100 Reasons You Should Attend DGTL Amsterdam 2017


Located at the NDSM Docklands in Amsterdam, DGTL Amsterdam is returning in 2017 with the intention of delivering its biggest and best festival experience to date.

This will the the festival’s 5th outing in the Dutch city, with another edition held in Barcelona and smaller events launched in both cities during festival weekends such as ADE and Open Air Barcelona. Like previous years, DGTL curates a line-up of cutting-edge electronic music, conceptual art performances & installations. All with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability.

There are 100 reasons, however, why you should join 6AM in attending DGTL Amsterdam this coming April 14th, 15th and 16th:

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“Come On, Helmets? They Need To Grow Up”: Trump’s Press Secretary Tweeted About Daft Punk

Spicer Daft Punk

It’s been an interesting week in politics, there’s no denying that. Not even a week has passed since Donald Trump took control of the United States executive branch and the media is having a field day.

Despite winning the electoral college vote and thus the presidency, Trump seems to be putting his personal ego on the line once again. To begin, he ordered his White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to turn his first official press conference into a targeted attach on the media for reporting of a sparse crowd during Trump’s inauguration last Friday. That is to say that Spicer’s first ever press conference as Trump’s White House Press Secretary, and thus Trump’s first order of business for him, was to address the attendance numbers (or lack thereof) during the inauguration, something he did by blatantly lying when he referred to the gathering as “the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period”, a statement that has been proven to be categorically false.

Spicer didn’t stop there. He took to the press conference lantern again this week to deliver another strange address, this time affirming that President Trump is a firm believer that he lost the popular vote in the election due to a rigged system that allowed millions of undocumented immigrants to vote for his rival, Hillary Clinton. Spicer confirmed that this is Trump’s belief, stating that it “has been a longstanding belief he has maintained. A concern that he has about voter fraud that’s based on information that’s been provided.” When asked about what that information is, Spicer declined to comment. After all how could he, when there’s absolutely no proof of such a thing?

Spicer’s string of interesting unpopular public opinion doesn’t stop there, and goes on to touch the world of dance music. In 2014 he took to Twitter to attack Daft Punk during their Grammy performance with Stevie Wonder: “Daft Funk — this is your 10 seconds in the spotlight – u r blowing it”.

Despite claiming to be an early fan, Spicer apparently forgot that Daft Punk have been considered standout music producers for decades,with six Grammy wins throughout their career. He then went on to say they should “grow up” for wearing helmets during the performance, as you can see from the tweets below:




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‘Beyond Home’ EP Premiere and Q&A: Meet Italian Rising Star Monophaze



Monophaze is one of Italy’s up-and-coming underground dance music producers. Based in Florence, he is about to release Beyond Home, a two-track EP out on John Norman’s UNT Records. The original is from the young Italian, and the remix comes from label boss John Norman himself.

The EP has had some great early feedback, with support from Mark Grimace, Teknobrat, Peppelino and Noah Pred, and we are proud to be premiering it for you exclusively today.

6AM caught up with Monophaze ahead of the release on January 31st.

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Smartbar Chicago Announces All Women March Lineup with Heidi, Nina Kraviz, Jane Fitz

daphne2017As one of the most inclusive venues in our community, Smartbar presents Daphne: Celebrating Female-Identifying Non-Binary Artists with an all-female lineup for the third year this March (Women’s History Month).

The first weekend will host Elysia Crampton (live) on Friday, March 3rd; and Heidi on Saturday, March 4th.

The second weekend begins with T. Mixwell on Thursday, March 9th. After more than four years, the return of Nina Kraviz on Friday, March 1oth; and Jane Fitz, Volvox on Saturday, March 11th.

The third weekend with Brooklyn based Octo Octa (live), Lady Blacktronika on Friday, March 17th and an all night set by the one and only, The Black Madonna on Saturday, March 18th.

The fourth weekend with Smartbar residents Sassmouth, Jarvi on Friday, March 24th and Cassy, Honey Dijon on Saturday, March 25th.

The fifth and final weekend begins with Neon Falls with Eris Drew (live) on Thursday, March 30th and closing out duties by Lake Effect with K-Hand on Friday, March 31st.

Smartbar has consistently supported and welcomed woman-identified and non-binary artists. They also identify them as the leaders they are through triumphant efforts for a diverse community.

“We work hard to place woman-identified and non-binary artists in positions of leadership in our club on a consistent and ever-increasing basis.

