Wolfgang Gartner Ends Album Hiatus

10-ways-to-steal-home-plateAfter five years of silence, Wolfgang Gartner is back with a bang.

His sophomore album, Ten Ways to Steal Home Plate (seemingly familiar to the baseball-themed album from 90s techno duo Hardfloor, Home Run), was released today. The album is an interesting mix of a variety of sounds, from “funk to disco, electro, and big house bangers”, as Billboard describes it.

His first album, Weekend in America, and early singles like “Illmerica” and “Undertake” shed the spotlight on Wolfgang and pushed him to international fame, becoming one of the figureheads of electronic music. However, he stopped touring over a year ago due to health problems.

Compare his first album to his sophomore, and you’ll find a number of differences. There has been significant growth in Wolfgang’s style over the course of his absence, which is made clear over the course of the album. He writes in a Facebook status posted today that the album “represents a 3-year span of various vibes and creative urges that I had, inspired by listening to other great music and the interaction from audiences at my DJ gigs” (you can read the rest of the status here). The sounds you’ll hear are much further than the two singles that gave his career such a push so long ago. It is experimental and unafraid to push boundaries; less rigid and more fun. As Your EDM explains, each of the 10 songs on the track “presents a different way to ‘steal home plate’” – a clear message that Wolfgang is doing what he wants, however he wants to do it.

The album is a solo venture for Wolfgang, as there is no major label co-signing it – it comes from his own label, Kindergarten Recordings.

Ladies and gentlemen, Wolfgang’s making a comeback.

You can stream the album on Spotify here:

Acid Bitchez “Thinking About Acid” Remixes on Turbo Recordings

tubrboI think about acid on Turbo Recordings press #176. Finnish producer Juha and lyricist muse Jessica make up a fiery duo as Acid Bitchez, the new and fresh face of acid techno. With Turbo’s latest release in tow for February 5, Thinking About Acid is quite literally a buzzing musical playground. The original track has a driving retro acid sound, crispy to the touch with a side of warm molasses vocals by Jessica. Read more

Pole Group Presents CD Mix Unknown Landscapes Volume 3 Mixed By Exium

BEXIUMPole Group presents Unknown Landscapes Volume 3, the third in a series of CD mixes composed of unreleased tracks mixed by a member of the Pole Group platform. Volume 3 invites Exium, Spanish performance and production duo Valentín Corujo and Héctor Sandoval, to put together a compilation spanning the forces of techno. Read more


Kate Simko and the London Electronic Orchestra Announce Debut Album


Kate Simko’s resume is as extensive as they get, with experience as a film scorer and composer on top of her multiple years as a producer and DJ. Always striving to push the envelope, the Chicago native musician is now releasing a self-titled debut LP with the London Electronic Orchestra – a project spearheaded by Kate that blends the realms of electronic music and orchestra.

While this is mostly uncharted musical territory, she not only already began experimenting with electronic music and classical instruments when she was getting her Masters Degree at the Royal College of Music, but has taken the LEO on high-profile gigs including Bestival, the iTunes Festival and Ibiza.

As Kate explains, the two go hand in hand for her. To me DJ’ing is live composition,she says.Its an improvisation. Youre choosing music for the moment. And that spontaneity is channeled into London Electronic Orchestra.

In this new project, Kate fully composes the original LEO songs but with collaboration from the orchestra, specifying that, “LEO is about showcasing these ornate instruments in a new way, letting the players have their own moments to shine, and working with other creative collaborators to make it all happen.

London Electronic Orchestra is set to come out on May 6th on vinyl, CD and also digital download via The Vinyl Factory. In February, it will be preceded by a three-track EP entitled Tilted, which includes a remix by LSOS (Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa). You can listen to the latter below through The Vinyl Factory’s Soundcloud.

