deadmau5 Offers Free Download of “stuff i used to do” with 13 Unreleased Tracks

Today, Friday, February 24, and for one week only, deadmau5 has teamed up with WeTransfer for the release of stuff i used to do, a collection of sixteen previously unreleased tracks.

Download the first 13 tracks now, here. Beginning Friday, March 3 stuff i used to do will be available at all digital retailers, and will include three exclusive tracks.

The collection, which is also available to all via the WeTransfer homepage, comes as a celebration of deadmau5 as an independent artist that can choose to offer free music to his fans at will.


Messages from nowhere
Screen door
50 something cats
Charlie can’t dance
My opinion
Long walk off a short pier
Creep (Alt. version)

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Tunnel pic

Q&A and Premiere: Tunnel Releases “Rave / Movement” Double EP on Webuildmachines

Tunnel is a Chicago producer, DJ, label-head and Noisefloor party curator that has been sculpting a new wave of techno in Chicago — a city best known for its house music roots and legacy.

Unlike many other DJ and live acts, Tunnel exclusively performs his own original material or that of the ever-growing electronic music label he launched in 2013, Webuildmachines. The imprint has been the home of some fantastic releases, with support and high praise from established members of the techno community the likes of  Paula Temple, Dave Clarke, Surgeon, Ben Sims, Tommy Four Seven, drumcell, Electric Indigo, and Claude Young. A Tunnel original track was also featured on Richie Hawtin’s Essential Mix recorded live at Exchange in Los Angeles last year.

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Astin 2

Premiere: Listen to Astin’s “Hold Yo Hands” out on Davide Squillace’s This and That Label

This and That is a House and Techno label run by Italian DJ and producer Davide Squillace, responsible for releases on No.19 Music, Hot Creations, Moon Harbour, Desolat, VIVa MUSiC, Minus as well as pretty much any other scene leading label you can think of including, of course, his own imprint.

This and That is also the home of artists such Carlo Lio, Riva Starr, Carl Cox, Lee Van Dowski, Guti, Re.You, Doorly, Jesse Rose, and now Astin, who many may recognize from previous tracks out on Snatch! Records and Inmotion Music.

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Enzo Elia

Q&A and Premiere: Dodi Palese and Musumeci’s Engrave LTD Announce First Compilation

Engrave LTD is a record label based in Southern Italy launched in 2013 by Dodi Palese and Musumeci.

On March 3rd the imprint is releasing its first compilation entitled Engrave Ltd Vol. 1, nine tracks that mirror the label’s varied soundscape offerings with work from artists such as ZopelarEkzRancidoEnzo EliaSisio and Dodi Palese himself.

Our premiere today, Enzo Elia presents Gallo ‘Zutaten’, is a composition rooted into the balearic sound with an electro touch addition. We present it to you below as well as an interview with label founders Dodi Palese and Musumeci.

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Saeed Younan Discusses His New “Annihilate” EP, His Relationship With Carl Cox and the War in Iraq He Fled

Saeed Younan is one of the United States’ top acts, a DJ and producer that enjoys prolific tour and release schedules alike with tracks out on Incorrect Music, VIVa Music, Suara, his own Younan Music, and of course Carl Cox’s iconic Intec label, a brand with which he has been associated for a couple of years now.

Based in the nation’s capital of Washington D.C., Saeed is a popular headliner with gigs around the world, from Ibiza to Tokyo and countless countries in between, where he delivers high-energy performances that marry tribal sounds with techy synth work and alluring vocal hooks.

Saeed returns to Cox’s Intec for his upcoming release, having debuted on the imprint back in 2015. His Annihilate EP begins with the title track, a bassline-heavy affair carried over by a rolling groove that leads to a crescendo of hi-hats and ultimately the vocals that give the track its name. The second track that completes the package, “Pimp Slap,” is more along Saeed’s famed sound, filled with synth sounds and captivating vocal snippets.

The EP is available for purchase on Beatport and streaming via SoundCloud below. Read on for our interview with Saeed, where we discuss the release, his relationship with Carl Cox, the war in Iraq he fled to come to the States and plenty more.

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Kangding Ray Press Pic 1 © Riccardo Malberti HI RES

Kangding Ray Releases First Album on Stroboscopic Artefacts

David Lettelier, or Kangding Ray as he is known in the techno community, has been a prolific producer and DJ for over a decade now, churning out releases on labels such as Raster-Noton, Hidden Hundred and Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts.

