Electric Island Festival Returns to Guam in 2016

EIF Mainstage

After a successful year in 2015 with over 4,000 attendees, Electric Island Festival (EIF) returns to Guam in June 2016 for two full days of quality festival programming.

Each year the festival continues to grow and play a major role in the development of music culture on Guam, in addition to encouraging the growth of tourism throughout Asia.

EIF WOMB StageWith the addition of a second day at Electric Island Festival, the musical programming has naturally expanded as well. EIF 2016 will host an eclectic mix of artists such as Donald Glaude, Trent Cantrelle, Silky, Shinichi Osawa, DJ Cookie, Drunken Kong, Steve Prior, and many more. Similar to last year, WOMB Tokyo is scheduled to host one of the stages bringing their signature sound of Japanese techno to a festival atmosphere.

With a tremendous support from the local community as well as various sponsors, Electric Island Festival 2016 aims to build off their previous success and bring their musical vision to the island of Guam.

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Jeff Mills Continues Creative Legacy with Kobe Session Project

Jeff Mills

When it comes to pushing the creative envelope, not many do it more extravagantly than Jeff Mills. Throughout his tenured career he’s accomplished a tremendous amount in the artistic field with exhibitions at Le Lourve, designing his own drum machine,  and really, the list is seemingly endless. His latest endeavor? Kobe Session.

Kobe Session is a collaborative project between Jeff Mills, fellow Detroit native, Gerald Mitchell, and Japanese musicians Kenji Hino and Yumiko Ohno, in which the four artists present a stunning improvisational live performance from Japan in September 2015. Musically, Kobe Session is an inspiring body of work, but the project also serves as a cultural bridge between these respected musician. Jeff Mills and Gerald Mitchell pull their influence from their experiences with Underground Resistance and Detroit as a whole, whereas Kenji Hino and Yumiko Ohno provide drastically different influence based on their respective experiences – Ohno as one of the members of the critically acclaimed band Buffalo Daughter, and Hino from his extensive time learning from jazz legends in New York.

Kobe Session

From left to right: Gerald Mitchell, Kenji Hino, Jeff Mills, Yumiko Ohno

Kobe Session was a project originally intended to coincide with the Exhibitionist 2 DVD Series, but has evidently been deemed worthy enough to also stand on it’s own. Kobe Session will be available in May through Axis Records as a special 180 gram vinyl mastered for high fidelity sounds.

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Track listing

A1. Eventide (14’27”)
A2. Introductions (MC/translator: Masaaki Ishizaki) (4’26”)
B1. Happy Gamma Ray (15’11”)

Kobe Session Artwork

Artwork: Sunset Wave by GOMA (Japan)

Nathan Barato & Francisco Allendes “Got To Get” EP on Session WOMB

session-WOMBTokyo’s WOMB nightclub heads into the new year strong with the inauguration of their Session WOMB, inspired by the unique music culture that emanates from behind the doors of the Japanese nightlife staple. Read more

Dubfire to Play Open-to-Close Set at WOMB, Tokyo


It was another extensive year for Dubfire and the Sci+Tec family, with an array of DJ sets and Hybrid:Live performances around the world, as well as another appearance in the RA Top 100. That said, the year wouldn’t be complete for Dubfire without a stop at one of his favorite clubs in Asia – WOMB, Tokyo. Read more

Q&A: Ken Ishii’s Highly Anticipated Return to Los Angeles



The word “legend” gets thrown into the mix often when referencing many pioneers of the dance scene. Ken Ishii is among the few artists that have truly reached this status, with that word acting as a good starting point to truly capture his legacy in techno. After all, Derrick May even stated that “everyone from Detroit respects Ken Ishii as a creative force and is one of [his] all time heroes” Read more

Oliver Heldens is Bringing Sizzling Bangers with a Winter Tour in Asia


With eight dates across seven countries, Oliver Heldens is jet set for Asia during the cold season for a huge tour over the span of eleven days. To kick off his tour, Oliver Heldens will be joined by dance music heavyweights like Armin Van Buuren and Axwell & Ingrosso at Bangkok’s Bitec on December 9, and he will conclude his tour by playing at India’s Enchanted Valley Carnival on December 18 and 19. Read more

Air Tokyo will Close at the Conclusion of 2015


Sad news today as Tokyo’s Air Club is set to close at the conclusion of the year. Since its inception in 2001 in the Daikanyama District, Air has been a center for top-notch house and techno bookings from around the world for the last fourteen years. For undisclosed reasons, the club will hold its final night on December 31, 2015 to ring in the new year. No lineup has been announced as of late, but details are to be determined in the upcoming months. Read more

Iconic Zouk Singapore to be Sold to Genting Hong Kong



There will be a changing of the guard in the near future for the famed nightclub, Zouk, in Singapore. Established by Lincoln Cheng in 1991, Zouk has repeatedly made it into DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs list, and remains a staple in the Asian clubbing landscape.

According to Straitstimes.com, Zouk is being sold for an “undisclosed sum” to the Genting Hong Kong Company (GHK).

