Listen to 6 Hours of Fort Romeau on the Dekmantel Podcast

fort Rom

It’s generally accepted that an extended set is one of the only ways to truly experience a DJ in his or her element. It’s safe to say that Fort Romeau is in his element on this 6 hour journey through the Dekmantel Podcast.

Recorded at Corsica in London, the mix encompasses everything blissful about his sound. Striking an uncanny balance between house, techno, electronica, and ambient, Fort Romeau’s Dekmantel mix covers the spectrum. The talented DJ/producer has released on a variety of labels such as Spectral Sound and Live at Robert Johnson, and has a strong understanding of music that hits beyond the dance floor.

“I really like playing in this way. There’s so much freedom to shape the entire musical language of the evening and to make connections between disparate music that you just can’t really do in two or three hours at peak time. Corsica is one of London’s best spaces in my opinion, the DJ booth is rock solid with none of the typical problems of playing vinyl that plague clubs these days, the sound system is good and the crowd has always been great in my experience, so i was pleased to be able to take over the programming for the night.” – Fort Romeau

Mix of the Week: Djebali


House music is a feeling, and if there’s one person who has tapped into these feelings it’s French DJ/producer, Djebali. A certified vinyl guru and house aficionado, Djebali has made his mark on the scene through an array of original works and remixes for fellow groove gurus. His tracks have been supported by all the major players, and can often be heard throughout some of the best clubs in the world such as DC-10, WOMB, Fabric, and pretty much any institution that prides themselves in proper house music.

This week, the event in question is the highly regarded party at Clinic Wednesdays. With a low ceiling and intimate dance floor, it’s shaping up to be quite a weeknight affair. To get us in the groove, here’s a phenomenal mix that Djebali recorded for the Fasten Musique Podcast a few years ago.

Make sure to catch Djebali at Clinic Wednesday on October 21 – Guestlist + RSVP available here

Connect with Djebali: Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor

Listen to Ben Klock’s much anticipated BBC Radio 1 Mix

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.12.23 PM
Fresh off his CRSSDFEST debut this past weekend in San Diego, Ben Klock delivers one hell of a mix for his first ever BBC Radio 1 showcase that best exemplifies his “Hypnotic Techno” sound. Named as one of our must see techno acts at ADE 2015, the exclusive two hour set is a must  on your playlist as the Klockwork label boss takes you from past, present, and future through the rhythm and sounds of timeless techno beats.

Ben Klock – Essential Mix – 10-Oct-2015 by Techno/Tech Liv3 Sounds on Mixcloud


Listen to Four Hours of Move D and Jus Ed at a Berlin After Hours

Move D at Electric Minds

What’s better than a classic Move D mix? Move D back to back with Jus Ed at an after hours in Berlin – that’s what. Both Move D and Jus Ed are some of the finest curators in the game, and this Berlin after hours mix really sees the two artists dig deep into their record bags. From James Brown to DJ Koze, the mix touches upon all flavors throughout the four hour journey.

Move D and Jus Ed are the DJ’s DJ’s. With a taste unparalleled by others, and technical precision perfected through years of experience, the two are incredibly admirable in their dedication to the craft. Sit back, relax, and enjoy four hours of Move D and Jus Ed.

TBT: Global Vibe Radio 003 with Justin Jay

Justin Jay

At the tender age of 18, and as a freshman at the University of Southern California, Justin Jay released his first EP on Claude Von Stroke’s label, Dirtybird. That was several years ago, and since then the young Californian has went on to be one of the prominent rising stars within the dance industry.

Since his rise to underground stardom there’s been ample coverage on his music career and unique story as a young scholar walking the halls of USC. From sleepless nights and even rejected demos from Claude Von Stroke, Justin Jay has shown relentless grit to follow his passion and express himself so well through music.

Here at 6AM Group we’ve always been very fond of Justin Jay as an artist, obviously, but also as an overall great human being. As we look through the archives of our Global Vibe Radio series, we couldn’t help but reminisce on one of our first few episodes with Justin Jay himself.

