Coachella 2017: How Accurate Was The Predicted/Rumored Lineup?

Coachella 2017


When we originally published this article, it was a collection of Coachella 2017 lineup rumors, predictions and confirms. Up until early December we continued to update it with as much accurate information we could find from reliable published sources as well as industry insider information, and we got pretty darn close.

How close? The predictions was 67% in naming the headliners and major undercards that were finally announced on January 3rd. Overall the line-up was 55% correct, with the techno and house acts in the Yuma Tent admittedly the least accurate predictions of the entire bill. We have left the article as-is from our initial publishing date, but below you can see the final line-up (left) and fake leaked line-up (right) which, although not made by us,  was mostly based on the predictions we reported on:


With Coachella 2017’s lineup release scheduled for early January, artist rumors, confirmations and predictions are beginning to fly.

The ladies and gentlemen at Travel Grom have been meticulously working to scrape information to solidify and confirm these rumors based on verifiable information extrapolated from a myriad of different sources including band’s tour dates, booking sheets for Goldenvoice-owned venues,  random tips and emails from industry insiders, Coachella forums and clues that the bands tweet or make public in magazine interviews. Their prediction list last year was 64% accurate, meaning that it’s extremely likely that over half of the acts predicted this year will be on the lineup announced in January.

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Q&A: Meet Alexander Aurel, Frankfurt’s Cutting-Edge New School Producer


Alexander Aurel is one of the cutting edge new school producers hailing from Frankfurt. He has released on Anja Schneider’s Mobilee and Monika Kruse’s Terminal M label, among many. Alexander is about to drop his first collaborative single with Danny Serrano on Leena, his second personal release on the label which has so far received early support from John Digweed, Richie Hawtin, Monkia Kruse, Damian Lazarus, Nicole Moudaber, Nic Fanciulli, Claude Von Stroke and more.

Scheduled for Beatport Exclusive release on January 20th and full release on February 3rd, Collapse is a three-track EP containing a collab and a solo production each from Alexander and Danny. 6AM checked in with Alexander to find out more about his forthcoming work and more:

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BREAKING NEWS: Shooting at The BPM Festival Closing Party, 5 Reported Deaths

BPM Logo

We are receiving news from the ground at The BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen that a mass shooting took place during the Elrow party tonight, part of the closing parties on the last night of the 10-day festival.

Initial reports talked of 8 dead, but the confirmed toll reported by news agencies around the world such as CNN and The Telegraph point to 5 dead. The shooting took placed at Blue Parrot with a second shooting at The Jungle also reported by some and denied by others. As these reports came in fresh The BPM Festival officially closed all parties for the night and advised everyone to stay inside.


We received a text from our team on the ground at 12:52am PST on the morning of Monday stating:

“Mass shooting at Blue Parrot during the El Row party. 4-6 confirmed

All BPM party got shut down

Now it’s confirmed at 8″

As the news broke out, The BPM Festival and Jackmaster tweeted about the incidents, as you can see below. Early rumors suggest that this was a cartel-related incident although nothing official has been confirmed yet.

UPDATE: Since, The BPM Festival has released the following statement:


Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 1.17.16 AM




Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 1.44.02 AM


Promoters, This Is How You Should Use Instagram To Sell More Tickets

Instagram is without a doubt one of the strongest promotion tools on the Internet. With its easy-to-use and pleasing to the eyes interface, it is statistically the best and most used photo sharing platforms and apps in the world. As a promoter, you want to showcase your events and sell it to potential attendees — not just in your immediate market area but far beyond it also.

Instagram let’s you do that. The right picture or video paired with matching captions and hashtags allow you to pick up more ticket-buyers than you could have previously reached. But are you using Instagram as a marketing tool correctly? We have prepared a few tips to let you maximize Instagram to its full potential, with the aim of hopefully raising more ticket sales. Promoters, this is how you should use Instagram to sell more tickets:


People scroll through Instagram not to read captions but to look at photos. If you captivate their eyes with amazing event-related photographs, then they’ll take the time to read your caption and possibly buy a ticket to your upcoming event.