Women have been central part of the architecture smartbar’s residents program for almost 20 years—long before equality in dance music was a hot-button topic.”

They continue to spread the message of learning and growing together, which is critical to our progression on the matter.

“We welcome everyone to participate, learn and grow with us through the series which will feature both club events and workshops.”

You can purchase tickets here.

Full Lineup:


Facebook announcement:

Awakenings Celebrates 20 Years with Festival Lineup Featuring Sven Väth, Tale Of Us, Marcel Dettmann and more


Following this coming April’s 20 Year Anniversary celebrations at Amsterdam’s Gashouder, Awakenings plans to continue the party on June 24th and 25th during their years festival appointment at Amsterdam’s Spaarnwoude Houtrak.

As expected, the massive lineup includes some of the biggest names in techno and house, ranging from established favorites the likes of Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Dubfire, Maceo Plex Chris Liebing and Tale Of Us, to heavier techno acts such as Paula Temple, Kobosil, Jeff Rushin, Randomer and SHDW & Obscure Shape.

Live acts include Monoloc, Paul Kalkbrenner, Matador, Minimum Syndicat, Henrik Scwarz, KiNK, Agents of Time and Artefakt.

Tickets go on sale today and you can buy them here.

Find the full lineup below.

Awakenings 2017



Connect with Awakenings for more information: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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Soma Records Celebrates 25 Years with Daft Punk, Robert Hood, Blawan, Jeff Mills, Andrew Weatherall, Kobosil, Vril and more


There is little to no doubt that Soma Records make the list as one of the most respected techno imprints of today. Label bosses Slam formed the label in the distant 1991 alongside friends Glenn Gibbons and Dave Clarke, and are now celebrating 25 years of operation.

The label made a name for itself in its infant years with a catalog of fantastic music outings, including Slam’s very own timeless “Positive Education” and early career releases from the likes of Surgeon, Envoy, Funk D’Void, Silicone Soul and Alex Smoke. Not many know, for example, that french duo Daft Punk released their first raw music pieces on the label back in 1994.

To celebrate the 25 year milestone, Soma has asked a selection of the world’s finest techno acts to provide fresh brand-new music for a specially curated 15-track Limited Edition 5XVinyl Box Set. Old timers the likes of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Steve Bicknell, Andrew Weatherall (appearing as Woodleigh Research Facility), Blawan and Adam Beyer were joined by more recent techno newcomers such as Kobosil, VRIL and Jonas Kopp  to select and remix some of Soma’s best back-catalog material for a fresh representation of the role Soma plays in techno today.

Accompanying the brilliant music selection, Soma “decided it was necessary to match the unique musical sensibilities displayed with an artistic environment that clearly juxtaposed the ideas set forth in the project.” The collaboration with Scottish artist Kyle Irvine has resulted in a selection of unique designs crafted specifically for the box set, which also includes exclusive Soma 25 stickers, a poster and illustrated vinyl sleeves.

The box set will be officially released on March 31st.

Track List:

A1. Robert Hood – The Bond We Formed
A2. Jeff Mills – A Tale From the Parallel Universe
B1. Daft Punk – Drive (Slam Modular Interpretation)
B2. Adam Beyer – Just Things
C1. Blawan – Clipper
C2. The Woodleigh Research Facility – S.O.M.A 25
D. Josh Wink – Synodic Period
E1. Slam – Stepback (Jonas Kopp Remix)
E2. Slam – Visions (Kobosil Remix)
F. Percy X – X Track (Vril Remix 2)
G1. Slam – Tempest
G2. Steve Bicknell – Mind Cycles
H. Funk D’Void – 808 Planet
I. Joe Stawarz – Cry (Deepchord Remix)
J. Joe Stawarz – Beebear. (Deepchord Remix)

Connect with Soma: Online | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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Why Every Promoter Should Write an Event Business Plan (And How)


If you’re an event promoter you might be skeptical and think that making a business plan is unnecessary and just a waste of time when it comes to event planning. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Every promoter should write an event business plan to successfully put on a show whether it be a festival, nightclub party, or concert.

Most times, promoters treat each event as a hobby more than a business which eventually leads to failed shows. There is nothing wrong with loving what you do but everything that involves money and earnings should be planned accordingly in order to gain and not lose.