It is on this latter imprint that he is now about to release his latest full-length album, HYPER OPAL MANTIS. This dance-floor approach to his sound is structured as a “triptych on 3 states of desire, following its primitive, emotional and destructive phases.” This release is the artist’s first LP on the label he has been associated with since 2012.

HYPER is the primal, sensual lust; OPAL is the emotional catharsis, a blissful desire for love; MANTIS, like the insect it refers to, is the destructive, fatal attraction.

This is Kangding Ray’s first true techno album, moving away from the five previous more experimentalist and minimal outings he has released on Raster-Noton. The switch to Stroboscopic Artefacts here is not a divorce from R-N by any means, but rather a search for the right imprint to put the stamp of approval on an album that strays away from Kangding Ray’s more expected productions.

The result is brilliant dance-floor ready work, as you can preview below.

You can pre-order the album, which is set to be released on vinyl, CD and digital formats this February 24th.


01. Rubi
02. Lone Pyramids
03. Epsilon
04. Purple Phase
05. Dune
06. Soul Surfing
07. Outremer
08. Onde Mantis
09. Saudade
10. Laniakea

Connect with Stroboscopic Artefacts: Online | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Discogs

Connect with Kangding Ray: Online | Facebook | TwitterSoundCloud

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r-n175 Slipcase

20 Years of Raster-Noton: Label Unveils Commemorative Book and Compilation

German label Raster-Noton is celebrating two decades of releases with a commemorative book and compilation.

source book 1 is a visual catalog of the imprint’s various releases and projects since 1996. While Raster-noton didn’t technically release music until 1999, its two parent labels Rastermusic and noton.archiv für ton und nichtton were both started in 1996.

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Q&A and Premiere: Arseniu Releases “Just Me” EP On Pool House Black

Romanian producer and DJ Marius Popa, artist name Arseniu, is known for his deep fusions of techno, able to blend the minimalistic sounds of his home country with deeper fusions of deep tech and dub.

His latest release comes in the form of a two-track EP entitled Just Me being released on Pool House Black, a sub-label of Chicago’s Pool House that focuses on the darker techno sounds to come out of the imprint. The title track is a 14-plus minute minimal deep tech affair, driven by a drum loop, intermittent drawn-out noises and sparse vocals. The second original in the release, “Soul,” is a deeper 9-minute production filled almost entirely by percussions and a reinvigorating, soulful chord. You can pre-order the EP, scheduled for release on March 13th, via Beatport.

On top of premiering the EP exclusively, which you can listen to below, 6AM had a talk with Arseniu, to discover more of his roots and approach to music production:

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Golf Clap GVR

Q&A and Global Vibe Radio Episode 047 feat. Golf Clap

We return to Global Vibe Radio with a live recording from Detroit duo Golf Clap.

The 47th installment of our podcast, which features global and local acts alike, was recorded live at Output Brooklyn in December of 2015. DJs, producers, founders of Country Club Disco and self-proclaimed after-party connoisseurs, Golf Clap have released on some of the most influential house labels in circulation, have a Boiler Room appearance under their belt and have graced the decks of some of the most celebrated nightclubs and festivals in the States.

Hugh Cleal and Bryan Jones discovered their love for house music in Chicago, later bringing it to Detroit where they now live. Thanks to their infectious and approachable personalities, hard work, talent and passion, Golf Clap have built a literal community of supporters throughout the country, as evidenced by the number of fans donning Club Country Disco merchandise everywhere they play.

We caught up with them last week ahead of shows at Spybar Chicago and Coda in Philadelphia.

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Luke Slater Press Pic © Alex Kurunis

Marcel Fengler, Function, Lucy and SLAM Remix Planetary Assault Systems for “The Light Years Reworks” LP


An entire compilation of Planetary Assault Systems remix is scheduled for release March 10th on Mote-Evolver.

The Light Years Reworks is an eleven-track LP filled with collaborative techno magic, a compilation that features distinctive remixes of some of the best Planetary Assault Systems tracks of the past twenty years. Spread over three vinyl discs, The Light Years Reworks. Luke Slater has enlisted the help of some of techno’s best producers for this special release, on top of adding his own live twist to three of his old tracks.

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