Andrey Pushkarev Picks The Top 5 Records From His 7,000 Plus Vinyl Collection

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Since September Andrey Pushkarev, one of Russia’s finest track selectors and DJs, has been traveling the world as part of a debut world tour that continues with stops in three more continents and eleven more countries in the next month and a half.

Beginning in September with twenty events already under his belt, Pushkarev’s Northern Lights Tour will also be making stops at StereoBar in Montreal, Rizumu in Philadelphia, No Nonsense in Seattle and Monarch in San Francisco before taking off to Argentina, Central America and then a return to Europe. Each show will see him accompanied by artist friends including Dana Ruh, Cassy, Margaret Dygas and Varhat, promising nights of true artistic expression inspired by profound and deep-rooted musical knowledge.

Andrey Vinyl

Pushkarev has made a name for himself as a DJ thanks to his extensive 7,000-plus record collection and the uncanny ability to pick the right track for the right moment during his well-structured architectural performances. We asked him to peruse through his entire selection, a portion of which you can see above, to pick his favorite 5 records to share with his fans:

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Premiere: Anabatic ADE 2016 Compilation Sampler ft. Worthy, Odi Diaz, Elevator Musik, Kisch, ADMN, and Karuva.


Every year, the Amsterdam Music Festival attracts over 365,000 goers from all over the world to celebrate electronic dance music’s freshest talent across a number of sub-genres.

Among the artists this year will be those represented by Anabatic Records, the leading bass music indie label founded by DJ/producer Worthy. In preparation, they released a Sampler EP to amass their hype before the big event: featured are Worthy himself, along with Odi Diaz, Elevator Musik, Kisch, ADMN, and Karuva.

“Anabatic” refers to “the powerful winds that move up a mountain,” — and at this year’s Amsterdam Music Festival, the label’s fierce gusts will not just move up mountains, but based on this sampler will move the mountains themselves. During the event their music will fill the night’s unforgettable hours. The collection of original mixes perfectly demonstrates why the Anabatic label will dominate the dance floor. Their thoroughly unique bass productions never relent on their movement, beats spilling with rapidity amidst a complex spectrum of eclectic sounds.

Listened to it for the first time exclusively through 6AM via the below SoundCloud link:





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Q&A: Simina Grigoriu on Her Forthcoming “Shook Up” EP, Newfound Motherhood and more


‘Shook Up’ is the latest EP from Romanian-born, Toronto-raised and Berlin-based producer Simina Grigoriu. Scheduled for release in digital format on October 21st, 2016 via the recently launched label Kuukou (which means “airport” in Japanese), the EP consists of one stunning techno bomb titled ‘Shook Up’.

with lush synths and pulsating bass lines, fused with a dark atmosphere which sets the mood for the entire release. The EP remains dynamic and diverse thanks to 4 reworks from Animal & Me, Autotune, Julian Wasserman and Original Peter, all exploring different sides of the same track, thus revealing the complexity and intricacy of Simina’s work.

Simina was kind enough to allow us to premiere ‘Shook Up” ahead of tomorrow’s release, and to chat with us a little about her career and newly-found motherhood.

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5 Essential Tunes with… Tensnake


“’5 Essential Tunes with…’ is a feature on 6AM that explores underground dance music artist’s current favorite tracks, in an effort to showcase the best productions currently making the rounds in the world of techno, house, tech house and deep house.”

On Saturday November 29th Los Angeles will be welcoming the return of Minimal Effort for a one-day Halloween function that will begin in the depth of the afternoon and go until 2am.

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Premiere: “Mixer” – Rich Wakley Remix

Photography by:

Owner of My Favorite Freaks Music and Weplayminimal, is one the of the freshest producers in Germany’s modern tech house scene, capable of creating a groovy and catchy atmosphere with each one of his releases. His past catalogue boasts work on OFF Recordings, Desolat, Souvenir, Get Physical, Trapez, Robsoul and OM Records, among many others, with personal remixes for Radio Slave, Marc Romoboy and a selection of other top-tier artists.

