Premiere: Listen to F600’s “Around” Soon Out On Occultists

Chilean-Spanish project F600 releases four-track Subsoil EP on Occultists, from which we are premiering “Around.”

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Premiere: Listen to Leo Janeiro & Keskem’s Collaboration “This House”

Leo Janeiro returns to Not For Us and explores some of his diverse musical influences with Creator, an EP that is dancing to the extreme. Proving what a great success the marriage between the dance floors and the studio work is, he is one of the most important names of the Brazilian scene.

First up we have “Creator”, a sure shot in any dance floor, with flowing yet rhythmic beats and interesting techno elements that contrast with the masterful Leo Janeiro style.

The DJ and producer of the wonderful city features super duo Keskem for the second track “This House”, which brings a more tribal footprint with several percussive elements. The remix is made by another artist who has been conquering his space, Andre Salata does a re-reading of the track in a more linear construction and tech house direction, becoming an essential song for the peak time.

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Premiere: Listen to Nick Garcia’s “Aalto” Off Forthcoming EP on Lifted Contingency

After releasing his Fenix EP on Night Vision in March, which dabbled mainly in funky, left-field house, Nick Garcia looks toward the world of techno for his follow up – the Aalto EP. Rightfully released on Boston’s versatile and club-focused label Lifted Contingency, the EP is inspired by the digital modular Madrona Labs synthesizer of the same name, which is responsible for most of its sounds. All three tracks feature intense, fitful patterns bred from heavy tweaking of Aalto’s labyrinthine and unconventional user interface.

The release begins with “DivSeq,” which sounds like Basic Channel on steroids. One brazenly distorted 2 bar sequence is stretched out and warped over seven tumultuous minutes of knob-twiddling goodness before dropping into a sonorant and stunning climax around the five-minute mark. Then there’s “Aalto,” an unabashed exercise in resampling. The track constructs an ecology of minute, fractured elements that dance over fluid, resonant-heavy bass lines, making an unbelievable impact on big sound systems. We are happy to be offering the exclusive premiere of this track for you today.

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Premiere: Listen to ANOTR’s “Love Can Do” on NO ART

Last time we crossed path with Dutch duo ANOTR it was for the premiere of their amazing house track “Cultural Decline.” Today we meet the young Jesse van der Heijden and Oguzhan Guney once more, again introducing another one of their studio productions to the world for an exclusive world premiere.

Immersed in a steady flow of percussion loops, “Love Can Do”  lets its grooves do the talking.

Despite their tender age, ANOTR have played on summer festival hotspot Ibiza, rewarded their fans with multiple DJ performances during Europe’s main dance music conference Amsterdam Dance Event, and graced plenty more internationally acclaimed clubs, venues, and festivals with their distinctive sound, and unmatched, on-stage energy.

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Premiere: Soulsista Unleashes Deep House Vibes With “Paradiso” EP on Triplefire Music

South African DJ and Producer Soulsista has graced labels such as USM Records, Multi-Racial Records, Magique Music and now brings her talents to Tiplefire Music with two emotive tracks as part of her Paradiso EP. She has gained and maintained respect amongst house heads thanks to the combination of solid work in the studio as well as hosting her dance mix show on metro FM, one of South Africa’s national major stations.

The title track is a percussion laden deep house piece with a swinging groove and driving bass line that keeps the dance floor grooving with high energy rhythms. Choral pads bring atmosphere as a subtle, bubbling melody moves around the stripped down percussions taking the feeling of tension to its maximum before delivering the familiar drive of the rhythm and bass. “Paradiso” is a sure dance-floor track with spiritual, hypnotizing effect on the mind.

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Premiere: Listen to Davina Moss’ “4U” Out Now On Lapsus Music

Lapsus music are now well past the 200 releases mark but they just keep on serving up the goods. Next is a new EP from Davina Moss that boasts three killer cuts. Releasing on labels like Hot Creations and Do Not Sleep, playing sets at key clubs around the world and with 15 years experience under her belt, Davina is one of the hottest DJs and producers of the day.

