Why You Should Stop CDJ Shaming (A Message to Vinyl Purists)


It seems that the prevalence of CDJ shaming is a direct result of the rise of vinyl-exclusive DJs.

Hey, I incredibly enjoy an all vinyl set when it comes around, but to those who negatively label CDJ users as talentless laypersons are completely missing the point.

Technology has directly revolutionized the dance music community, especially with regards to accessibility, capability, and creativity when it comes becoming and being a DJ in today’s world.

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Q&A and Global Vibe Radio Episode 046 feat. Torsten Kanzler


6AM’s Global Vibe Radio Episode 046 comes straight from Germany, a 60-minute live techno recording by Torsten Kanzler.

Torsten Kanzler’s live sets are known to lead to controlled excess like no other. Like a chief engineer he takes his crowd into a universe of mind-blowing drum-arrangements, creaking synths and warm growling basslines, using “Maschine“ of Native Instrument and two Allen & Heath Xone K2. His direct interaction combined with a spontaneous set with up to four decks spinning is making Torsten Kanzler an exception – a league of his own.

In recent years Torsten has traveled the globe with gigs in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Venezuela, Argentina and more, including festival appearances at Nature One, Rave on Snow and Amsterdam Dance Event just to name a few. His powerful and profound techno productions, headed by his album Analog Systems released in 2015, have gained him support by the fellow peers the likes of Richie Hawtin, Sam Paganini and Adam Beyer.

Torsten was kind enough to deliver a 60-minute live recording for the latest episode of Global Vibe Radio, and to chat with us a little about his career and what he has in store for 2017.

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Watch This Documentary About Glasgow’s Thriving Underground After-Hours Scene


Glasgow, a city that truly knows how to party.

The largest city in Scotland is known to be a hot-bed for skillful DJs and producers, in large part thanks to a thriving nightlife scene with several world-renowned clubs the likes of Sub Club, La Cheetah and SWG3.

But beyond the clubs, there’s a deep underground after-hours scene that is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about in the world. i-D has decided to explore this late-night/early-morning world through a mini-documentary that dives deep into the city’s underground scene and the players that are making it shine.

“Discontent with the current political climate, they are artfully rebelling, reclaiming the city and throwing illegal after-hours parties. In this love letter to inner-city Scottish misfits, we discover more about the ripple effects of regeneration on Glaswegian youth culture.” — i-D

Watch the documentary in full below:

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A Timeless Night at Do Not Sit On The Furniture in Miami


Guest post by Jennifer King

As I drove away from the luminous sunset and into the cloudless dusk on my drive to South Beach Miami towards Do Not Sit On The Furniture, I immediately knew I was in for an impassioned and magniloquent musical chef d’oeuvre with diverse notes on my entrée. The archetype at Do Not Sit… is artlessly timeless.

As always, the experience is a lavish plate of echoing and swirling vibes are floating with mystery in an elaborate and multifaceted ambience.

The family and staff at Do Not Sit On The Furniture are supremely positive and welcoming. Dancing alongside the skillful DJs after their sets and, in the case of this particular night, with the DJ’s company the likes of New York City’s Delfic, is all a part of an typical outing at Do Not Sit.

Other industry paragons will be subservient by your side as you rollick the night away into a memorable bliss. Do Not Sit On The Furniture is indefatigable and true to its tone and consistency, making it timeless attraction.

Passions, intentions, motivations, and challenges are all coming to mind as I sit on the furniture over different areas of the club to really feel the vibrations of the music. It was effortless to sit as the furniture was completely vacant as a result of the entire venue dancing with intention, taking the club’s name to literal heart.

I danced as if I were comfortable at home, of course. The feeling of subtle xylophone chimes and courageous breaks vibrated through my core, as a hint of  classy jazz inspiration brought everything home during a particularly memorable track.

The sound at Do Not Sit On The Furniture radiates. It evokes in my mind that now now “vintage New York” sound that I used to dance my ass off to at the original Le Souk on Avenue B and 4th Street in Alphabet City, where I lived and thrived endlessly.

As I am there, I speak to the owners of the club, Behrouz and Megan Nazari, and ask,What feel in atmosphere at Do Not Sit On The Furniture depicts the overall sound in comparison to the ‘playa tech’ sound at Burning Man as well as the free- spirited sound at Love Burn?

