Learn How To Produce Progressive House with Master Darin Epsilon

Music production is a constant learning curve, especially for those newer to the process and facing a seemingly uphill battle needing to learn software and hardware from scratch.

With so many tutorials out there on the subject, it is hard to find a truly quality online tutorial that teaches the production of that Progressive House sound that remains so popular today. Step in DJ, producer and Perspectives Digital label chief Darin Epsilon, an artist with an impressive resumé of productions under his belt and the desire to teach others the fundamental techniques and methods he has learned and discovered while making a name for himself in the Progressive House scene.

Darin teamed up with Sonic Academy to create his own tutorial for the genre, featuring his popular track One Thousand & One Nights. In the tutorial Darin dives into the production process and brings learners right in with him, giving beginners and seasoned producers alike a chance to get insight into the fundamental techniques and methods he uses.

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Are Computers Musical Instruments?

Computers have come a long way in the last three decades, constantly evolving and improving their capabilities to unexpected heights. One of those capabilities is the ability to “play” music. Thanks to computers, nowadays, users can virtually play any instrument or create even the most complex of sounds and harmonies without even physically touching any actual instrument usually used to produce those sounds.

With such capabilities now made available and within reach, there is a growing number of musicians and producers who are taking advantage of the technology. Of course those in the electronic music industry have come to be the most heavy users of computers to create their music, but other artists have also adopted the use of this technology in their music production and live set-ups. Read more

Will Artificial Intelligence Change the Future of Electronic Music Production?

In recent years, there have been some significant developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). While it has not yet reached the levels we sometimes see in science fiction movies, or even saw in movies a decade ago when producers attempted to predict the world of today, it is safe to say at the moment that we are getting close to that reality. Much so that artificial intelligence is being considered as a possible tool that will do work that has never been thought possible before.

One of those types of work that might become AI-driven is music production, particularly in electronic music. And already, it is causing both excitement and concern among music professionals and artists in the industry alike.

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10 Tips To Succeed in the Music Business: Seth Troxler

Want to become a better music producer and actually succeed in the music business? Jack of Mastered by Jack has been working in music for the last 20 years, having amassed a great amount of knowledge and experience on what and how music is meant to sound like.

Jack translates this experience into a business by providing mastering and sound engineering services as well as tools and tips for producers to succeed in their production endeavors. As part of this he collects important tips shared by recognized and successful producers/DJs.

First up is Detroit-raised and London-based Seth Troxler, who shares 10 tips on how to succeed in the music business, with emphasis on music production.

Watch the video with Seth below and read on for a bullet-point list of his tips:

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Helpful Tips to Getting Recognized as a Music Artist in the U.S.

It is every music artist’s dream to make it in the American music industry. Even big music artists from elsewhere in the world dream of building a fan base in the United States and being able to tour there. That should not come as a surprise since it remains the world’s biggest recorded-music market and, in the eyes of many, the focal entertainment country of the world. However, it’s also one of the most challenging countries for an overseas artist to crack.

This was the point of discussion at a panel in the recent Midem conference. Moderated by the Bloom Effect’s Fiona Bloom, the panel included Michele Amar, director of the US Office, Bureau Export; John Katovsich, VP of theatrical music at Lionsgate; Andreas Katsambas, recording executive at BMG; and Andrea Da Silva, global team leader, media and entertainment at the US Department of Commerce.

The panel provided some key takeaways that overseas artists should take note of:

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What a DJ/Producer Should Do in Case of Theft

For a DJ or producer who has spent blood, sweat and tears to have enough money to purchase equipment and other items needed for their music, theft of such equipment can be a hard loss to bear. The fact that it can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone should be a cause for great concern. Of course being alert at all times is helpful in preventing such incidences, but it does not hurt to know what steps to take if the worst does happen.

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How To Easily Convert Your Tracks from Rekordbox/Traktor to iTunes

iTunes is one of the most popular digital players in the market. Thanks to its built-in feature on iPhones and iPads and available app for Mac and Windows computers, it is also one of the most readily available digital players out there, so it does makes sense for many DJs and producers to use iTunes to play tracks and mixes.

There is one major drawback though: iTunes does not support playing certain audio formats. For one, it does not support playback for tracks created using DJ software such as Rekordbox and Traktor.

Normally the solution for this has been to simply use another player to play Rekordbox and Traktor tracks. But now DJs have another solution: make such tracks iTunes-compatible using the DJ Conversion Utility.

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The Pros and Cons of Spinning Vinyl

Vinyl has made a come back and it’s not leaving any time soon! Naturally, the welcome phenomenon has made its way into the DJ industry, with a number of DJs returning to using vinyl in their live set or picking up their collecting of records once more.

Recently we talked with Ellen Allien about her love for vinyl, we looked at whether vinyl is actually more expensive than digital and looked at how and why the vinyl industry is on record to hit $1 billion again for the first time since the ’80s.

Inevitably, this has given rise to a sometimes contentious debate with regards to the merits of vinyl for DJs. There is no right or wrong answer, which is why this debate will continue forever with both sides sharing valid points in advocating their respective beliefs regarding vinyl. As such, we will not be advocating one side over another over this vinyl “issue,” although we have covered in the past why CDJ shaming should stop.

Rather, we will devote space here to objectively examine the pros and cons of vinyl for DJs as a way to help you better gauge whether vinyl is the right fir for you.

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How a DJ/Producer Should Approach Promoters and Club Managers for a First Gig

While not always, there comes a time when a DJ/producer gets one of those 20 second opportunities that they cannot afford to miss, opportunities that could turn into career-changing moments. How those opportunities ultimately turn out to be depend on the approach of the artist themselves. It can be easy to blow one of these rare chances by either making the wrong move or doing nothing as a result of not knowing what to do in the first place.

Fortunately, there is a way to make a good impression at the first go and we will be sharing you here how to do it. Take note, for these tips may be the deciding factors to furthering your career to the next level:

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