Premiere: Listen to Sam Skilz feat. Grace Ashaye “Stay Together” out on GaGa Records

“Stay Together” is the delightful new collaboration between Luxembourg’s Sam Skilz and London’s singer/songwriter Grace Ashaye. Set to a warm house groove, “Stay Together” is a giant musical hug for the dance floor that’s filled with emotion courtesy of Sam’s gut wrenching piano chord progressions and Grace’s raw heartfelt vocals.

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Premiere: Listen to “Exposure, Collapse” off of Scanner’s New LP “The Great Crater”

Over the last twenty give years Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner has traversed the experimental terrain between sound, space and image, connecting a bewilderingly diverse array of genres – a partial list would include sound design, film scores, computer music, avant-garde, contemporary composition, large-scale multimedia performances, product design, architecture, fashion design, rock music and jazz. With a catalogue busy with commissions, soundtracks and studio releases it’s extremely rare to find a new studio recording, so The Great Crater stands out by measure of this.

Invited by the label Glacial Movements to create a new album he focused on the tale of strange circles appearing in Antarctica. Flying overhead in 2014 a group of scientists spotted a circular formation of 2km diameter. For a time it was thought that it could be the scar left by a crashing meteorite but in fact it was quite another story. Investigating the circle on foot in January 2016 scientists found a 3 meter deep depression, with vertical well-like shafts in the middle. Drilling into the ice they found multiple lakes beneath the surface, as part of a ‘hot spot’ or melting ice sheet. There is growing concern that it could lead to further disintegration. The album explores an immersive, fragile and moving exploration of themes inspired by this simple tale. At moments the ice moves and a sonic scar if formed, at others the chill wind blows across the exposed water.

The Great Crater offers up the voice of a unique composer in an ever unsettled global landscape.

Track Listing:

01 Cast to the bottom
02 Exposure, Collapse
03 Katabatic Wind
04 Forming Circuits
05 The Scar
06 Deep Water Channel
07 Lakes under Lakes
08 Underwater Lake
09 Strange Circles
10 Moving Forwards

Connect with Scanner: Online | Facebook | SoundCloud

Connect with Glacial Movements: Online | Bandcamp | Facebook

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Premiere: Listen to Harry Romero & Pons Feat. Ron Carroll “Alright” out on Bambossa

So groovalicious it must be our birthday, ‘”Alright”’ is the next floor filler to hit Bambossa Records. Displaying the unequaled craftsmanship of Harry Romero and Pons, while featuring the vocals of Rob Carroll and coming with an additional Harry Romero Remix, this cut is steeped in the sounds that make the underground crowd go wild.

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Premiere: Listen to Select Cuts from Deep Tech Los Angeles Volume 1, Forthcoming on Krafted Underground

A metamorphism is taking place in downtown Los Angeles – from an underdeveloped urban landscape to a thriving metropolis with a flourishing electronic music scene.

Arising from this transformation is Deep Tech Los Angeles (DTLA) – a new collective of underground house producers from Los Angeles, all striving to build a grassroots movement of music and events.

Established by Redux Saints, the first U.S. graduate of the Toolroom Academy programme, the aim of the collective is to connect artists via a series of ‘listening sessions’ where producers could give feedback to each other. The project rapidly evolved into a compilation album of exclusive new and original material.

DTLA Volume 1 – released on Krafted Underground – showcases the deep, tech-y and progressive sounds that DTLA stands for, featuring tracks from LA scene stalwarts JJ Flores, Mr. Bootsauce, Lok N Key, Redux Saints, Shanto, Contessa, Andy Slate, P-LASK alongside newcomers 28mm and Thomas Garcia.

Today, we are premiering four cuts from the 12-tracker, which you can enjoy via the SoundCloud player below:

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Premiere: Listen to Congellous Ft. Jess Bishop “Are We Running Out Of Love” on Soba Records

Brighton’s Congellous joins forces with UK vocalist Jess Bishop and together they’ve created an inspired electronic cover version of Daniel Norgren‘s beautiful song ‘Are We Running Out Of Love‘. Jess’ sweet ethereal tones float over a melancholic backdrop of early electro and synth pop inspired electronica with stunning results. ‘Eres Como La Noche’ also comes with early Electro and 90’s house flavors, where dreamy synth washes and retro style melodies glide over a pulsating acid groove, topped with a seductive vocal sample.

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Premiere: Listen to Road Kahan’s “Blue Velvet” Debut on Armada Electronic Elements

It’s not often you find a drum & bass powerhouse or a bass administrator gently apply the brakes, but that’s exactly the case when Bardo ‘DJ Nymfo’ Camp settles into the groove alongside Daan van de Pol as the Dutch duo Road Kahan. The pair’s debut for Armada Electronic Elements swoons at the seductress wearing “Blue Velvet”, a mixture of UK influences raising the game of pure pop, and welcoming luxurious horns drifting in from a distance.