“The acoustics and customizations with the analog processor and the unique make of the speakers hold it volumes above the amplified sound travel that one hears at Burning Man or Love Burn,” explains Behrouz. “Burning man sound as an art form has an unfair advantage over other art forms when the bass cannot be effectively contained with any structures.”

“At Do Not Sit On The Furniture the sound system is one-of-a-kind. I seek out custom made speakers with an Eastern origin that truly gives the sound an acoustic advantage. You can be anywhere in the venue and you will hear the music differently but never too high-sounding and intense or inaudible and subdued,” he continues. “Extra speaker components are also an important factor to take the rhythm of. Also, tuning the sound just right to an Allen and Heath or Pioneer is essential. Although I believe the sound is on point, at Do Not Sit there is always room for improvement.”

This brings me to wonder and ask, “What do you feel are the biggest challenges within your intention limitations for Do Not Sit On The Furniture? Do you feel ataraxia more or less of the time?” The response is perhaps expected, as they begin talking about the fairly small size of the venue. “Size can be a limitation. Some industry people do not like to explore and will remain creatures of habit. Although Do Not Sit On The Furniture is ahead of the curve for most all taste makers, it is still vital to prepare in advance. The staff has become our family and when everyone is happy and loving the music and what they are doing, there is that feeling of tranquility.”

So what are the true motivations and ambitions behind Megan and Behrouz’ work at Do Not Sit? As I begin to wonder, the answer comes from Megan, “We aim to create a platform for up and coming artists which we currently do. Because the community can be lacking, helping each other out with support is a goal of ours for sure. Also Behrouz’s motivation is to go out and enjoy the music and the sound and curate artists for more new music that compliments the original sound at Do Not Sit On The Furniture.”

Earlier in the night, upon arrival at the club, I had a sit-down dinner with one of the artists set to play that night, the talented Adrian Myd for “Magician On Duty”. We were able to capture his intentions behind the custom “fabulous” hats that he has had in the works for the staff at the venue. The hats offer a unique experience and “somewhat of a show to embellish special wardrobe features.” Believe me when I convey Magician On Duty’s true artistic expertise. Adrian Myd has innumerable projects in his creation including intricate hats, custom key chains and coasters, just to name a nanoscale few. 

do not sit 3

As a Miami resident with playing experience at a variety of venues in the city, I wondered how he felt the sound at Do Not Sit compared to other clubs. “Having lived in Miami for the past ten years, I have been fortunate enough to be able to play in most of the city’s underground nightclubs. I can firmly say that Do Not Sit on The Furniture is my favorite. I think in terms of musical direction, Do Not Sit is at least two-three years ahead of most of the nightclubs. Obviously, having an underground dance music legend, Behrouz, as the owner of the club the events are extremely well crafted.”

He goes on to say that he believes, “the people that frequent the club are sophisticated, very musically savvy and they are all about having a great time! Living in an age of technology is extremely rewarding. When I walk into the club and I do not see anyone checking their phone, or sitting on the furniture, that is truly joyful.”

Magician On Duty has been running two record labels for the past three years and most notably the music from the imprints has been supported by the likes of Behrouz, Hoj, Joseph Capriati, Madmotormiquel, Rampue, Birds Of Mind, Marymoon, Denite, Riva Starr, Hraach, BLANCah, Jamie Jones, Josephine Retour, Lea Dobricic, Martin Kremser, Philipp Kempnich, Ran Salman, Sascha Cawa, Stas Drive, Alex Schaufel, Clawz SG, Leevey, Talul and many more.

“Recently, Behrouz invited me to host my own night and I am beyond ecstatic to showcase my sound and concept,” he said.

Next up I speak to Tara Brooks, a Los Angeles based artist also on the bill for the night. I ask her how she became involved with the Do Not Sit family. She opens up, “I am happy to say that I have known Behrouz Nazari for years now. We met before we performed in the same venue in San Diego called Voyeur. Since, it has been this mystical voyage into a journey of home. Do Not Sit On The Furniture is always and has been so comfortable that it feel like home. It is an honor and I feel truly grateful every time I play at the club. The vibe exudes a genuine intimacy, and it’s always an enlightened experience.”

Tara is passionate on stage, able to get the entire club grooving as one. When I have a chance, I ask her about that passion in performing at the well-managed, eclectic yet fairly small (when compared to other venues) club. “‘My home away from home’, I always say, because this family makes me feel like I am ‘home’. I have acknowledged that Do Not Sit On The Furniture has always remained consistent with its classy and captivating character as well as enticing ambience. My artistic passion is heartfelt when I play here.”

