Premiere: Listen to Exe Bunge Remix’s of Maxi Degrassi “Go Ahead”

Argentinean producer Maxi Degrassi introduces the world to his Go Ahead EP via Submarine Vibes.

The release is composed out of two original tracks, “Go Ahead” and “San Telmo”, as well as remix from two British producers, Sam Pauli and Paul Nolan, and another one done by an up-and-coming young Argentinean producer Exe Bunge.

Maxi Degrassi is a DJ and a producer hailing from Buenos Aires. He has released his music on labels such as Crossfrointer Audio, Sudbeat, Dushe Label and Clinique Recordings. His style is characterized by a combination of progressive and deep house, beautiful melodies, and dance grooves.

Exe Bunge is a talented DJ from Argentina who is part of the Paradigma agency. He has gained a respected spot in Buenos Aires’ underground scene in the last few years playing music alongside artists such as Agents Of Time, BOg, Miss Melera, Ben Pearce and Pablo Bolivar.

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Premiere: Tom Hades Remixes Steve Mulder’s “Recon”

Belgian producer Tom Hades has crafted a career as a tastemaker in the world of modern day Techno. Releasing on labels such as Drumcode and Sleaze Records, Tom’s sound has always stood out from his peers, with a strong emphasis on straightforward basslines and eternal melodies. This is techno made for the dancefloor.

Recruited for a remix on the latest EP to be delivered for Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid, Tom steps up to provide a stripped backed version of the Steve Mulder’s original “Recon”. Injecting his own personal style, he brings forward the percussion elements of the track with rolling snares and clapping hi-hats forming the foundations. Coupled with the original pounding bass line, the track retains its powerful peak time abilities.

Continuing 2018 in fine form, Tom Hades’ remix is club ready and primed for the bags of techno DJs across the world.

Recon EP is released February 23rd through Filth On Acid and is available via Beatport

Premiere: Listen to Javier Carballo’s Title Track From “Morning Vibe” EP on Black Wood

Anyone who’s followed Javier Carballo through the years will know that the Spanish producer isn’t the sort of man to make boring music. On the contrary, his subtle but beguiling cuts are always notable for their groovy wares, and from that perspective along his inclusion in the Vatos Locos camp alongside the likes of Hector is a hugely merited one. For his latest release, the Gran Canaria native crops up on the emerging Black Wood imprint. Already making great strides recently courtesy of David Gtronic’s debut EP for the label, the Morning Vibe EP solidifies the label’s reputation as ones to watch.

Up first is the sounds of the title track. A skeletal track with but a few elements, it’s a clever example of how to do more with less. By the time the sporadic acid lines come into play, the listener is already yearning for more, with the track’s deep undercurrent seeing us to out with some flair.

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Premiere: Listen to Quadrakey’s “If You” on Tooman Records

Black and white marbled vinyl. Five excellent tracks from Replika, Evan Michael, Hannes Heisster, Jeff Fader and Quadrakey. Five heavy House cuts delivered with a deep passion.

Tooman Records is a Berlin-based record label run by Quadrakey. Focusing on deep, gentle and charming house music, we provide a platform for upcoming talents and well respected artists from all around the world. Vinyl and Digital.

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Premiere: fønø Drops Dub-Techno “Walk in the Woods” EP on TR4R

Welcome to TR4R (Too Rough 4 Radio), a small music label from Berlin, Germany. The catalog of the versatile label ranges from lo-fi house, deep acid sounds to dub techno.

TR4R #6 from fønø is entitled Walk in the Woods, and combines deep atmospheric lo-fi tunes with luscious dub moments inspired by mother nature.

Listen and enjoy the premiere of “Haunted House” from the forthcoming EP, out on March 15th and available for vinyl pre-order HERE and digital pre-order HERE.

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Premiere: Listen to BSS’ “Tutto Gas” from Bosconi Records’ 10 Year Bosconi Stallions Vol.2 Compilation

Bosconi Records has long been renowned as arguably Italy’s foremost exporter of house and techno music. 10 years in, they celebrate one decade in the game courtesy of Bosconi Stallions Volume 2, a 3 x 12”release that features some of the label’s most prominent names. 5 years after the inaugural Stallions release, Vol.2 is a timely reminder of the talents of one of electronic music’s most consistent labels.