First up is “4U”, which we are premiering today, a squelchy and driving tech house tune that has robust drums and coarse hits. It builds and builds in tension and sweeps you up with it as a male vocal chants techno over and over to really get you in a daze.

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Premiere: Luka Tacon Drops “Who’s Style?” on Endless Reflection EP Compilation

Endless Reflection is part of an ongoing series of micro-compilations from The Umbrella, intended to assemble distinct vantage points around a singular concept.

To reflect has multiple meanings. Reflection can be taken literally, to mean the throwing of an object back towards it’s direction of origin. Or figuratively, to consider and evaluate oneself candidly. Endless Reflection expresses both meanings simultaneously and infinitely.

In the figurative sense, the EP features a collection of artists in contemplation. The contributors have spent a lifetime in the club, complete with all it’s glories and darkest moments. In a culture that so many experience peripherally, these producers have established a personal relationship, and embrace the nightclub as their home and sanctuary. The listener can instantly identify the contemplative nature of the tracks which induce an inner reflection of ones self.

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Premiere: Anders Ponsaing Remixes Steen Thottrup’s “Balearic Bliss”

Danish downtempo whiz Steen Thottrup reveals the title track single from his highly anticipated 3rd album Balearic Bliss. Colored with all Steen’s signature sun-drenched vibes, ‘Balearic Bliss’ is drizzled with dreamy synth melodies, beautiful Latin tinged guitars and ethereal vocals from Ibiza resident Denver Knoesen – a recipe destined to whisk you off dreaming of far away places. On remix duties, regular cohort and fellow Dane, Anders Ponsaing, creates a feel good beach-house vibe and UK Chill-Out pioneer, Chris Coco delivers a stunning slice of blissed-out electronica.

“I’m super happy and proud with the outcome of the Balearic Bliss track. I really wanted to create a beach track with an acoustic feel to it, trying to achieve that Balearic/Spanish feel, I fell in love with on the Balearic house tracks back in ’91 when I first came to Ibiza.” – Steen Thottrup

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Premiere: Pattern Drama and Discern Combine for “Stay Awake” on Cenote Records

Corey Baker, better known as Pattern Drama, is slated to release a 12″ record on Boston-based Cenote Records this coming August 4th.

The Wait For Me EP contains the namesake track featuring vocals by Aquarius Heaven and Hezza Fezza, and a second original track, a collaboration with duo Johnny Cruz and Silky, aka Discern, which we are premiering today. On the flipside is a remix by the monstrous Francesca Lombardo.

“Stay Awake” is a versatile track that is perfect for club-time play as well as for an outdoor set as the sun shines down on the dance floor. Filled with supple and inviting synths, a bouncy bass and infectious drums, the track is a perfect rolling deep house gem that will get crowds grooving. The track is completed by a series of chords and muffled vocals that give it extra depth and emotion.

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Premiere: Black Asteroid Brings Signature Raw Energy For His Remix of Sian’s “King Pest”

Sian’s latest project, Capital Crimewave, broke the barres between techno, acid and hip-hop by fusing the genres and taking them in directions not many other artists had eve ventured to.

The album was fearless, unapologetic and transcendental in the way it broke  those invisible boundaries between warehouse techno, urban hip-hop, mind-bending acid, dubbed-out electronics and countless other future genres in between. The massive 20 track LP saw Sian bind together his diverse catalogue of machine-made sounds into one cohesive audio experience that is unlike anything he had previously released on Octopus Recordings, or any other label for that matter. We interviewed Sian and vocalist AG Fernandez at the beginning of April right before the LP came out, digging deeper into the whys and wherefores behind this exciting and innovative project.

For the remix pack Octopus Recordings looked hard into the current state of affairs and chose some purely unique and fearless artists who all had one thing in common: a clear signature sound that defines their entire body of work. The package features the high art dance floor freakiness of Lee Van Dowski; the low slung, post-soviet mechanics of Maksim Dark; Japanese new-school perfectionism from Hoshina Anniversary and of course the sheer, raw energy blast that is Black Asteroid, which we are premiering today.

Purchase Capital Crimewave Remixes on Beatport, and listen to the premiere of Black Asteroid’s remix of “King Pest” below exclusively through 6AM.

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