From a soft and modest woman to a strong warrior goddess, Tara whispers when she comes in but yet she comes in tough and vigorous as an artist. For myself, at Eagle Sound Agency, I am in an atmospheric heaven of sort when she is playing.

Tara’s stylistic hands drop the bass while vibrating my soul chords. She brings in a siren sound that moves the furniture around, transitions spiraling like thread to a spool spinning fabric, threading on an ambiguous tone that tunes the room to a fierce but graceful lust.


 As an entity and creative music venue that produces the type of  genres and talent that Do Not Sit On The Furniture does, it is safe to say this is the best underground scene in South Miami Beach. Everything is on point from the sound to the atmosphere to the vibe. Atmospheric lust, where sound seeks beyond expectation. Truly the home of vibe extraordinaire.

Connect with Do Not Sit On The Furniture: Online | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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The Music Business Has a Gender Problem and This Is What Everyone in the Industry Can Do About It


You are lying to yourself if you think that the music business does not have a gender problem. Whether you’re a DJ, producer, promoter or work for a record label, the signs and evidence are all around you: female DJs are grossly under-represented on lineups (and not due to lack of skill), mansplaining occurs even at the highest level with international touring acts, stories of sexual assault and misogyny continuously pop up left, right and center and of course the typical rebuttal to all of this sounds something along the lines of, “she fucked her way to the top and doesn’t even make her own music.”

Having been involved with the dance music industry in the United States for the past five years, I have noticed the uneasy and lopsided pressure on women in music. In the fall of 2016, at the Sørveiv conference in Norway, a panel was conducted on the subject of gender in music that led to a revealing discussion that highlighted several key points on the subject. A man, interestingly enough, took a stance and argued that women simply need more role models, once again putting blame on women for the gender plight that is so pervasive in this industry. The gender problem is not just a woman problem, it’s a problem every single member of the music community is responsible for in one way or another, and shifting the blame back to women is not only irresponsible and short-sighted, but only serves to cement the status quo that we find ourselves debating in the first place.

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Is Heart Nightclub in Miami Becoming the Marathon-Set Capital of the World?

unnamed (1)

Miami has long been known as being the one city in the United States known for hosting marathon techno and house sets, especially thanks to Space Club’s iconic terrace and the long list of top-tier acts it has hosted over the years.

Right next door, however, it’s Heart Nightclub that has recently been making headlines as the club leading the charge of marathon sets. In a city where 6-8 hour sets are the norm, Heart has recently featured performances that have stretched past the 13-hour mark and then some. Marco Faraone and Erick Morillo each hit the decks for 13-hours, Hector & David Gtronic played b2b for 13.5, Solomun spun an uninterrupted 14, The Martinez Brothers lasted an impressive 20, and the club’s Art Basel weekend included a breath-taking 40-hours of non-stop music from various DJs, setting the new record in Miami for longest running hours in a night club.

Behind the carefully curated parties is promotion company Humans Alike, who have set the tone for the vibe on the Heart dance floor, following a remodeling of the 20,000 sq ft multi-room club that is also fitted with a German-engineered Dynacord Corba 3 sound system and the very best in visual and audio composition.

Travis Rogers is one of the partners at the helm of Humans Alike, a group formed together with Louis Diaz, John Fortini and Giancarlo Chia. Travis is a promoter with extensive experience in Miami that includes years of work at Club Space just next door. We had the chance to talk to him to discuss the vision behind Heart’s recent focus on marathon sets and what this means for the club as Miami Music Week approaches.

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Win 2 Tickets to Inception Saturdays at Exchange LA ft. Green Velvet & Dosem


On Saturday, February 18th Exchange LA will be hosting a selection of techno and house artists as part of its Inception Saturdays series hosted by Insomniac.

The event will see Chicago techno and house legend Green Velvet headline the night. Supporting performances will be provided courtesy of Suara’s Dosem and Los Angeles-based Human Resources. The Gallery will be hosted by 6AM and will showcase music by Paul Cowling (Melt), Jorge Bejarano B2B Rahmos (Patria Undrgrnd), Frazier|Smith (Understated) and Eric J B2B Jonny Maven (6AM)

Tickets and RSVP for discounted entry before 11pm are available here. We are giving you the chance of winning 2 GA tickets to the show. To enter, simply follow the instructions in the widget below. The winner will be selected and announced at 8pm on Wednesday, February 15th!