Make sure to upload high-quality photos, and regularly post event posters to promote what is coming. As we have mentioned, Instagram users usually look at photos, so uploading your event flyers amidst other high-quality graphics promoting your event will let your followers and potential attendees know about it and lessen the risk of them scrolling right through it.

In addition, try to use less Instagram filters. You want to showcase your events to potential attendees, so the crisper and clearer your photos are the better. Most of the times, “Instagrammers” follow accounts that are artistic and attractive. So find out the aesthetics and branding that you want for your Instagram page and stick to it. It is important for your page to be consistent with your branding. See below for examples of well-branded and consistent promoter Instagram accounts, including Amsterdam Dance Event, Awakenings, CRSSD Fest and Movement Detroit.


Your photographs will capture your audience’s attention but your work does not end there. You still have to put a caption: it is the voice to your visual contents. Grab this opportunity to explain what your event is all about, what attendees can expect musically and non and relevant information on how they can purchase tickets. Depending on the particular post, you can share interesting selling points on the artists featured on your line-up or on the venue chosen for the event. It is also great to get your users engaged by asking them to tag friends where appropriate, or asking questions and inviting to leave comments on your post. The more engagement your photo gets, the more likely it is for Instagram’s algorithms to pick it and have it featured both at the top of the home newsfeed as well as the explore section.

Instagram cuts off each caption after a few sentences so be sure to put important details first, or at least something that attracts user’s attention enough so that they click to read more. Take note that you could use Instagram to sell more tickets but you have to price your event tickets correctly for a larger number of sales. Instagram does not allow for hyperlinking in captions or comments, but there are several ways you can ensure your followers still get to your ticket page — more of that later in the article.



Hashtags have everything to do with how your events could get discovered through Instagram. So be sure to create an original hashtag for each of your events and let people use it when they upload photos in relation with your parties. The right use of hashtags can surely attract new followers and potential ticket buyers for your next event.

Aside from using original hashtags, use common hashtags that are trending and pertinent to your event and brand. You can view the top hashtags on Instagram’s Search and Explore tab and try to use at least three or more on each event promotion post that you upload. This will make your posts searchable thus attracting more ticket buyers.

It’s likely that once your account is built with enough followers you won’t find the need to use as many hashtags as you did originally. At that point using 4-5 works just as efficiently.

Use Your Bio URL Wisely

Since Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links on captions, regularly update your bio’s URL. Direct it to your most recent event’s page or ticket-selling website. By clicking on your bio’s URL link, your followers or guest viewers will be redirected to a page where they can find more in-depth details of your event and purchase tickets.

Add a short note on your caption to let your viewers know that they can buy tickets through your bio link. Below is our suggestion on how to go about this:

  1. Include a link to your ticket page in your bio. Using an original link works, but the use of links can be effective in tracking how many people are accessing your ticket page from Instagram directly.
  2. Tell your followers in the photo captions that the direct ticket link can be found in your bio, but include the link anyways. If it’s easy to remember or copy, such as in the case of your festival name or a short link, followers could end up simply typing it directly into their browser.

Instagram Ads

If you have a budget set aside for advertisements, consider create an Instagram Advertisement for your event. The idea is to target it adequately so that your posts end up being seen by potential attendees that do not follow you yet, inviting them to both follow you and to buy tickets to your event.

Instagram offers different types of advertising options including photo, carousel, and video. Photo Ads are featured with a small “Sponsored” logo on the top-right corner. You could choose different call-to-action options to go along with it like Learn More, Book Now, and others. This is a sure fire way to raise your event ticket sales and drive potential attendees to your site for ticket-purchasing.

For limited time ticket sales, Instagram offers Marquee Ads. These are single-day campaigns with assured impact and placement in the top ad area of Instagram’s feed. This type of format will showcase your event’s advertisement with different styles to the same user up to thrice a day.

The reason we suggest using Instagram Ads is that the platform features specific audience targeting through your Facebook page, which is connected to your account. This means you will have all the needed and required tools to reach your target audience.