Enjoy this thirty minute throwback mix from the young Dirtybird, and make sure to stay up to date with Justin Jay for more musical satisfaction

Justin Jay: Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor

1. Justin Jay – Escape Velocity
2. Mario Basanov – Skywalker (Beckwith Remix)
3. Parallel Dance Ensemble – Shopping Cart (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
4. Robosonic – The Edge
5. Justin Martin – Hood Rich
6. Amine Edge and Dance – Gimme Tha Fonky Ass
7. Hot Since 82 – Hit and Run
8. High Powered Boys – Udon (Julio Bashmore Sax-Dub)

Global Vibe Radio and Q&A with Ben Teufel

Ben Teufel

“It’s about the music, man!” That’s the vocal snippet that comes blaring through the speakers with a heavy breaks and house influence on the first track of this Global Vibe Radio, and it is a prefect representation of Ben Teufel’s outlook on house music.

Hailing from Germany, Ben Teufel has been putting his spin on classic house music for several years releasing on labels such as Innocent Music, Smiley Fingers, Natural Rhythm, BWO Records, Pacha Recordings, and Monique Musique to name a few. With a firm grasp at the controls, both in the studio and DJ booth, Ben Teufel knows exactly how to make the dance floors sway to the groove.

In this edition of Global Vibe Radio, Ben Teufel flexes his sonic taste effortlessly moving between house cuts ranging from the massive garage basslines and jackin’ house rhythms that would seem right at home on the basement floor of Sankeys.

Enjoy this edition of Global Vibe Radio with Ben Teufel, and make sure to check out his recent release on BWO Records

Ben Teufel: Official SiteFacebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor | Beatport

Q&A with Ben Teufel

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Global Vibe Radio + Q&A with Roberto Apodaca

At the tender age of 21, Roberto Apodaca from El Paso, Texas started Draft Records. That was four years ago, and since then Draft Records has become a prominent record label honing in on the underground sounds of minimal and tech house. With Apodaca at the helm, Draft Records has released EP’s from rising minimal artists such as David Gtronic, Emiliano Ferreyra, Neverdogs, Martinez, and countless others, while acting as a major influence for the underground scene in El Paso.

Starting a record label is one thing, but maintaining the brand and musical vision takes things to a new level. Roberto Apodaca has stayed locked in on his vision for underground dance music, and continues to strive for excellence both in his music and record label.

Roberto has put together a recent mix for our Global Vibe Radio Series, and has taken the time to answer some questions regarding the music scene in Texas, his vision with Draft Records, and tells us about his first time going to Space to see Loco Dice.

Enjoy the mix and Q&A, and make sure to stay up to date with Roberto and Draft Records.

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Sven Vath 2015 Essential Mix

Sven Vath live

“When I was asked to do this Essential Mix I thought it might be something special to compile a selection of tracks from my label Cocoon Recordings. You’ll hear old stuff, current releases and some unreleased music which will be out soon.” – Sven Vath

Essential mixes for BBC are a milestone achievement in this industry, and are treated with the upmost respect. This past Fourth of July weekend, Sven Vath took to the BBC Radio 1 airwaves to deliver an essential mix encompassing the vast catalog of his label, Cocoon Recordings.

For the Cocoon edition of his Essential Mix, Papa Sven broke out tracks from artists such as Sascha Dive, Uner, Luca Ballerini, Daniel Stefanik, and even Boys Noize. The two hour essential mix is a complete testament to both Sven Vath and his beloved Cocoon Recordings, and needless to say is a musical journey that is well worth your complete and undivided attention. Techno and house at it’s absolute finest from one of the legends.

Various uploads of Sven Vath’s Essential Mix have started to surface, and can also be heard directly on the BBC Website until early August.