It almost always takes formal planning in order to secure your funds. If you are funded by capitalists, commercial banks, and even angel investors like private sponsors, it is your responsibility as a promoter to develop an effective event business plan. And if funds come from personal resources, it remains important to have a formulated business plan to follow in order to capitalize on your chances of success.

It can be a great help to keep track of your progress and financial status, including how the money goes in and out of your pocket throughout the whole duration of your event preparation as well as afterwards. It can also be used to develop a strategic plan for continuing events in the future and to bring investors, sponsors or partners on board.

So gather up your materials and jot down these quick tips that will describe the essential components of how you should write an event business plan:

Prepare an Executive Summary

The first page of your event business plan will be comprised of your executive summary. Consider it your event overview or outline. It will follow your title page, thus it has to be concise. Do not beat around the bush and clearly discuss what you aim for in the summary. Keep it short and formal.

The contents of your executive summary should contain the synopsis of your whole business plan. Especially:

  • Overall Concept – What kind of event are you throwing? Who are your target market? How will your event standout?
  • Important Financial Details – Focus on projected growth of income like your potential profits, event sales, return on investment, and cash flow. Furthermore, you must state the exact capital needed for your event and go into details on how it will be used.
  • Your Background – Provide a detailed information of yourself as the event planner/promoter or your company if there are other people involved. Briefly describe your history in event planning/promotion and who is responsible for putting the event business plan altogether.

Remember that when it comes to writing your executive summary, the shorter and more accurate your point is, the better. Be sure to let your reader immediately know what your capabilities and needs are.

Event Description

In this section, you can fully explain and elaborate the details of your event. Unlike the executive summary, this part does not have to be short but it has to be accurate.

Start with a short description of the event. Discuss present and future possibilities. Are you planning to have the same particular event if it turns out to be successful? Point out what makes your event standout. Emphasize unique concepts and ideas. This is crucial if you are seeking investments and financial supports. Your sponsors/investors will want to see your vision and know how dependable and trustworthy you are as a planner/promoter.

Moreover, you should mention how your event will likely be successful and what kind of support systems are being considered. These could come in forms of advertisings and promotions.

The event description statement should be enough to give the reader a clear and definite idea of your objectives.

How Will You Earn?

State why your event is going to be profitable. How will you attract potential attendees? What forms of advertising will you use and how much budget did you set for each. Also explain your pricing techniques and available ticket options and never forget to provide a financial breakdown for all your target goals.

Remember to sum up all your costs before strategically planning your ticket prices. Include both direct and indirect costs and be careful not to overprice or underprice your tickets. Correct ticket pricing can greatly affect your potential event income.

Promotion Strategies

As an event promoter, this is one of the crucial steps that you have most likely mastered. Promoting an event is hard but if you are organized, it can be easy as a breeze. Event promotion is just a matter of controlled distribution of communication in order to sell tickets to potential attendees. To attain this goal, communication efforts must be utilized. This includes:


Risk Assessment

There will be risks associated with your business event plan. Each of them should be assessed and addressed. These risks may involve areas in marketing procedures, personnel requirements, finances, management and operations, facilities, etcetera. By identifying each problem and giving a possible solution to them during your event developmental period, you will lessen your fears with regards to event preparation and those of your investors too.


This will be the section of your event business plan that will feature all your supporting documents. From payment receipts to bank statements and inventories. You can also use this part to write down any additional information such as your event policies and reports.


These are just a few steps to get you started. If after reading this article you still feel lost on how you should write an event business plan, do a quick search online for hundreds of business plan templates to choose from.

Don’t worry on how many pages your event business plan is, as long as you make sure that its contents are rich and useful.

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Dave Clarke Refuses to Tour in the United States While “Misogonyst Narcissist Racist” Trump is in Office

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 12.50.51 PM

Dave Clarke is the first non-American DJ to publicly announce he will not be playing any gigs in the United States while the country’s new president, Donald Trump, is in office.

The British electro and techno producer took to his social networks to announce the decision, saying that he has been thinking about it for some time and that despite “maximum respect for the influence of American music and some US culture” he has chosen to not renew his work visa to tour in the States. 

The reasons? He claims past negative experiences in the U.S. from a professional standpoint did sway him to come to this conclusion, but admits that it mostly boils down to a personal decision that is dictated by politics and, specifically, the man that took over control of the Oval Office three days ago and is set to remain as President of the United States for at least another four years. Dave went on to label Trump as a “Misogonyst Narcissist Racist President,” and while admitting that democracy appointed Trump to office, it remains his decision of free will to not enter or tour the country.

