Editorial: The Anxieties of Being An Electronic Music Event Promoter And How To Face Them

It’s 7:30pm on a Friday night and I am waiting for a man I have never met outside of a venue I have never heard of, nor seen, before.

I have spent the last 7 days driving all over Los Angeles scouting for venues, looking for the right location for what could be the biggest event of my career as an electronic music event promoter. My other business partners have done the same, all to no avail. We located a few gems that will be available for future use, but haven’t quite nailed down the space we so desperately need at this very moment. And the brutal honest truth is that the clock is against us.

“Relax, be patient and you’ll find the right spot!” I’ve been telling myself over and over for the last two weeks, and while I believe it, it’s hard to remain optimistic as the hours and days fade away. Our event is tomorrow night, and with just over 24 hours to go we are running out of options. To top it off, the venue owner I am supposed to meet is 30 minutes late, which is making me and the three other people with me antsy at best.

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Dazed & Confused Founder Dean Demanuele: 5 Lessons You Learn When Running a Label in 2017

With so much music being released these days, separating the decent from the absolutely terrible has become harder and harder for music fans. The Internet has opened the floodgates in that respect, but that hasn’t stopped a host of crafty and determined music lovers from opening up their own labels.

One such man to do so is Maltese producer, Dean Demanuele. Having repped the likes of Einmusika, Bedrock and Snatch!, Dean’s music has landed on some massively respected labels, but it’s his own endeavors at his own label, Dazed & Confused that have really pricked our ears of late. Malta native Dean Demanuele has always made tech-house with a swagger, but even his own lofty standards, his latest release is a joy to behold. Full of tension from the get-go, the Grey Game EP – released on Dean’s always excellent Dazed and Confused label – confirms his reputation as his country’s leading exporter of all things dance floor driven.

With this in mind, we decided to catch up with Dean, as he gave us a quick rundown on the label and offered us his five tips for running a label in 2017. Regardless of whether you’re a newcomer at label management or an experienced dab hand, Dean offers up a wealth of pertinent information here:

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Opinion: Haters in the Electronic Music Industry

There is so much hate going on in the world today, and with the advent of the internet there is no doubt that electronic music industry is not spared from it. As such, a question has to be asked: do we need “haters” in the electronic music industry?

You will be surprised by the answer we are about to give here because that answer is yes, haters are needed.

We know you’re already asking us,”Why? What for?” Let us explain:

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Sense Traxx: The Difference and Similarities Between Large and Established Labels and New Ones

Simon Shaw, founder of Sense Traxx

Sense Traxx  is a record label and event brand that really starting to make a name for itself in the underground circuit of its home city of London.

Simon Shaw, the brain behind Sense Traxx, started the project as an annual party at his house, eventually having to move it to a legit venue in Southend once more than 150 people started turning up. “Sense” quickly became one of the most talked-about underground nights in the area, with guests such as Josh Butler, Doorly, Jonas Rathsman, GW Harrison, Riva Starr, Emanuel Satie and more all appearing behind the decks. Since, the Sense party brand has hosted parties in Ibiza, London, Luxemburg, Switzerland and more.

The brand launched its label, Sense Traxx, in March 2016 hitting Traxsource #1 with their Julyan Dubson “Make A Thing” release, and hosting other standout releases such as Kalyde “Tied,” James Curd’s “Balloon Talk,” Tobias” “Fya Bun” and South Royston’s “Work It Out.” Simon used to work A&R at Defected and has since moved on to run Kerri Chandler’s Madhouse and MadTech, bringing his experience and expertise to Sense Traxx.

We asked Simon to dive into his experience working with large labels and launching his own, and to dissect the differences and similarities between the two:

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The Need For Change In Nightlife Security

These days you wouldn’t be blamed for worrying for your safety at a music event, especially with growing concerns over gun violence and terrorist attacks. Sadly no venue is safe as far as these threats are concerned, not even the nightclubs. This year alone saw a number of these incidents happen in nightclubs, such as the shooting at the Peppermint Club and the attack at the Reina Club in Istanbul, Turkey, not to mention last year’s shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

This is unfortunate considering that nightclubs are considered to be places where one can unwind and have fun, where incidences of violence are a remote possibility as people escape the woes and worries of daily life by seeking refuge on music-filled dance floors. Today, however, we live in a different time. Sadly this means that nightlife security must be prepared more than ever to face the growing realities and dangers that come with being at a music venue, nightclub, concert hall or the like. The old ways of doing nightlife security are not enough anymore, and changes must be made to tackle them more effectively.

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Building Your DJ/Producer Team

Being a DJ/producer has often been perceived as a one-person act. People are easy to think the artists do a lot by themselves, not just playing tracks but also handling equipment, getting gigs, marketing, etc.

What many do not realize is that DJs cannot do all these alone. That is why most successful artistse mploy a team who handle the different aspects of the industry. In essence, they help take away some of the more strenuous and time consuming aspects DJs and producers have to deal with so they can concentrate more on their music. At the end of the day why not leave the experts of their own individual fields take care of things so that the artist can focus on their music?

Depending on the artist, the team may include one person, a few key people or a whole team, each handling specific matters. Regardless of the number, the artist’s team should have the following key people in place, or at best their functions taken care of professionally whether by one person or multiple people:

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10 Crucial Lessons From The Nightlife Industry

Joe Vargas was a training officers for reservists in the Navy who first ventured into the nightlife industry in 2005 when he organized an event for the Empire Ballroom and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Since then, he steadily made his way to success in the scene despite no prior knowledge or business background.

Now, he has shared the things he has learned about the industry from being immersed in it for over a decade, all for the purpose of helping those looking to enter the sector. If you are looking to getting in the nightlife industry, you should definitely keep in mind these 10 important lessons:  Read more

Why Data is Important for a Nightlife Venue or Business to be Profitable

Today we live in the information age and data has become a vital tool in the way business is being done. Even for those whose business is managing clubs, bars, or other event/music venues, the use of data has become an important and vital element in determining how well their business is faring, or what needs to be changed to improve the bottom line and thus business sustainability. Read more

Lessons From Amsterdam’s Night Mayor

In the last several years Amsterdam has been at the forefront of the nightlife industry as far as changes and innovations are concerned, and we’re not just talking about marijuana legalization and the city’s entire approach to it. In 2012 the city introduced the concept of having a “Nachtburgemeester,” or a Night Mayor. Read more

The Fyre Festival Disaster Could Mean Bad News for New Promoters

So much has been said about the unmitigated disaster that the supposedly promising Fyre Festival turned into. Sadly, the fallout from the disastrous event isn’t ending any time soon as lawsuits continue to be filed against the organizers of the festival-turned-fiasco.

But make no mistake, this isn’t the first time that event fiascoes have happened. In the past we have heard news of concerts and festivals that have gone wrong, mainly due to poor events management and the lack of much needed promotion. But the Fyre Festival fiasco was another level altogether. It was the perfect example of all event management failures put together into one, culminating into the biggest festival PR fiasco of all time. Despite the crazy amount of celebrity and “influencer” promotion put behind Fyre Festival, the event only hit mainstream media once it its crazy shortcomings were divulged throughout social media. Read more