In all of dance music history, few label debuts have been this enchanting. With ‘this release, Road Kahan immerses Armada Electronic Elements in a sea of emotion where every single tone ripples on and on to blend in with the breathtaking atmosphere. This is as close as we’ll ever get to actual magic and there’s an addition Tech Mix to spread the magic to the clubs as well.

Listen to the premiere of “Blue Velvet” below and find it for purchase on Beatport.

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Lean Trax Volume 1. Tests The Boundaries of Techno and Hip-Hop By Creating Dance Floor Urban Techno

Re-imagining. Blending. Testing. Innovating. VRV‘s latest outing does all that, and more,  with its latest tape release.

Continuing to push the boundaries of diversity, the Los Angeles techno label veers off into somewhat uncharted territory thanks to a five-track release available for free listening and downloading via the label’s Bandcamp page and soon to be available via tape also.

Lean Trax is the alter-ego of a well-known techno act from the urban techno warehouse scene that has put Los Angeles on the map for well over a decade. Volume 1 fulfills the artist’s need for urban techno edits ready for the dance floor, keeping techno as a root genre and blending with it the adverse energy of hip-hop to produce enthralling and captivating results that have so far been mostly unexplored.


While Lean Trax isn’t the first act to look at both techno and hip-hop as interesting ingredients for a new musical concoction, see Sian’s latest album or Heroes x Villains for example, Volume 1 takes some of hip-hop and rap’s most known tracks and reimagines them their swagger and bravado within a techno context, all songs manipulated and assembled by Lean Trax but containing elements of their originals.


From “Percocet” to “Jumpman” and from “Drippin” to “Not Nice, without forgetting “Like Dat,” Lean Trax’s Volume 1 is a release that provides new weapons for any techno DJ’s arsenal, allowing for artists to go in directions they couldn’t before.


Track Listing:

1. Percocet
2. Jumpman
3. Drippin
4. Not Nice
5. Not Nice (Soca Mix)
6. Like Dat

Stream all the tracks and download through VRV’s Bandcamp page

Connect with VRV: OnlineBandcamp

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Premiere and FREE Download: Listen to Cabrillo’s “Soul Box” out on LAMP

Reworked, Re-rubbed, Remixed, Reimagined. Spectrums is a new compilation series from LAMP focusing on artists who are re-envisioning some of their favorite songs while pushing the boundaries of their creativity.Periodically, LAMP will select tracks that span multiple genres across the spectrum of electronically produced music and showcase them in this compilation series.

Today we are premiering Cabrillo’s “Soul Box” from the compilation release, which we are also giving away with a FREE Download available here.

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Premiere: Listen to AERZ’s Remix of “Epigrafico” by Fresh Poison

Fledgling German label, Hike Recordings continue to put their stamp on the global Techno map with a potent debut release from upcoming Italian duo Fresh Poison. “Laconico” is bound by a hypnotic, bubbling groove that’s laced with haunting synth stabs and perpetual arpeggios. It also comes with a sublime remix from Carrying Ghosts, who turns up the tension, injecting menacing beats and electronica for the darker floors. “Epigrafico” is teased with ethereal synth washes and obscure melodies, all underpinned by minimal beats and a low slung bass current. A

Also on remix duties, Hike Recordings boss AERZ delivers a powerful driving hi-hat led groove, armed with aggressive synth attacks and ethereal electronica. We present this one to you exclusively today ahead of the EP’s release this coming Friday, September 15th.

Track listing:

1 Laconico (Original Mix)

2 Laconico (Carrying Ghosts Remix)

3 Epigrafico (Original Mix)

4 Epigrafico (AERZ Remix)


Laconico will be released on Beatport Exclusive on September 15th / Full release September 29th 2017.

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Premiere: Listen to Acumen’s “Distance Fatale” on EIN2

EIN2 is the sister label of Einmusika Recordings and they keep up the pressure with their latest release, a new EP from French producer and scene veteran Acumen. The Time Has Changed boss releases music on labels like Non Stop and always layers in real emotion to his house grooves.

“Innocent Flower” goes first here and is a broody track with pained bass and poignant melodies riding up and down the scale. Glassy tinkles and clever filters all help add to the dreamy and escapist feel of the groove. “Grand Ma” then keeps you on your toes with a lively tech number that has poised chords that never resolve. It is an edgy track with big drums and drama in the synths and again is likely to stand out in any set. “Distance Fatale” is a house number with synths that are epic and well sculpted. They are filled with a sense of loss and as the beats roll on below they get you in a trance.

Purchase Acumen’s Innocent Flower EP via Beatport and enjoy an exclusive streaming premiere of “Distance Fatale” below.

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