Sven Vath Essential Mix Tracklist

Minilouge – Atoms with Curiosity That Looks At Itself And Wonder Why It Wonders
Guido Schneider & André Galluzzi – Mario
Uner – Monamen
Dana Ruh – If You Don’t Know a Name
Sascha Dive – Werewolf
Traumer – Kiraf
Boys Noize – Adonis
Ilario Alicante – Thera (Steve Rachmad Remix)
Markus Suckut & Heil – Souls
Tom Demac – Axel Foley
Phil Kieran – Wasps Under My Toyboat (Planetary Assault System Remix)
Alex Bau – On Synth
Daniel Stefanik – Acid Track
Dast – Paranormal Effect
Alan Fitzpatrick – Truant
Gregor Tresher – About a Good Place
Sven Vath – Ritual of Life (Adam Port 108 Mix)
Luca Ballerini – Impressions of a Dawn (Alba in 4/4)
Tim Green – Eclipse

Fabric 81 with Matt Tolfrey

Fabric 81 Banner

In an era where podcasts and mix series are so abundant, one that has stood the test of time is the iconic mix series from Fabric. Since 2001 Fabric has been a platform for artists to showcase their style and put together a true sonic adventure for the listener. Fabric 81 features the work of Matt Tolfrey, and as expected he brings forth some serious dance material.

“This is the mix I have been hoping to achieve my whole career. I’ve basically tried to fit in eleven years of my experiences at fabric, but trust me it’s been hard as there’ve been so many. There are records on here that I remember playing the first time I ever played at the club, and there are records on here I can’t wait to play at the club again. By editing nearly all the tracks on the mix, I was able to fit it all in.” – Matt Tolfrey

You can listen to the 30-minute preview of Fabric 81 below, with the full mix being available for purchase on iTunes and the Fabric Official Website.

Matt Tolfrey: Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor

With the delivery of Fabric 81, Matt Tolfrey joins an esteemed group of artists who have all left their sonic mark through the Fabric imprint. With the release it’s only appropriate that Fabric hosts the official launch party. This Saturday April 25th the famed London club will host the Fabric 81 Launch Party with Matt Tolfrey, Cassy, Alan Fitzpatrick, Gregor Tresher, and more.

Fabric 81 Tracklist

01. Rednail Kidz – Do My Thing
02. Dan Beaumont – The Bath House
03. Gideon Bouwens – Life Stories Part 3.2
04. Genius of Time – Tom Jam
05. Aaron Carl – My House (Doc Martin & Eddie Amador’s Wax Dub)
06. Skat – Nightlife (Kenny Hawkes & David Parr Remix)
07. Bell – File One
08. Nail – I Think It’s Love
09. Someone Else – Jena Jazz (DiY Remix)
10. Jon Convex – Zero
11. Dott Farm – Gettin’ Bullied
12. jozif – A Million To One (Kerb Staller Edit)
13. Phil Weeks – Social Club
14. Gregorythme – (R)evolution
15. Pure Science – It’s Magic
16. Cassy – Idle Blues
17. Hector – A Clown Called Snapper
18. 2nd Shift feat. Heather – Somethin’ Else (This Year’s Peasant Look)
19. Marschmellows – 2 8 3 4 (Richard Wolfsdorf Remix)
20. Minimal Man – Treatment Feel (Soul Capsule vs Tan Ru Mix)
21. Sam Russo – Your Call
22. Matt Tolfrey – Lost In Space
23. Kevin Yost – Istanbul 2
24. Soichi Terada – Tokyo XXX
25. Lansdowne – Question Time

BWO Podcast: Andres Velilla

BWO Banner

With the weekend on the horizon it’s about time to get back into the groove. To help with this we have a fresh mix from Andres Velilla for the BWO Records Podcast. Hailing from Colombia, but based in Montreal, Velilla has an affinity to the cerebral sounds crossing through the realms of deep and tech house.

This mix for BWO Records starts with Vinyl Speed Adjust’s excellent interpretation of Thai Cubensis and from there Andres Velilla weaves his way through a sonic journey including tracks from Avatism, Dilby, Alex Niggemann, Affkt, amongst others. Take a listen to the podcast below, and prepare yourself for a great weekend…wherever you may be.

Andres Velilla: Facebook | Soundcloud
BWO Records: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

BWO Records Podcast 013 // Andres Velilla by Black&White Orange Records on Mixcloud