Pacha NYC Is Closing Its Doors For Good in January

pachaIn an official statement issued today, New York’s renowned Pacha Club will be closing its doors in January 2016 following a triple series of parties leading up to its grand conclusion.

In honor of being at the forefront of dance music for the last ten years in New York City, Pacha will be hosting a ten year anniversary celebration known as the Decade of Dance featuring a centerpiece show on December 12 by Pacha’s founding resident DJ Erick Morillo. The New Year’s party will be a 72-hour classics marathon with West 46th Street veteran Jonathan Peters. The closing parties will take place through the month of January and are to be announced in the coming month. Read more

Vote For Your Favorite DJs: RA Top 100 Poll Now Open

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It’s finally that time of year once again. As 2015 comes to a close, Resident Advisor (RA) has opened up their Top 100 poll; we highly encourage you to cast your votes to support your favorite artists and help them earn the recognition they deserve. This year, you can vote in one of two ways – either log into the RA Guide (their new iOS app), or log into their website, which has also recently been renovated. Voting is restricted to RA members who createed their accounts before the polls opened, and you may only cast a vote for artists that performed at parties in your RA diary this year. Check out your calendar if you need to jog your memory.

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Download the RA Guide

Cast your vote online

Carl Cox has announced that Ushuaïa will take over Space Ibiza in 2017

p18qaslnqp435k0a7is6pd1js38In light of Carl Cox’s announcement that he will end his residency at Space Ibiza after next summer, he has revealed that Ushuaïa Group will be taking over the property after the owner of Space Ibiza Pepe Rosello’s contract ends in 2016.

He broke the news ahead of speaking at the Asia-Pacific Electronic Music Conference in Sydney, which will take place in December.

Carl Cox has built up a legacy over the span of fifteen years at Space, and he is stepping down in order to preserve this legacy with Pepe. He says that he has “no desire to stay in that club for any reason” when Jan, the manager of Ushuaïa, steps in. “If Pepe’s not there, I am not there. We grew up together, we’ve been all the way through this together, and we’re going to finish together. And I’m quite happy about that, because it means we leave the legacy of a club that made a difference.”

Air Tokyo will Close at the Conclusion of 2015


Sad news today as Tokyo’s Air Club is set to close at the conclusion of the year. Since its inception in 2001 in the Daikanyama District, Air has been a center for top-notch house and techno bookings from around the world for the last fourteen years. For undisclosed reasons, the club will hold its final night on December 31, 2015 to ring in the new year. No lineup has been announced as of late, but details are to be determined in the upcoming months. Read more

Kobalt Label Services Signs Deal with Deadmau5

deadmau5Kobalt Label Services announced an agreement today with Deadmau5. The agreement will cover the producer’s upcoming album release due next year on his own label, Mau5trap, and will encompass a full range of services that include digital and physical distribution, marketing, and synch licensing. In addition to signing this deal, Deadmau5 has also signed to Kobalt Music Publishing, whereupon KLS will provide label services for future Mau5trap releases.

“Deadmau5 is an artist who does things his own way, a truly original voice in music. He’s an electronic music producer, entrepreneur, and innovator extraordinaire; he’s at the height of his career and all of us at Kobalt are totally committed to supporting him and the work he does with his label.”

– Richard Sanders, President of Kobalt

President of Three Six Zero Group and Deadmau5’s manager Dean Wilson speaks of this deal as a move forward for Joel Zimmerman towards a more transparent music business practice in terms of sales, streaming platforms, and syncs.

Canadian producer Deadmau5 has been at the forefront in pushing the electronic music scene. His unique sound and performaces have set him apart from the crowd. Aside from consistently performing with his signature mau5heads at festivals, his persona and passion for music have garnered the attention from fans around the around. Returning to the scene with a tour this year, Deadmau5 has set sights on new musical pursuits with a new production studio and the aforementioned upcoming album release.