The latest of his own releases comes as a triple track EP entitled “Mixer.” Filled with bouncing hi-hats, heavy bass hooks and teased vocals, the title track is typical work. The first remix of the package, which we are premiering exclusively on 6AM, comes courtesy of UK producer Rich Wakley — a dark, jackin’ affair that is sure to be perfect for peak-time play. Rounding up the EP is a tech house interpretation by Juliet Fox, who changes things up with a slabbing bassline, added tension and peculiar effects.


“Mixer” will be released on October 24th 2016 via Lauter Unfug.


Track listing
1) “Mixer” (Original Mix)
2) “Mixer” (Rich Wakley Remix)
3) “Mixer” (Juliet Fox Remix)



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5 Essential Tunes with… One Track Brain

Photo by Aylin Hazel

Photo by Aylin Hazel

“”5 Essential Tunes with…” is a feature on 6AM that explores underground dance music artist’s current favorite tracks, in an effort to showcase the best productions currently making the rounds in the world of techno, house, tech house and deep house.”

We did not choose One Track Brain to be interviewed for our first installment of this feature by chance. We found irony in asking an artist whose name in and of itself focuses on “one track” to select his current five favorite tunes, and were more than curious to see what the results would be.

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Free Download: CW/A ‘Disquieting’ (Metrist Remix)


You may know CW/A as Italian producers Thomas Feriero and Francesco Leali, the minds behind Avatism, Clockwork and Opus 3000, as well as for their extensive release and remix list on labels such as Parachute, R&S, Decca and Vakant. In fact, they have been spearheading the work on Parachute in tandem with Life & Death chief DJ Tennis since 2013, all the while of course remaining prolific on the studio and on tour under their other aliases.

Last year they released their first full-length album, Words Unspoken, Acts Undone. Now, a special remix EP is being released on October 14th containing  two reworks of tracks from the album, courtesy of Parachute label-mate Metrist and Italian Workdiscs’ Simbiosi:

01. Disquieting (Metrist Remix)
02. Rainer Has No Shadow (Simbiosi Remix)

You can download the Metrist remix here via XLR8R.

CW/A are also on the cusp of releasing Ringleader. The duo drew inspiration from the current world concerns about mass surveillance and cyber spying, with Ringleader aiming to be “an audible interpretation of big data, ubiquitous connections and the acceptance of corporate and government spying.”

Out on December 16th, the album will contain the following original productions:

A1. BlatSting
2/A2. EligibleCandidate
3/A3. HiddenTemple
4/B1. ContainmentGrid
5/B2. 1212/DEHEX
6/B3. BPatrol


Music Monday: Listen to Sasha Go b2b With George FitzGerald on BBC Radio 1

Whether your Monday is gloomy or sunny, filled with work or spent at home, we continue with our weekly tradition of starting the week by showcasing a piece of music that is special to us.

This week we showcase last week’s recording of George FitzGerald’s BBC Radio 1 residency show, featuring a special b2b with Sasha.  The two-hour special went live on Thursday, October 6th, and was dubbed by George himself as, “one of the best I’ve done.” The mix includes “Codex” by DJ Tennis, “Beatless Reprise” by Double K, “Experiment C” by Eagles & Butterflies as well as music by Kornél Kovács, Roman Flugel and Sasha himself.

Listen to it below or via the BBC Radio 1 iPlayer.

Q&A: Jackin’ House Producer Demuir on his ‘TruSkool’ LP, out on Dj Sneak’s Magnetic Recordings

Demuir DJ

Demuir has been causing a buzz both sides of the pond with his fresh Jackin’ House grooves from which he is rapidly carving himself a huge reputation when it comes to creating quality House Music. As his new TruSkool album drops on DJ Sneak’s Magnentic Recordings, we check in with the head bobbin’ Canadian to find out more.

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Listen to Eric Prydz’s New Two Track EP, Released Under Cirez D Moniker

Cirez D

2016 has been prolific for Eric Prydz. The Swedish producer and DJ released a debut album earlier in the year and has now released his second Cirez D EP in just as many months.

The artist, who is known for his ability to produce track after track and for his vast catalogue of unreleased work, is back with ‘Backlash’ and ‘The Tournament,’ two pieces that fit perfectly under Cirez D’s sound umbrella.

Both tracks ooze the type of driving, relentless and apothic techno that Eric has become known for producing under the alias.

The EP is out now on Beatport. You can listen to both tracks below:

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