7 Things Artists Should Consider Before Outsourcing Social Media Work

You’re a producer and/or DJ and your career is gaining traction. Releases are coming out on record labels and you’re getting tour playing time beyond your local scene. At one point or another you consider what to do with your social media strategy and how to take it to the next level, and naturally part of that consideration is whether to outsource the work to a professional agency or social media specialist.

If you’re ever at that point, there are some key things you should consider before outsourcing that work to a paid professional:
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How to Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Artist Page

Facebook pages have proven to be essential social media tools for any artist to better engage their fans and reach a wider fanbase of new music listeners and appreciators. But if one thinks that having a Facebook page and posting new releases or events they will be at is enough to capture such an audience, the truth is that they are sadly mistaken.

Effective engagement through the Facebook page entails more than just posting. It also involves having the right strategies and mindsets to make it work. We will be sharing 5 of these strategies to help you out in your Facebook page engagement.

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How to Efficiently Promote Your Music On Social Media

Promoting on social media may sound simple enough, but the truth is that there are some nuances involved that must be taken into account if one wishes to be able to promote effectively through social platforms. Anyone can share whatever and whenever on social media but without knowing these nuances, one’s attempts to promote will not yield the desired outcome.

New Artist Model recently shared some tips for artists to be able to promote their music better on social media, which we will be sharing here:

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The Lowdown on SoundCloud Reposts and Paid Promotions

There are a number of services out there promising SoundCloud users tens of thousands of reposts which will result in more subscribers/followers for their SoundCloud channel. This can seem like a great deal, especially for new and aspiring artists who want to get a good head start in the music industry.

But what is the real lowdown on reposts and paid promotions in general?  H Academy recently came out with a research piece on this matter that is filled with interesting data and shocking results. The average repost only generates plays equal to 3-4% of that channel’s following. And for many SoundCloud channels, getting only 3-4% of their channels’ 1,000+ followers is not an encouraging number.

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5 Instagram Tips for Electronic Music Artists

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media networks in use today. While the app seems simple at first glance, there’s more to Instagram than meets the eyes, and especially so for those looking to build and grow a brand that gets to the eyes of its intended target audience.

Today, we are sharing 5 important tips for electronic music artists to bear in mind:

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How to Overcome Writer’s Block as a Music Producer

First things first. It is time for us to admit that all of us go through that creative drought known as writer’s block. There is no shame in admitting this. Even the great writers of this world have gone through that rough point of their life at some point or another.

But writer’s block doesn’t just apply to those putting words to paper (or a screen, in today’s computerized world). Musicians and producers who do not really write are still creating music in the same way writers create their poetry or prose. Unfortunately these artists go through their own version of writer’s block

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Four Ways to Get Your Music Licensed

It is said by some one isn’t in the artist music business until their work is actually licensed. This may not quite be the popular opinion these days since exposure and plays take more prevalence thanks to Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube, but the importance of music licensing cannot be stressed enough, especially when you look at the revenues a licensed music track can generate.

Just to give an idea, a licensed track can generate as much $3000 for an artist in exchange for its use in an advertisement, $500 for use in an indie film trailer, $60 for use in a wedding video, and $20 for use in a YouTube video. So even if the track does not get a million plays, through music licensing, it still gets exposure to a wider audience while providing some revenue for the artist at the same time.

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How Electronic Music Artists Can Engage Their Audience Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tool rarely used by artists, perhaps because it is more commonly seen as a business promotion tool. But if you think about, the fact that musicians actually try to market themselves to a wider audience and stay connected with new and existing fans to inform them about new music and events, they are constantly practicing a form of marketing or another. In the grand scheme of things, email marketing is something even musicians will find useful, and especially so in the electronic music world.

With that said, email marketing is not a one-size-fits-all kind of marketing tool. The good thing about it is that it can be tailor-made to suit the different needs of any business or individual. Even for musicians, there are certain aspects of email marketing that work differently from the way marketers use it. And for artists to be able to succeed in these email marketing efforts, one must know these aspects and be able to use them effectively.

Here are some tips on the subject based on proven experience in the industry:

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How to Get a Quarter Million Plays on Soundcloud

For many artists who were previously struggling to find their audience, Soundcloud has been an heaven-sent platform since it entered the music scene back in 2007. As a mostly free resource with a wide reach, Soundcloud has made it possible for aspiring artists to share their music to anyone across the globe through the internet.

But as with any technology, Soundcloud can be a challenge as well, especially for those who do not have the know-how on tapping the platform’s potential to reach as wide of an audience as possible. Fortunately, there are ways to go about it, as explored by Music x Tech x Future.

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Digging Deeper with Dragosh

Dutch label Memoria has long harbored a propensity for discerning house and techno, so the signing of Romanian producer should come as no real surprise. Having already lined out for labels such as Brouqade, Moon Harbour and Desolat, Dragosh is no stranger to big labels – and on this EP he emphatically reminds us just why he’s quickly become such a respected figure in underground circles. Featuring three originals, the Relov EP offers a tantalizing glimpse into the mind of a producer who’s very much at the top of his game.

Opening the release is the sounds of the title track. A catchy-as-hell track with a cracking baseline, it’s a refined, almost effortlessly simple deep house weapon of the sort that would win favor with DJs of Fred P’s calibre. Middle effort “Have No Glue” is no less effective. Full of curious bleeps and twists and turns aplenty, it’s further indication of the producer’s knack for trotting down unlikely paths. Although it kicks off at a frenetic pace, it soon simmers, developing into a more minimal effort as it progresses. Intense and unpredictable from the get go, it neatly paves the way for the B-side, “Yps Lion”. the most atmospheric track of the lot, this one is dark and dextrous and will make most sense when the night decides to take a triply turn. All in all, another cracking EP from the man they call Dragosh.

Read on for our chat with the producer, and find Relov for sale on vinyl via deejay.de

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