Results for the 2015 DJ Awards in Ibiza


Jose Pascual hosted the first DJ Awards back in 1998, and throughout the years the purpose of the DJ Awards is to celebrate the impact and contributions of artists in the realm of electronic dance music. World-acclaimed talent descend upon Ibiza every year at the conclusion of the summer party months for accolades at the DJ Awards; each genre awards artists based on popular vote across social media platforms, and the award comes in the form of a kryptonite piece, a portmanteau symbolizing the “code and mystery of life” juxtaposed with the nightlife and its culture. The results are in for this year’s 2015 DJ Awards in Ibiza. Check out who made it to the top.

Deep House: Solomun

Newcomer: Cuartero

Breakthrough in association with Mixcloud: Black Coffee

Tech House: Luciano and Hot Since 82

Electronica: Disclosure

Electro/Progressive House and International DJ: Hardwell

Techno: Carl Cox

Trance: Armin Van Buuren

Bass: Hannah Wants

SFX share price plummets as private bid falls short of deadline

Robert Sillerman, CEO of SFX, failed to reach the Aug 13th deadline bid to take the company private.

The EDM promoter, which owns Beatport, React Presents, Made Event, and i-Motion has been trying to restructure the company by taking things private. According to Billboard report, Sillerman’s offer of $5.25 per share became unattainable as SFX’s stock dropped 20% to $1.55 per share. The company has since released a statement saying it is exploring “strategic alternatives” in regards to its future. The statement added that the company would consider offers on the company until October 2nd.

Source: RA


Robert Sillerman Looks To Sell SFX Entertainment

sfx rave bamnner

Robert Sillerman, often criticized for bringing wall street into dance music, recently made an unsuccessful attempt to re-privatize SFX Entertainment. SFX has consolidated much of the electronic dance music industry across all sectors, acquiring a number of large companies such as Beatport and ID&T.


On Friday, SFX said that it is considering “strategic alternatives,” such as selling off the company, either in parts or as a whole, and is open to all offers through October 2nd. This announcement comes following record-high quarterly losses and a great deal of recent controversies such as a $100 million lawsuit filed by  his former partner Paolo Moreno and a battle with SFX subsidiary, Beatport, over unpaid royalties. SFX recently announced a second-quarter loss of $48 million, and just this week, its stock has fallen more than 50%, down do an all-time low of $1.39 per share; just two years ago, the company went public at $13 per share, and the price has been steadily declining ever since.


Resident Advisor Launches iOS App

ra the guide

Resident Advisor has officially released RA Guide. an interactive iOS “events app. The electronic dance music community has been itching for an app like this for quite some time; Resident Advisor has always been a one-stop-shop for dance culture, and now their entire database is accessible in an easy-to-use, visually appealing mobile format. With thousands of weekly listings, the RA Guide appears to be an intuitive new resource for dance music enthusiasts.  Built entirely in-house, the RA Guide features listings from more than 120 countries, with over a million listings of artists, clubs, promoters and more.


How the RA Guide works:

– Add your favourite DJs and artists from your iTunes library

– Follow DJs, promoters and clubs to get custom listings

– Get recommendations based on your location

– Buy tickets to events directly in the app

– Share events w/ friends on Facebook and Twitter

The RA Guide can now be downloaded in the iOS app store and in iTunes.

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Japan Amends No-Dancing Law

The notorious “no-dance” law known as Fueiho— officially recognized as the Entertainment Business Control Law, has finally been amended by the Japanese government.

Implementation of changes to the law were first proposed in 2013 by an organization called “Let’s Dance” as they submitted a petition that garnered over 150,000 signatures. While updates were approved by Japan’s cabinet in 2014, they were later dismissed in early January of this year. However, as of June 17th, Japan’s House of Councillors has officially made changes to the law that will now allow dance clubs to be open after midnight as long as certain standards are assured. (The law had formerly defined locales that permitted its customers to dance as “adult entertainment establishments,” which in turn required them to close at 12:00 AM). Read more