There are millions of Instagram users with new sign-ups each day and there are thousands of event promoters trying to gain the attention of potential attendees in each given market. There is no better time than today to learn how you should use Instagram to sell more tickets and start defining your own promotion style in order to stand out from the competition!

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ENOUGH With The Daft Punk Tour Rumors And Click-Bait Articles

Daft Punk 2007

UPDATED Jan 12 2017: Today marked the 67,456th day of unfounded Daft Punk rumors (just kidding, but really!). The interesting thing is that this article was first published in in 2016 and is just as applicable today as it was then, considering the recently surfaced YouTube video many are alleging alludes to a Daft Punk tour in 2017.

The video, which you can see below, has now received a staggering 385,000 plus views in a matter of 12 days. It has been re-shared by music blogs world over and used as “source” to propagate Daft Punk Alive 2017 rumors by these very same blogs without any real foundation. It’s essentially ALL click-bait.

For the past 9 years, music blogs and fans alike have been speculating on the possible return of Daft Punk. The French duo last toured in 2007, officially playing live only once since, at the 2014 Grammy Awards in support of their Grammy Award-winning album Random Access Memories.

While eager fans cannot be blamed for clinging onto the smallest of possible clues hinting to a Daft Punk return on the road, dance music news and blogs have also been jumping on the bandwagon to report on “alleged” and “possible” tours for countless years now. The latest of such unfounded rumors was spread today by most of the relevant news outlets in circulation. To say that the internet is currently flooded by what can only be regarded as completely speculative news would be an understatement.

It all began on Reddit when a user posted claiming that “Lollapalooza has a Daft Punk page on their website,” resulting in many outlets reporting the finding as reliable source of information that the duo “may” be touring in 2017. Most articles went on to speculate that since Daft Punk toured in 1997 and 2007, 2017 would mark a new 10 year anniversary of their schedule and thus “made sense”. The Reddit thread followed an apparent Lollapalooza Chile lineup leak that depicted Daft Punk on the lineup as second billing, a specific detail which led many to think that it was a hoax.

While Daft Punk’s spokesman declined to comment to NME about future live shows, a separate source told Consequence of Sound that Daft Punk has no plans to perform live next summer.

Lolla Clues Daft Punk

A simple review of Lollapalooza’s site, however, revealed what could well be an explanation for all this raucous. Up until earlier today anyone could add past artists’ names to the end of a simple URL “” to produce what appeared to be an artist database of acts that have played the festival before. This was the case for Pearl Jam, Metallica and other acts including Nirvana, a band that is definitely not going to be playing at Lollapalooza any time soon. A review of Lolla’s site revealed that tags were created for a lot of past artists such as Eminem, Nas, Vampire Weekend, Matt and Kim, Dresden Dolls, etc. At time of writing most of the above information was made newly unavailable on Lolla’s site, but the above screenshots live to tell a tale. The need for such a database is obvious for both SEO and marketing purposes, especially considering the fact that Lolla uses WordPress to host their site.

Think about this for a second: all a festival would need to do to receive free publicity from the majority of the world’s dance music blogs right now is get their web developer to add a simple “Daft Punk” page with relevant link on their website. Even innocently building an artist data base could lead to the same result.

Will Daft Punk tour in 2017? Maybe and maybe not. What I can say for sure is that the evidence being used to claim they might be touring is not evidence at all.

Farewell Obama, United States’ First President To Understand and Acknowledge the Power of House Music

FKalways Obama

Two nights ago Barack Obama, United States’ 44th President, gave his farewell speech to tens of thousands presents at Chicago’s McCormick Place and millions more watching around the country. While it is not up to us, as a news outlet that focuses on electronic music, to judge President Obama’s 8 years in the Oval Office, we find it important to remember Obama’s several personal links to house music and his history in supporting the scene we love so much.

Back in 2004, when he was still an Illinois State Senator, President Obama was directly responsible for facilitating the honorary naming of a day (August 25th) and street after Chicago House pioneer Frankie “The Godfather” Knuckles. Obama’s influence in the decision was explored during a recent episode of TV One’s Unsung.