Kate Simko: Official SiteFacebook | TwitterSoundcloud

London Electronic Orchestra: Official Site | Facebook 


Analogue Podcast #23 with Fandino

Legends-Agency_Fandino_Web-Photo1Founder of Utrecht’s Unbounded collective and first resident of Wild Noize Amsterdam, Olliver Fandino is a self-made twenty-four year old techno virtuoso from Hilversum with an ear for quality music and a philosophy for throwing cutting-edge party nights representative of the Dutch vanguard. Read more


Edible Records Launches Label With First Release

edible-records-1Eats Everything and Nick Harris’ newly launched label Edible Records has put out its first release. Following the partners’ initial announcement about the label’s inception back in November, Bristol-based Edible Records will throw down some fresh wax in honor of Harris’ return to the record business. Read more

Listen to Over 128 Hours of Sets from BPM 2016

Photo Courtesy of: aLIVE Coverage for TheBPMFestival.com

The BPM Festival has come and gone, and many are left with the fond memories provided by the spectacular location and music from Playa del Carmen. From the vast showcases to all the world renowned artists, there was a musical experience for anyone regardless of ones taste in underground music. Many had the pleasure of journeying to Mexico for BPM to experience this in real time, but the vast majority are left to live vicariously through Be-at.tv or wait for the recorded sets to go live online.

With BPM 2016 officially in the books, we’ve compiled a playlist of as many sets from the festival as possible. Have a listen to some of our favorites below, and check out the BPM playlist for over 128 hours of grooves from 80 artists.

Apollonia at Ya’ah Muul

To be honest – there’s no bad setting to witness Apollonia in action, but BPM yields particularly excellent results.

Satoshi Tomiie at Groove Garden Session

An eclectic range of house and techno was the name of the game when Satoshi Tomiie took to the decks at Groove Garden

Kim Ann Foxman at Pets Recordings Showcase

FM tones, 303 basslines, lush chord stabs, and of course plenty of groove – Kim Ann Foxman had it all at the Pets Recordings Showcase

Luciano at Blue Parrot

Experiencing the Cadenza boss at BPM is about authentic as it gets. Although his set at Avalon Hollywood wasn’t half bad either…

Hito at Vatos Locos

Deep tech house in it’s purest form is what Hito provided the dance floor for the iconic Vatos Locos party 

Valentino Kanzyani at Trust

It’s always a treat to see what Kanzyani pulls out of his record bag. BPM was no exception as the Slovenian was in top form at Trust 

Josh Wink b2b Heidi at Knee Deep in Sound Showcase

Between the Ovum head-honcho and Queen of the Jackathon, this is a BPM back-to-back that you’ll want to listen to


WESKA to Release “Despierta” EP on Octopus Recordings


Canadian techno producer WESKA is making his return to Sian’s famed Octopus Recording imprint with a four track EP entitled Despierta. Set to be released on February 1st, the latest project from the Toronto native encompasses dark bass lines and sultry sounds for a selection of dance-floor-ready tracks.

“I’m happy with the way the “Despierta” EP came out. Every track offers a slightly different perspective on a single idea. I was thinking about how someone would feel if they were sitting in the middle of a storm, watching it develop around them, waiting for it to erupt. That feeling of an impending darkness, but one that you welcome rather than fear – that’s what I was going for.” – WESKA 

The perfect example comes with “Despierta”, an eight-minute-thirteen-second track filled with undulating basslines and echoing vocals throughout. The build-up increases, as powerful percussions give way to a techno crescendo right past minute five. The EP’s second track “Third Eye” is a must-have for any DJ of this genre. It hits hard after a melodic journey of pulsating techno, with a drop set to have the staunchest of techno fans dancing.

With “The Alley of Lars”, WESKA has given us a track better suited for the after-hours. Deep and sultry, it emanates from a dark corner with the perfect groove for warehouse setting as sunrise sets in. Last, but not least, the EP’s bonus track “Friction” is filled with chord progressions and the type of strong bass line that stirs up emotions.

Be on the look out for the release on February 1st through Octopus Recordings. Meantime you can enjoy a preview of “Friction” below.

WESKA: | Facebook | TwitterSoundcloud


Nathan Barato & Francisco Allendes “Got To Get” EP on Session WOMB

session-WOMBTokyo’s WOMB nightclub heads into the new year strong with the inauguration of their Session WOMB, inspired by the unique music culture that emanates from behind the doors of the Japanese nightlife staple. Read more

Scenic Enigmatic Techno with Heiko Laux on Klockworks #17

1890x1200q=90_Heiko-Laux_9077_9078_1890x1200_100_1_1_tWith the upcoming Klockworks #17 release under his belt, the talented Berlin producer Heiko Laux showcases his deep and intriguing techno sound on Ben Klock’s renowned imprint. Heiko is the mastermind behind the forward-thinking Kanzleramt label. Since establishing the label in 1994, Heiko continues to make waves in electronic music with an exploration of diverse genres and complex audio environments. Read more