“This is not punishment for those that love my music but a decision that I base on my intuition,” he went on to write, stating that he will continue to book U.S. artists that make great music for his events in Europe.

It will be interesting to see if any other artists will follow suit in their decision to boycott playing in the States as a response to Trump’s appointment.

Read the full statement below:

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Dekmantel 2017 features Jeff Mills, Floating Points, Larry Heard, Ben UFO, Joy Orbison

dekmnatel 2017

The massive Dekmantel 2017 lineup has been released. This year’s event is set to begin a day earlier spanning Wednesday through Sunday, August 2nd through the 6th.

Antal b2b Hunee, Ben UFO, Bicep, British Murder Boys, Floating Points, Joy Orbison b2b Jon K, Jeff Mills b2b Tony Allen (live), Larry Heard are some of the many artists on the bill.

On Wednesday there is one special performance by Steve Reich, a minimal music pioneer, at Muziekgebouw Aan ’t IJ, a concert hall for contemporary classical music.

Thursday will “serve up a dazzling display of live music that reaches all across the musical spectrum. Both legends and modern virtuosos will be sharing stages shattered across five different venues along the IJ river, a stones throw away from Amsterdam’s city center.”

Live performances from Steve Reich, Larry Heard, British Murder Boys, Jeff Mills b2b Tony Allen, Karenn, Floating Points (who will also DJ), Bicep, and an audiovisual collaboration from Arca and Jesse Kanda.

DJ sets by the likes of Peggy Gou, Nina Kraviz, Antal b2b Hunee, Anthony Parasole, Ben UFO, Jon Hopkins, Marcel Dettmann, Rødhåd, Volvox & Umfang, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Joy Orbison b2b Jon K, Job Jobse b2b Midland, and Palms Traxx, while Robert Hood and Donato Dozzy b2b Peter Van Hoesen will be hybrid performances.

The festival will host its usual four stages this year; each one showcasing a different variety of talent. They are the Mainstage, Greenhouse, UFO, and Selectors stages.

At the Mainstage, you can expect to see Mathew Jonson (live), Job Jobse b2b Midland, Bicep, Robert Hood (live), Floating Points, Ben UFO, and Antal b2b Hunee. With a massive stage-wide display in the background, the Mainstage will be equipped with “unchampioned artisans, albeit exceptional DJs or compelling live-acts.”


The Greenhouse stage is famous for its luscious, leafy setting taking place under a clear roof. You can expect to see the likes of Jeff Mills b2b Tony Allen (live), Helena Hauff, Joy Orbison b2b Jon K, D.A.F. (live), and much more.

The UFO stage is positioned to transcend your musical journey at Dekmantel that will “bring you the best there is in experimental and futuristic techno, noise and electro.” You can find Ø [Phase] (live), Matrixxman, Rødhåd, Discwoman’s Volvox b2b Umfang, Anthony Parasole, Karenn (live), and the British Murder Boys (live) here.

San Proper

Last but certainly not least, the Selectors stage (which has grown into its own mini festival, Dekmantel Selectors) showcases a maximum of five artists per day with a broad spectrum of musical selections. Nina Kraviz, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Marcel Dettmann, Objekt b2b Call Super will boast their talents here.

Pre-sale tickets will go on sale January 24th at 12 pm Amsterdam time, 3 am LA time. Regular tickets will be made available on January 25th at 12 pm Amsterdam time, 3 am LA time.

Full lineup:

Antal & Hunee / Arca (dj) & Jesse Kanda (av) / Ben UFO / Bicep (live) / British Murder Boys (live) / D.A.F. (live) / Donato Dozzy & Peter Van Hoesen (hybrid) / Fatima Yamaha (live) / Floating Points (dj) / Floating Points (solo live) / GAS (Wolfgang Voigt) (live) / Helena Hauff / Jeff Mills & Tony Allen (live) / Job Jobse & Midland / Jon Hopkins (dj) / Joy Orbison & Jon K / Karenn (live) / Larry Heard (Mr. Fingers) (live) / Marcel Dettmann / Marcos Valle / Masters At Work / Mathew Jonson (live) / Monolake – Lumière III / Motor City Drum Ensemble / Nina Kraviz / Objekt & Call Super / Omar S / Palms Trax / Robert Glasper Experiment / Robert Hood (hybrid) / Rødhåd / Steve Reich & Slagwerk Den Haag / Sun Ra Arkestra / Tuxedomoon