Please note: If you are having difficulty opening/entering this contest via cell phone, try the following:

      1. Open this link directly on Safari or another designated web browser (not through the FB or Twitter apps)
      2. If the above fails, try via desktop computer.

Win 2 Tickets to Green Velvet and Dosem at Exchange LA (Contest on Hive.co)
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Music Monday: Listen to Adriatique’s Essential Mix Debut


In this week’s appointment with Music Monday we listen back to Adriatique’s Essential Mix debut from this past Friday.

The two Adrians paired up for their first Essential Mix on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 show, delivering two hours of forward-thinking music that incorporates their signature melodic and dark house, paired with modern cuts and hypnotic, entrancing elements.

Recorded in a club in Basel for optimal sound, the mix is peppered with enthralling instrumentation, captivating soundscapes and the addictive hypnotic vocals that have made the Diynamic duo one of the most respected acts in today’s underground dance music circuit. The recording includes music from Peter Kruder, Mano le Tough and Larry Heard, as well as new music from Adriatique themselves.

Listen to the mix via BBC Radio 1 or via SoundCloud below:

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Photo Gallery: Paul Oakenfold Delivers Opening Deep House Set for Yoshitoshi’s Sharam at Sound Nightclub


This past Saturday club goers at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles were treated to something special and unique when they showed up at the Hollywood venue for Sharam.

The Yoshitoshi label-head and one-half of Deep Dish was given the proper room warm-up treatment by another legend of dance music, Paul Oakenfold. The Perfecto Records boss took control of the decks at the Hollywood club early in the night, playing a surprise opening set filled with entrancing tunes and deep, melodic house.

The performance once again underscored Oakenfold’s prowess as a track selector, allowing everyone lucky enough to be in attendance to witness the veteran DJ and producer steer away from his pure signature Trance and Progressive side toward something deeper and, in this particular case, unique.

Enjoy the photo gallery from the night below:


[slideshow_deploy id=’23472′]


Photos by Troy Acevedo

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Internal Communication Tools To Keep Your Event Team Organized


One of the biggest issues young and new promoters face is keeping their team synched and organized. Most of the time and out of habit, it’s easy to find yourself depending on online messengers and text messaging. While these are okay when you’re having a day-to-day normal conversation, you can never be dependent on these things when giving assignments and important information as you can lose track of valuable details and overlook due dates. We couldn’t stress how crucial communication is in order to increase efficiency and productivity amongst team members.

There are a wide range of internal communication tools available in the market right now but we have chosen 10 of the best ones to get you started in better organizing your event team, regardless of how big or small.

Email Over Verbal/Text/Unregulated Chat

E-mail is a trustworthy form of written and internal communication tool that almost everyone in the world uses. It is without a doubt better than verbal, text, or unregulated chat when dealing with business matters. As a promoter, you have to keep track of your daily-to-dos and follow up your team members on how they’re handling their assignments. Although a text message could do the trick, it is important to remember that text messages can easily get mixed up and you can result in lost details along the way.

Use of e-mails over Facebook chat or regular texting is strongly encouraged for a wide variety of reasons. With e-mails there is always a trace of every conversation you’ve had with your clients, event sponsors, and team members which you can later use for reference and/or legal purposes.


Slack is an exceptional online internal communication tool with a vast assortment of options and settings. It may not contain everything you’re looking for in a communication tool but it certainly is the best for group messaging and back-channel chat. Slack is real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams, with some added bonus features thrown into the mixture.

Enter Slack. “You don’t want your phone buzzing in your pocket all day,” says Hardie. “So you can just do it through Slack, instead.” Indeed, Slack offers all the functionality of texting, and more: The features designed to make the workplace more playful—GIFs, embedded songs from Spotify, custom emoji, funny replies from Slackbot—turn out to be equally fun with friends.


Asana is a flexible and well-designed online internal communication tool which specializes in workflow and task management. As a promoter, you can use Asana to keep track of your daily assignments and to-dos. It’s also a good way to keep track of your members workflow. It is far more productive than an e-mail and certainly better than any text messaging app, as it allows you to see progress for any project without scheduling a status meeting or sending an email, enabling teams to move work from start to finish.