Before we get to the music, a word for the artist. Bosconi’s iconic stallion is presented again, this time by none other than Silvano ‘Nano’ Campeggi. In case you’re unaware of the man’s work, Campeggi is one of Italy’s most renowned contemporary artists. Active since the ’50s, he has portrayed cultural icons such as Marilyn Monroe and designed Ben Hur’s iconic advertisements, which is where he first developed his famous horses concept. His iconic images are associated with the golden era of Hollywood, and he also worked on artwork for the likes of Napoleon and Casablanca.

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Premiere: Listen to Denney’s “Hip House” From Forthcoming Jam On It EP on Saved Records

Operating from the highest arena of house and techno to fuel clubs and festivals in every continent, Denney is a name synonymous with fast beats, infectious rhythms and squelching bass lines.

Back for 2018 with new EP Jam On It for Nic Fanciulli’s Saved Records, Denney will show the fruits of his labour in the form of three fizzing, club friendly tech-house cuts.

“Jam On It” kicks off the EP with an eruption of heady drum programming, retro vocals, drifting 303 melodies and Denney’s unmistakable bass lines, full to the brim with intensely danceable rhythms.

“Hip House” meanwhile is a true club track with a strong ‘hands in the air’ vibe, fitted with fluttering hi-hats, cow bells and claps, all glued together by earth-shuddering four to the floor kick rhythms.

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Premiere: Listen to Dustin Zahn & Joel Mull “Vesperum Winds” out on Parabel

Two of techno’s most recognized names, Minneapolis’ Dustin Zahn and Stockholm’s Joel Mull, join forces for the next EP on Sweden’s Parabel label, Way of the Wild.

.The four-tracker is the result of countless years of friendship, and several solid months of work in the studio together. The EP begins with the track we are premiering today, called “Vesperum Winds.” The piece is carried forward by rolling drums and ominous notes, possibly inspired by the northern evening winds that engulf the Swedish landscape outside of Stockholm, where Mull still lives.

Read our review of the entire Way of the Wild EP here.

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Premiere: Listen to Pablo Bolivar & Sensual Physics’ “Salema” (Reprise) on Seven Villas

Undoubtedly one of his country’s foremost electronic music artists, Pablo Bolivar is a man whose name will be familiar to most with an interest in discerning electronic music. A fierce proponent of quality-driven house, techno and everything in between, Bolivar’s much-respected works have led him to respected outlets such as Galaktika, Regular and Curle. However, it’s Bolivar’s work at his own Seven Villas label for which he is best known. A vehicle for music that Pablo describes as fitting his definition of “Musica Para Estar”, the label has been on a stunning run of form of late, epitomized by Bolivar’s last release, the Traverse EP, a collaboration with Joerg Schuster aka Sensual Physics, a German producer whose aesthetic expertly fits in with Seven Villas’. A few months after the release, Bolivar and Sensual Physics have teamed up once more, this time with a ‘reprise’ of ‘Traverse’. Featuring 8 tracks reprised by Pablo to create new versions for a longer listen, the release offers a fascinating insight into the mind of a producer for whom experimentation is always key.

Although he mostly keeps the spine of each track intact, this project enables Bolivar to add an escapist, cubby and ambient spirit to each track, often adding a soft, deep and sophisticated club aura as he goes. Tasteful and subtle, the release can be viewed as a sequel, albeit one that pays homage to its predecessor in stunning and fitting fashion. Featuring a natural flow that meanders occasionally but still keeps the listener’s attention firmly intact, tracks such as ‘Mondragon’, ‘Malaga’ and ‘Miracle’ take on a new life of their own here, whereas the likes of ‘My Sense’ and ‘Lisbon’ also showcase Bolivar’s for the conceptual. A thought-provoking piece of work that conjures up warm feelings throughout, this ‘reprise’ version of ‘Traverse’ is a joyous listen from start to finish.

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Global Vibe Radio 100 feat. Octopus Recordings Boss Sian

The milestone 100th episode of 6AM’s Global Vibe Radio comes from LA resident and Octopus Recordings boss Sian. All tracks featured can be found on Octopus, Octopus Black or are still unreleased.

WORK by 6AM and Obscure present the 4th annual Octopus Recordings Showcase in Detroit on 05/26 during Movement weekend: Info and tickes here.

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