subjekt

Spotlighting an amazing synergy between its stellar grooves and cascading bassline, ‘Shook’ hits Armada Subjekt. Cooked up by Man Without A Clue in collaboration with vocalist Marli, this track lets the whole dance floor get its freak on. It’s got the whole place ‘Shook’.

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Premiere: Listen to Alex Twitchy feat. SevenEver “Passion” on Audio Rehab

Making his full solo debut on Audio Rehab we welcome all the way from Russia the exciting young producer Alex Twitchy. First coming to our attention last year with releases on Sleazy Deep, Monotonik, White Widow and having just been featured on our ‘Global Session Ep’ Alex delivers 3 raw underground grooves which will heat up any dance floor.

Deep dark and hard hitting basslines with tough beats are the key ingredients here and Alex has taken the vibe we love to heart showing that the influence of the sound is being felt far and wide. The result is fitting with Alex’s sound, characterized by powerful dynamics and an aggressive bass line, which without a doubt gives his productions a stylish and modern sound.

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Premiere: Listen to Ludvig Franzén’s “Lie” on Clouded House

The latest chapter in the Clouded House story is a three-tracker that again displays why the label is quickly earning a reputation for impressive house and techno cuts. Fresh from a run of sell-out Prince edits, ‘Sthlm 4ever’ (an ode to the little known rave scene of Stockholm, Sweden) features three deep tracks with label head Lukas Lyrestam contributing one effort as well as enlisting the services of fellow up-and-comers Gideon Forceman and Ludvig Franzen.

Opening up matters is the brilliantly funky “Little Bit.” Full of clever, sun-kissed guitar chords and off-kilter FM bass, it moves along at a breezy pace that emphasizes the label’s penchant for the carefree side of the electronic music spectrum.

Next up is Gideon Forceman’s “Listen Up.” A hazy number that glides along at a gentle, rolling pace, it soon picks up momentum and unfurls amongst a bed of glistening synths. An almost effortlessly positive number, this one is sure to leave dancers smiling towards the tail-end of the night.

Culminating the EP is Ludvig Franzén, who pops up with “Lie”, a clever effort that merges a fair dose of atmosphere and suspense with a unique take on an infamous vocal sample. We are proud to premiere this track for you today, which you can listen to in full below.

With each track boasting its own inimitable charm, Clouded House’s fifth installment is another fine contribution to an already impressive discography – Dusty grooves, raw cuts and hazy nostalgia on a frosty blue vinyl from the land of ice and snow!

Connect with Clouded House: Online | SoundCloud

Connect with Ludvig Franzén: Online | Facebook | InstagramSoundCloud

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Listen to Movement Underground Stage 2017 Live Sets

Last week we covered how the return of techno to the Underground Stage at Movement Electronic Music Festival was a positive move that, in our eyes, elevated the festival experience to what we would expect out of the Movement brand.

The stage, which this year was hosted by Resident Advisor for the first time ever, was the home of artists the likes of drumcell, Rrose, Headless Horseman, Adam X and Perc, Ben Sims, DVS1 and many more.

RA has just released a selection of live sets from the weekend, which we present to you below:

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