“I started Zouk when I was 45. I am 68 now. I think I have taken Zouk from a baby to a fully mature adult. I think at my age, it will be quite hard to take Zouk any higher or grow to expand to other parts of the world,” stated Cheng. He has elaborated on this statement in a recent video with Razor


Lincoln Cheng, Founder of Zouk Singapore

There were apparently four suitors in line to make a bid at Zouk, with Cheng evidently opting for Genting to take over command of his nightlife vision. Expected to be finalized by the end of the year, it is reported that GHK will buy all of Zouk’s trademarks, the Clarke Quay Club where Zouk will makes it’s new home, as well as rights to the annual ZoukOut music festival. It is also important to note that founder, Lincoln Cheng, will retain ownership of the brand in Juala Lampur.

Zouk was previously valued at $40 million (USD) in 2013, and one could speculate that a similar offer was made considering the increase in popularity of dance music in Asia

Moving forward, former Zouk general manager Benny Heng will step into the role of managing director and will oversee operations in the new venture

Given the international reputation of GHK, it wouldn’t be so far fetched if we saw the major company take the nightlife brand outside of Asia and into other international markets.  But for now, we wait as the final confirmation will be announced within the next few weeks.

5 Things We Learned from IMS China


The International Music Summit, a conference dedicated to incubating thought leadership in the electronic music industry, took place in Shanghai, China for the first time on October 2nd. As hosts of IMS, Shanghai has joined the ranks of electronic music leaders like Ibiza and the United States. The central goal for this summit was to discuss the future and readily apparent foundation that China has in the electronic music industry. Here are five key things we have learned about China’s growing EDM industry that we can take away from IMS this year.  

1. Capacity is growing exponentially

Annually, event capacity averages at 30% growth. This means you could throw a music festival in China at a capacity of 10,000 people and the following year, if you threw that same festival, 13,000 people would attend. It’s probably safe to say part of the reason for this exponential growth is because their population is just that large; there’s just way more people to potentially cater to. The numbers game is hugely in favor of the Chinese EDM industry.

2. China has a massive population of young people

The next statistic that they have going for them? Their youth population. 22% of China’s population consists of the age group that the EDM industry is practically made for, and that’s just the low-hanging fruit. EDM has been around for decades, it was just called techno or ambient lounge, first, so there’s a whole demographic of people in their 20s and 30s that are prospective festival patrons in addition to the youth population.

3. Locally produced music is becoming globally recognized

Major Chinese social media platform, Weibo.com, and Facebook has played a large role in propagating locally produced music. One of the most predominant native DJs that is emerging onto the scene is DJ Woordy. What is even more impressive is how he’s been able to grow his fan base despite the challenge of using social networks in China. The internet has definitely made this genre of music, which was born and raised in a digital medium, easily accessible from anywhere in the world. It will only continue to help disperse the locally produced electronic music of China.

4. Chinese nightlife is already well established

Shanghai is home to one of DJ Mag’s Top 100 nightclubs, MYST. Nightclubbing in China has continued to grow in popularity among the younger generations. So much to the point that China is beginning to test the waters with STORM music festival and other dance events like Ying Yang Music Festival on the Great Wall of China. China is ready for the music festival craze that has been sweeping Europe, the U.K. and the United States.

5. Music festivals are high in demand 

It’s been established that music festivals are high in demand, obviously, but exactly how high in demand are we talking? Essentially, for every 1 American young adult, there are 7 music festival options. For every 4 Chinese young adults, there is barely 1 option. The events that were mentioned in #4 are the only high capacity EDM events that have taken place in China, whereas America is home of Coachella, EDC, TomorrowWorld, all of the Insomniac and HARD events, and more (Plus they’ve been around for at least a decade or more for most of these events cases).

WIRED CLASH with Richie Hawtin, Takkyu Ishino, Radio Slave, Joel Mull, & More


Some exciting news just hit the front steps of Tokyo’s music scene. WIRED Clash, one of Japan’s most well respected techno gatherings, is hosting another event next month at Ageha with techno icon Richie Hawtin, the man behind the ENTER concept and techno label Minus.

Alongside Richie will be local legend, Takkyu Ishino, who has hosted many WIRED Clash events in the past as one of Japan’s forefront techno pioneers . DJ Sodeyama is another rising talent rising of the country who has been making waves in recent years. Sodeyama will be making a appearance at ULTRA in Japan at the techno stage dubbed RESISTANCE.

The lineup keeps getting better from here. Also joining from abroad is Radio Slave, a producer and DJ with decades worth of experience and talent from the UK. Sweden’s shining star Joel Mull will also be making an appearance for the night. He is currently jet setting around Europe but will squeeze some time for Japan in his busy schedule. From the U.S., we have JIA of Los Angeles. JIA is the curator of Electric Island Festival (EIF) based in Guam, and is hard at work developing a electronic music scene on the island. Other than JIA, all of these DJ’s have made past appearances at WIRED Clash. This is a true testimony of Japan’s love for techno and house music. October 24th is a day to come prepared and excited. Get your dancing shoes ready.

WIRED Clash: Official Website | Facebook Event | Event Listing
ageHa: Official Website | Facebook