Prior to the revelation, however, we had already learned of President’s Obama personal acknowledgement of house music and its importance in both the arts and as a cultural backbone that continuously shapes Chicago, the United States and the entire world beyond our borders. A picture of the Obamas and Knuckles surfaced in 2014 alongside a personal condolences letter penned by the President and the First Lady after Knuckles death that year. The photo of Barack and Michelle with Knuckles was actually taken at Oprah’s Legends Ball several years prior, where Knuckleswas the DJ. The letter, which you can read below, referred to Knuckles as “a trailblazer in his field,” stating that “his legacy lives on in the city of Chicago and on dance floors across the globe”. When you read the letter, note that the Obama’s carefully chosen words include mention of Knuckles’ penchant for “blending genres” — terminology so specific to the electronic music world it may be years before we hear another President utter or write anything so remotely pertinent to dance music culture.

FKAlways Letter

In 2015 President Obama personally recorded a message for the 25th Anniversary of the Chosen Few Picnic in Chicago, an annual music festival held in Jackson Park that features house music as a central focus of the celebration. In fact, Obama went so far as to invite the Chosen Few DJ’s to the White House, further underscoring his understanding and love for the cultural movement that is house music.

No matter your political affiliation and your thoughts on President Obama’s 8 years in office, it’s most certainly a fact that it will be years, if not decades, before we get another United States President with the same cultural understanding, appreciation and respect for house music as Obama’s.

But now it’s time to bid Obama farewell, and we choose to do so with one of Frankie Knuckles’ best tracks.


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Witness fabric’s Reopening Weekend Through These 30 Beautiful Photos


This past weekend we saw the curtains of fabric London finally reopen, a rejoicing moment for nightlife supporters around the world, and more so for those in the city of London.

The Islington club was packed for both nights, with Seth Troxler b2b Craig Richards, Terry Francis, Daniel Avery, Ben Sims and Anthony Parasole all featured. Enjoy the picture galleries from both nights below courtesy of Sarah Ginn and Nick Ensing


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Win 2 Tickets to Factory93: Nicole Moudaber presents MoodRAW + Special Guests

factory93 Nicole

Get in the mood for some serious techno coming your way with Nicole Moudaber presenting MoodRAW with Victor Calderone + Raiz at the warehouse of Factory 93!

While tickets are still available, we are giving you the chance to win 2 GA tickets to the event. To enter, simply follow the instructions in the widget below. The winner will be selected and announced at 8pm on Wednesday, January 18th.

Please note: If you are having difficulty opening/entering this contest via cell phone, try the following:

      1. Open this link directly on Safari or another designated web browser (not through the FB or Twitter apps)
      2. If the above fails, try via desktop computer.

Win 2 Tickets to Factory93: Nicole Moudaber presents MoodRAW + Special Guests (Contest on


Check out the FB event for full event information.
Saturday, January 21st from 9PM – 4AM // 21+ with ID

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Amsterdam Dance Event Announces 2017 Dates and International Expansion


Between the 18th and 22nd of October 2017, Amsterdam will once again be invaded by hundreds of thousands of electronic music fans and industry experts for the latest edition of Amsterdam Dance Event. Following our presence at ADE 2016, and the many lessons we learned while there, we cannot but recommend the trip for anyone involved with or passionate about dance music.

ADE has now become the world’s largest club-based festival and conference for electronic music, featuring all facets of the world’s scene from EDM to Techno and from Trance to Trap. Featuring over 2,200 artists and 550 speakers in a record-breaking 140 venues, the 2016 edition was ADE’s largest yet, with around 375,000 expected national and international visitors for the 22nd edition later this year.

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Sirus Hood Estimates He Had 100,000 Booties Shaking Last Year Ahead of North American Tour 2017 with Sacha Robotti


Instagram - ArtworkIn the next coming months, Sirus Hood and Sacha Robotti will be embarking on a 16-stop North American tour beginning on the 3rd of February in Santa Barbara and ending on April 8th at Phoenix’s Lights Festival. In between, the two producers and DJs will visit some of the region’s best known venues, including Bang Bang in San Diego, Webster Hall in New York City and Spybar in Chicago.

