Premiere: Sydney Blu and Dantiez Saunderson Combine for “Inspirato”

Saturated with infectious grooves and sturdy beats, Sydney Blu & Dantiez’ Saunderson’s ‘Inspirato EP’ on UNDR the RADR has late-night rave written all over it.

Culminating to two tasty House cuts in the form of ‘”Inspirato”’ and Sydney Blu’’s solo single ‘”Take It Back”’, this EP fills out dance floors within seconds. Today we are premiering the title track from the release, which is available tomorrow August 25th on all major outlets.

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Premiere: Listen to Native Origin’s “Calvin Klein” from “28 Nights” EP

In today’s oversaturated dance music market, if you catch yourself chasing trends then you’ve already lost. Native Origin won’t be pigeonholing himself anytime soon, though. The Denver DJ and producer has incorporated a multitude of sounds into his debut EP, 28 Nights, whose unique four-on-the-floor style sounds like nothing else out there.

House, techno, trance, trap and breakbeat have each found themselves in Native Origin’s repertoire at one time or another. When his production expertise reached the professional level he asked himself, “Why not mix them all together?” The five singles he turned out within the 28 days that followed are as danceable as they are cerebral; they’re an exercise in breaking all the rules while maintaining an accessible appeal and cutting a record that makes a singular, memorable musical statement.

The first song on the EP is “Get It Get It,” which opens up with sublimely textured bass kicks before a chorus of sounds on the high end weave their way into the arrangement. The song goes through a series of well-executed changes whose influences include G house and Orlando breaks.

Calvin Klein” follows, painted from a shade of the electronic music spectrum that falls somewhere between tech house and minimal techno. A syncopated drum pattern perfectly segues the first part of the song into the next, at which point a resonant, throbbing bass line underscores the echoing male vocal refrain on the top line.

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Premiere: Listen to the Sandy Turnbull Remix of Skydoll’s “Feel You” ft Timotha Lanae

‘Feel You’ is a slice of contemporary dance floor soul from the brand new Minneapolis trio, Skydoll.  Featuring the sensual vocal talents of UK Soul Chart topper Timotha Lanae (‘Red’ / ‘Rewind’ albums), Skydoll has delivered an absolutely stunning debut where Timotha’s emotive vocals glide over a backdrop of lush sweeping strings, warm Rhodes and bubbling electronica. UK producer Sandy Turnbull turns out a bewitchingly seductive Deep House rendition, underpinned by a rousing melancholic groove and Scandinavia’s Opolopo delivers a classy sublime outing, laced with uber cool jazz tones set to a platter of abstract beats.

Skydoll first encountered Timotha Lanae at the famed, First Avenue in Minneapolis (Purple Rain), where she was performing with legendary Soul singer Alexander O’Neal. Having been captivated by Timotha’s performance, Skydoll spent the next year attempting to track her down to no avail. Whilst in the studio with world renowned bassist Billy Peterson, he invited Skydoll to a club to check out a singer he was working with. Low and behold it was Timotha Lanae, the very singer Skydoll had been searching for! ‘Feel You’ was the result of this fated meeting.

MacGregor Teigen, Brandon Dalida and Paul Ryan are Skydoll.  All hailing from Minneapolis, Skydoll’s roots span the musical spectrum: 1970’s Disco & Soul, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder  Nile Rodgers, The Minneapolis Sound (Prince, Alexander O’Neal, Andre Cymone, Morris Day) and many more. Skydoll have lived in many different places around the world, from Lancashire, Berlin, Amsterdam, Detroit, New York and even Honolulu, which has inspired and brought extra colour to their sound.

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Premiere: Listen to Julius Jetson’s Playa House Remix of Betty Moon’s “Life Is But A Dream”

Betty Moon has dreamt up a new collection of songs ready for release in 2017. The second single from Betty Moon’s forthcoming album is “Life Is But A Dream”. The new collection of songs from the Toronto-born and Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter sees Moon diving into influences from electronic music, dance, pop and future house.

Moon will be releasing a series of singles from the album paired with music videos that take the viewer down the rabbit hole of her larger-than-life style, lyrics and sound. Put together as a concept album, Moon spent the last year carefully crafting songs that capture the story of her new life in Hollywood after relocation from Toronto.

For the remix, up-and-coming producer Julius Jetson adds an exciting Playa House spin to Betty’s latest Synthpop gem, which you can listen to exclusively below.

A true DC native, Julius Jetson has been deeply involved in the district’s music scene for half a decade, rapidly transitioning from an event planner to producer. His music is at the cutting edge of gangsta house, a new genre that combines the best of classic Chicago house music with the power of the gangsta rap/hip-hop sound to create music that is simultaneously deeply traditional and cutting edge. He was named as one of Complex’s magazine’s “Top 10 Producers To Watch This Year” and has received support from the entire span of dance music’s premier talent including The Chainsmokers, Justin Martin, Felix Cartel, Malaa, Danny Howard, SNBRN, Dr. Fresch, Hotel Garuda, Bijou, Gigamesh, and many others.