You can check their pricing information here.

Facebook at Work

You want to stick to Facebook? Sure, but at least make sure you switch to Workplace by Facebook! Facebook has developed a new internal communication tool that is perfect for new and young promoters, following the same functionality utilized by the regular Facebook site while at the same time being specifically designed for the workplace.

We’ve brought the best of Facebook to the workplace — whether it’s basic infrastructure such as News Feed, or the ability to create and share in Groups or via chat, or useful features such as Live, Reactions, Search and Trending posts. This means you can chat with a colleague across the world in real time, host a virtual brainstorm in a Group, or follow along with your CEO’s presentation on Facebook Live.

We’ve also built unique, Workplace-only features that companies can benefit from such as a dashboard with analytics and integrations with single sign-on, in addition to identity providers that allow companies to more easily integrate Workplace with their existing IT systems. (Source: newsroom.fb.com)


Allo is an online chat application created by Google for Android and Apple devices. It is regarded as a beneficial internal communication tool by event promoters, producers, and even student groups. It is integrated with Google Assistant and does most things you would expect from a messaging application like sending pictures, stickers, and group chats. It also identifies you by your phone number or Google ID which make sit easier for your business contacts to sync.

Introducing Google Allo, a smart messaging app that helps you say more and do more. Express yourself better with stickers, doodles, and HUGE emojis & text. Allo also brings you the Google Assistant.


Your easy way to figure things out, together.

Another Google application, Spaces lets Gmail users make a group via invitations and start conversations regarding different topics. You are also allowed to share links, videos, images, and even articles. One of the amazing features of this internal communication tool is that it allows you to browse through shared links without leaving the app. Mainly because Google has unified its services like Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome in this application.

Furthermore, Spaces allows a free flowing communication with lots of people in a group and lets you search past conversations with ease. Definitely better than text messaging! When someone shares a new message or file, a conversational view allows you to look at the entire group’s chat at that certain moment. In instances where you want to review past topics or conversations, you can use Spaces quick search feature to find what you’re looking for.


“Forget email, communicate and discuss your projects in real time, with all the right people.”

Workgroup is aimed towards professionals and people who converse and deal with multiple clients and businesses, thus the name Workgroup. It’s basically an application that makes group work communication effortless, faster, and more convenient through online messaging. While a lot of internal communication tools like emails and Slack are more popular, these could leave you with long chain emails with endless CCs and such. Workgroup saves you from such hassle.


An internal communication tool that organizes your projects into boards and cards. Trello is a great tool for promoters to keep your team and workflow organized. It has a minimalist but highly customizable interface, especially if you own a Premium Account. The drag and drop feature makes it fairly easy to use even for beginners, and you can arrange your cards by colors to specify its hierarchy on the priority list and represent groups. Trello also shows you what projects are being worked on and who are working on them at one glance.

On top of it, Trello’s Slack plugin is an excellent feature.

Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.

Google Documents, Sheets and Slides

Google Documents, Sheets and Slides are a free and impressive online suite of office applications which are accessible from web browsers and various portable mobile devices. All three features have an an elegant visual design packed with great features, enabling promoters to work effortlessly with their team both remotely and none, thanks to Cloud file sharing. You can also chat with your group members directly inside a document or add comments with their e-mail addresses, allowing for modifications, corrections and reference on the go and from anywhere in the world with internet connection. With Google Docs, Sheets and Slides it is easier to work together as a team with one document at the same time.

Google Docs brings your documents to life with smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs. Choose from hundreds of fonts, add links, images, and drawings. All for free.

Dropbox for Business

Dropbox is well-known for its sharing and syncing features. Unlike the personal account, Dropbox for Business is integrated with additional security and amazing features, one of which is its unlimited version history cache. This enables users to recover past/lost documents. They also allow users to retrieve deleted files through their web application simply by clicking on the deleted items icon.

As a promoter, it is important to keep a record of all documents relating to your event planning and transactions. It is also ideal to keep records of past events that may deem useful for future planning. It also allows you to share your files with your team members and even people outside your team like clients and sponsors. Dropbox for Business makes saving and sharing documents easy as a breeze.

Securely share, sync, and collaborate

Dropbox Business is the secure file sharing and storage solution that employees love and IT admins trust.

For a list of Dropbox Business Plan comparisons, click here.

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