Paris’ Sirus Hood has risen the ranks of the French and International house scene thanks to a sound that can be best described by the two main labels he releases on: CUFF and Dirtybird. The first is the brainchild of French ghetto-house movers Amine Edge & DANCE, while the second is the unmistakable global brand spearheaded by LA-based producer and DJ Claude vonStroke. While housed on separate sides of the world, the two labels have one very distinct theme in common: they get people moving and they get booties shaking.

Sirus prides himself on adopting that very same philosophy in his productions and DJ sets, a musical benchmark that has seen him grow in popularity both back in Europe and across the pond here in the States. His latest track — a collaboration with Roland Clark entitled “I’m House” — was recently featured on Dirtybird’s New Years Special Volume 2 compilation.

You can listen to it below and purchase it on Beatport.

We talked with Sirus to discuss how he first met the Dirtybird crew, his love for hip-hop, the legalization of weed in the States and more!

Welcome back to the States! How does it feel to be back?

Thank you! It feels so good, I’m so excited to tour here, every time was a blast, and no doubt that this tour will be amazing.

Your music is definitely inspired by sounds that vary from Chicago Hip-House/Ghetto House to classic NYC house music. Tell us about the first time you came to the US, was it what you expected?

Yes, I was definitely inspired by these movements. The first time I came to the US was in Miami with my best friend, I had in mind the GTA Vice City maps and it was surprisingly similar haha. It was one of my goals to come play in the States and I am so proud to have been able to tour around the country where the music that inspires me took place.

Your music is firmly represented by two record labels, Europe’s CUFF and the US’ Dirtybird. How did you first get involved with Barclay and the rest of his team?

The first time I met him was in Miami at a Dirtybird BBQ a few years ago for the WMC. While I was queuing up to get in, Justin Martin played one of my tracks, and I said at the door “They are playing my track, please can I get in to film !” And they were kind enough to let me in directly. I met Barclay on the stage where I introduced myself. And when I heard Justin playing a second track of mine, I went up to him and told him who I was, he got crazy and carried me in front of everybody haha. Since then, we’ve kept in contact. CUFF invited Claude VonStroke to a Showcase Paris in 2015 and we played b2b. After that I released 3 tracks on his label and I hope to do more with him.

5K1A5350 credit justin prinz

If you were to guess, how many booties did you get shaking in 2016?

100 parties x 1000 people =

Then there are the streaming booties, we need to find a very complicated formula in order to sum up all the plays on internet, on Soundcloud, YouTube and Spotify. Et voila! I would say a few million booties. Not bad

What was your favorite gig of last year? Why?

I can’t decide on one particular gig, but I can say that my favorites were : Truth – Joburg (South Africa). Ministry of Sound – London (England). Decks on the Beach, Beirut (Lebanon). Sankeys – Manchester (England) for NYE.

You’re about to embark on a huge North of American tour and I am sure you’re excited for each stop. Any specific club you’re looking forward to playing?

I’m looking forward to playing again in Bang Bang San Diego, and La Cave in Orange County, next to LA. I’m also looking forward to going to Las Vegas, I’ve always wanted to go there!


What do you think about the weed legalization movement in the States?

I think that any country that encourages liberty should enable anyone to decide what is good or not for him/her. Anyway, all form of prohibition never really worked, it actually elevated criminal activity. I hope that the other “free” countries will follow this example.

Who is your favorite hip-hop artist of all time?

I’m hesitating between Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Biggie of course. With a slight preference for Dr. Dre because he is a music producer.

5K1A5597 credit justin prinz

Ok next up I’m going to ask some rapid-fire questions. Favorite food?

Ice Cream

What is your favorite 80’s jam?

Queen – I Want To Break Free

Hats or hoods?

Hats in summer, hoods in winter

Pioneer or Allen & Heath?


Favorite football/soccer team?

On FIFA, I always play with the Barcelona team

What’s your biggest tour pet peeve?

Jet Lag

5K1A5382 credit justin prinz main

Favorite country you’ve visited?


Favorite non-booty house track?

Long Time – Inland Knights

Small club or mega-club?


90’s hip-hop or current hip-hop?



All photos by Justin Prinz

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