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Premiere: Listen to Acid Castello’s “Trust No One” from Forthcoming “Woman 5000” Debut LP

Acid Castello is an Italian trio made by electronic music specialists devoted to acid and electro, born in 2014 under suspicious circumstances: Marcio McFly (Cani Giganti, Spectacular Synthesizer), Bhonz (F-Ring, Techno Soldiers) and Endo (Techno Soldiers). Their live performances are constructed around acid house melodies and the atmospheres of the 80-es science fiction movies’ soundtracks.

From 2015, Acid Castello has been managing the “Acid Film Festival” in Milan, where electro-acid live performances are created and improvised during cult-movies shows. In 2014 AC releases their first EP on the Sardinian “Somewhere Record”.

Much like similar partnerships a lá Italojohnson or Paranoid London, Acid Castello generally swerve the limelight, preferring instead to let their music speak for them. Filled to the brim with enticing dance floor focused tracks, this debut album does so in particularly tantalizing and emphatic fashion.

This is apparent from the get go with their upcoming debut LP, the exceptional Woman 5000 scheduled for release on September 28th via 51 Beats. “On Destiny’s Wings” gives us the first glimpse of the trio’s soundtrack inspirations. A track that would easily fit in to the Stranger Things soundtrack, it sets the album’s stall out in an an auspicious manner. “Her Things” is clearly indebted to Juan Atkins et al, with electro another concurrent theme that runs throughout the release. “Coconut Galaxy” leans toward similar sound tropes, before the title track really ups the sci-fi vibes.

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Premiere: Listen to Tribalism Boys’ “Fuck With Me” on Whist Records

Tribalism Boys are back once more with another fresh new serving. This latest EP features one of their own originals with a remix from Alex Henning. This accomplished Sicilian duo are always busy in the studio and are making lots of tech hits and this new one is no different.

Fuck With Me is a hard hitting tech cut with rock solid drums that the rude boy vocal of the titles refrain repeating over and over. Some soul infused synths add color and the whole thing is sure to make a big impact. The remix from the accomplished Alex Henning flips the track into something deep and bubbly, with a spooky lead synth line and gentle piano keys laid over the top. It’s an emotive number that bring something new to the table.

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Premiere: Listen to F600’s “Around” Soon Out On Occultists

Chilean-Spanish project F600 releases four-track Subsoil EP on Occultists, from which we are premiering “Around.”

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Premiere: Listen to Leo Janeiro & Keskem’s Collaboration “This House”

Leo Janeiro returns to Not For Us and explores some of his diverse musical influences with Creator, an EP that is dancing to the extreme. Proving what a great success the marriage between the dance floors and the studio work is, he is one of the most important names of the Brazilian scene.

First up we have “Creator”, a sure shot in any dance floor, with flowing yet rhythmic beats and interesting techno elements that contrast with the masterful Leo Janeiro style.

The DJ and producer of the wonderful city features super duo Keskem for the second track “This House”, which brings a more tribal footprint with several percussive elements. The remix is made by another artist who has been conquering his space, Andre Salata does a re-reading of the track in a more linear construction and tech house direction, becoming an essential song for the peak time.

Purchase Leo Janeiro’s Creator EP via Beatport

Connect with Leo Janeiro: Facebook | SoundCloud

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Premiere: Listen to Nick Garcia’s “Aalto” Off Forthcoming EP on Lifted Contingency

After releasing his Fenix EP on Night Vision in March, which dabbled mainly in funky, left-field house, Nick Garcia looks toward the world of techno for his follow up – the Aalto EP. Rightfully released on Boston’s versatile and club-focused label Lifted Contingency, the EP is inspired by the digital modular Madrona Labs synthesizer of the same name, which is responsible for most of its sounds. All three tracks feature intense, fitful patterns bred from heavy tweaking of Aalto’s labyrinthine and unconventional user interface.

The release begins with “DivSeq,” which sounds like Basic Channel on steroids. One brazenly distorted 2 bar sequence is stretched out and warped over seven tumultuous minutes of knob-twiddling goodness before dropping into a sonorant and stunning climax around the five-minute mark. Then there’s “Aalto,” an unabashed exercise in resampling. The track constructs an ecology of minute, fractured elements that dance over fluid, resonant-heavy bass lines, making an unbelievable impact on big sound systems. We are happy to be offering the exclusive premiere of this track for you today.

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Premiere: Listen to ANOTR’s “Love Can Do” on NO ART

Last time we crossed path with Dutch duo ANOTR it was for the premiere of their amazing house track “Cultural Decline.” Today we meet the young Jesse van der Heijden and Oguzhan Guney once more, again introducing another one of their studio productions to the world for an exclusive world premiere.

Immersed in a steady flow of percussion loops, “Love Can Do”  lets its grooves do the talking.

Despite their tender age, ANOTR have played on summer festival hotspot Ibiza, rewarded their fans with multiple DJ performances during Europe’s main dance music conference Amsterdam Dance Event, and graced plenty more internationally acclaimed clubs, venues, and festivals with their distinctive sound, and unmatched, on-stage energy.

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