Lessons From Amsterdam’s Night Mayor

In the last several years Amsterdam has been at the forefront of the nightlife industry as far as changes and innovations are concerned, and we’re not just talking about marijuana legalization and the city’s entire approach to it. In 2012 the city introduced the concept of having a “Nachtburgemeester,” or a Night Mayor. Read more

The Fyre Festival Disaster Could Mean Bad News for New Promoters

So much has been said about the unmitigated disaster that the supposedly promising Fyre Festival turned into. Sadly, the fallout from the disastrous event isn’t ending any time soon as lawsuits continue to be filed against the organizers of the festival-turned-fiasco.

But make no mistake, this isn’t the first time that event fiascoes have happened. In the past we have heard news of concerts and festivals that have gone wrong, mainly due to poor events management and the lack of much needed promotion. But the Fyre Festival fiasco was another level altogether. It was the perfect example of all event management failures put together into one, culminating into the biggest festival PR fiasco of all time. Despite the crazy amount of celebrity and “influencer” promotion put behind Fyre Festival, the event only hit mainstream media once it its crazy shortcomings were divulged throughout social media. Read more

Marijuana and the Nightlife Industry

It would have been unthinkable 30 years ago, but as marijuana legalization continues to make inroads in some form or another in many parts of the world, many businesses are looking at the possible opportunities it offers. This is especially so in the United States, where different states find themselves progressing at differing speed toward full legalization.

One example highlighting this is the recently celebrated cannabis “holiday”, the unofficial celebration held every April 20th. Fortune reported that it was not just the marijuana business that enjoyed major returns around that day, but that even other businesses like bars and clubs enjoyed major gains from the celebration of 4/20. In sheer terms of foot traffic, reports show that there was a marked 8% increase among nightlife spots and 36% for liquor stores that day, all directly connected to the holiday.

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The 4 Key Reasons Why Promoters Fail

Every promoter wishes for a successful event, be it a concert, a live performance, a club night, a warehouse party or a major festival. After all, promoters spend considerable time and money to plan and execute events of all sizes. Yet sometimes, despite these efforts, there are instances that the events end up being a disappointment. Of course, there are some that failed because of circumstances beyond their control. In many cases though, such failures were a result of promoters not knowing the intricacies that make events successful in the first place.
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Medical Care at Electronic Music Festivals

While medical care is not spotlighted much in any electronic dance music festival, this does not discount its critical importance. In fact, medical care is, and should be, a constant in events such as this and others as well.

The critical importance of medical care is all the more apparent given the unique environment present at an music festival where electronic music is focus. The fact that most attendees belong to a younger, healthier demographic and there is the danger of drugs and alcohol lurking around makes medical care in such events even more challenging. As such, it is important that the medical facilities and personnel assigned to such events are able to address the possible situations that may arise in such events.

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How Clubs and Other Event Venues Can Be More Sustainable and Profitable

Clubs and other music venues have benefited greatly in recent years with the increasing patronage of live and electronic music fans. In the United States in particular, business has been great for many of these venues as electronic music continues to boom and spaces are now being filled to the brim during events of all sizes and types.

However, there are challenges that still remain. The main one remains instability, essentially the fact that the revenue that these venues depend on is as unpredictable as ever. Thus, on top of ensuring events are successful by using the Industry Resources we provide on our site, we also highly encourage venues take alternative action to ensure continued operation.

Brendon Anthony, the director of the Texas Music Office, suggests a couple of steps that venues should undertake to make their business more sustainable and profitable.

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Tips for Better Time Management for Promoters

Promoters in the festival and nightlife industry are constantly handling a lot of tasks on a daily basis. Time management is an imperative skill they need to master in order to balance their professional and personal lives and ensure everything gets done. Being a promoter means being an entrepreneur and applying hands-on business skills to your job daily, oftentimes working around the clock dealing with tight deadlines and with multiple fires to extinguish to ensure everything at their event goes just right.

Below are some key time management tricks that will help you, as a promoter, get more done in less time:

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Making Promoter Meetings Worth Your Time

Being a promoter who plans a concert or music festival means a lot of work. Much of that work revolves around one thing: collaboration. From fellow project organizers to the personnel working at the event venue, you need to constantly communicate with your team and work together to ensure the success of any event you are working on.

While this is pretty much a no-brainer, the challenge lies in the manner of communicating with them, which also includes the necessity of holding meetings to prepare for these events. While they can sometimes appear to be a waste of time, meetings are necessary to ensure the details of the event are planned out and the team is adequately coordinated. If not handled properly, however, the meeting itself can become more of an issue itself. In fact, a recent survey shows that 25% of event organizers cite meetings as the biggest barrier to productivity in their day-to-day life. Read more

How To Make The Most Out Of An Event Failure

As any event organizer will tell you, you cannot always expect an event to go exactly as you hoped it would. Of course, it pays to prepare for any situation that may arise in the event to ensure everything goes smoothly. But sometimes, no matter how well you have prepared, there are those instances that will completely catch you off-guard, and especially so if disruptions are caused by factors beyond your control.

While you cannot do anything in the event of those unforeseen situations, you can, however, control how you get to react in those situations. It is important to remember that your reaction in such cases can make the difference between a slight blip and a massive, show-stopping issue.

Here are some helpful tips to help you control the situation in case of an “event fail”:

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Successful event websites

3 Ways to Build Successful Event Websites That Sell Tickets

People go to an event website to get information from a trusted source. It means they must trust your website before they visit it, especially as they are likely to be more familiar with other ticketing websites out there. Building that trust is vital to take unfamiliar site visitors to committed attendees, so how can we make people trust our website enough to purchase tickets for an event?

Filip Matous, a renowned Digital Strategist and author of How to Get Your Website Noticed, made a webinar on how to add trust signals to your website to make people visit more. Here are the key pointers to have successful event websites that sells tickets:

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