A Certain Ratio / Ancient Methods & Vatican Shadow / Andy Stott (live) / Beverly Hills 808303 (I-F) / Dax J / Dekmantel Soundsystem / Demdike Stare / DJ Nobu / Dopplereffekt (live) / Dorian Concept (live) / Factory Floor (live) / Forest Swords / Joe Claussell / Joey Anderson / Juju & Jordash (live) / Lena Willikens / Lorenzo Senni (live) / Matrixxman / Nathan Fake (live) / Optimo / Overmono (Truss & Tessela) (live) / Ø [Phase] (live) / Red Axes (dj) / San Proper / Tom Trago (live) / Ultradyne (live) / Unforeseen Alliance (live) / Young Marco

Aleksi Perälä (live) / Anthony Parasole / Awanto 3 (live) / Bariş K / Beatrice Dillon / Byron The Aquarius / Central / Colin Benders (live) / Das Ding (live) / Dekmantel Festival Opening Conference / Deniro / Dr. Rubinstein / Eclair Fifi / GE-OLOGY & Red Greg / Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids / Illum Sphere / Inga Mauer / Interstellar Funk / Jameszoo / Jayda G / Marie Davidson (live) / Occult Orientated Crime (live) / Parrish Smith / Peggy Gou / Phuong-Dan / Resom / Shanti Celeste / Stump Valley / Talismann (live) / Tijana T / Vladimir Ivkovic / Volvox & Umfang

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Daft Punk’s “Homework” Came Out 20 Years Ago Today, and NOTHING of Theirs Has Come Close Since

daft punk homework 1

Daft Punk’s seminal Homework LP came out 20 years ago today. Feel old yet?

Daft Punk’s allure is not a secret to anyone. The French duo have not toured since 2007’s Alive, and it frankly seems that people get more infatuated with them as the years pass on and the unfounded rumors of a return tour turn out to be the same repeated hoax of years prior. While there is no denying that their work played a pivotal role in the foundation of dance music as we know it today, and that their Alive tour ten years ago was the forbearer of massive stage production that has since become a festival standard around the world, there is always a sense of wonder with regards to their ever-growing popularity and whether it’s in large part due to their continued secrecy and elusiveness.

As Homework celebrates this milestone anniversary, it is important to keep it within context of what dance music was at the time and what it has become since. Those not in the know easily join in repeating the rhetoric that the french duo composed of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo completely revolutionized an other-wise unknown scene and sound, bringing it to the masses as a result. The truth is that it couldn’t be further from the truth: Daft Punk did not introduce the world to house music, nor to the broader sounds of dance music.

This is what Homework really was: Daft Punk’s business card to the world, an introduction of their unique production prowess to an already flourishing dance music scene. It surely helped mold dance music at the time and it continues to be one of the most important dance music albums ever produced. The duo produced the tracks without plans to release an album. After working on projects that were intended to be separate singles over five months, they considered the material good enough for an album. Yes, it brought attention to the French house music scene, charting in 14 different countries, peaking at number 3 on the French Albums Chart, number 150 on the United States Billboard 200 and at number 8 on the UK Albums Chart. By February 2001 — four years later — the album had sold more than two million copies worldwide and received several gold and platinum certifications. Daft Punk introduced Homework to the world at a time where other notable artists, the likes of The Chemical Brothers or Fatboy Slim, were already bringing in guest-star vocalists and sampling rock records to large crowds. Where they differed, Rolling Stone has argued, is in proving that “techno and house could be as elastic, catchy and, at times, as funny as the poppiest pop without diluting its hypnotically driving, acidic essence.”

Daft Punk 2007


Music critics since have been united in acknowledging the success that was Homework. The 16-track outing included what many consider to be Daft Punk’s ultimate anthem, “Around the World,” but also other notable tracks such as “Da Funk” and of course “Alive.” it is easy to see why the album was a prequel of what later would become the beginning sound EDM, a concoction that mixed electronic sounds with pop and hip-hop, all the while remaining applicable and approachable to music tastes at both ends of the spectrum.

Juxtaposed against the duo’s following albums, Homework remains the duo’s best work yet, and the most iconic both in terms of their personal career and its role in dance music as a whole. In celebration of twenty years of Homework we leave you with this fantastic short video of the duo playing sans helmets in 1995:

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