Digging Deeper with Dragosh

Dutch label Memoria has long harbored a propensity for discerning house and techno, so the signing of Romanian producer should come as no real surprise. Having already lined out for labels such as Brouqade, Moon Harbour and Desolat, Dragosh is no stranger to big labels – and on this EP he emphatically reminds us just why he’s quickly become such a respected figure in underground circles. Featuring three originals, the Relov EP offers a tantalizing glimpse into the mind of a producer who’s very much at the top of his game.

Opening the release is the sounds of the title track. A catchy-as-hell track with a cracking baseline, it’s a refined, almost effortlessly simple deep house weapon of the sort that would win favor with DJs of Fred P’s calibre. Middle effort “Have No Glue” is no less effective. Full of curious bleeps and twists and turns aplenty, it’s further indication of the producer’s knack for trotting down unlikely paths. Although it kicks off at a frenetic pace, it soon simmers, developing into a more minimal effort as it progresses. Intense and unpredictable from the get go, it neatly paves the way for the B-side, “Yps Lion”. the most atmospheric track of the lot, this one is dark and dextrous and will make most sense when the night decides to take a triply turn. All in all, another cracking EP from the man they call Dragosh.

Read on for our chat with the producer, and find Relov for sale on vinyl via deejay.de

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Being Self-Disciplined as an Electronic Music Artist

The life of an electronic music artist looks all fun and glamour from the outside. People have this image of electronic artists getting lost in the music and making people move to the beat; lights glowing and dimming.

The thing is that this glamour and frequent environment that artists are exposed to are tempting. If they don’t give importance to right things, they can easily get lost in that and ultimately lose what they actually stand for. Therefore, the outsider’s thinking is wrong and if they are right, then they are probably looking at a poorly disciplined artist.

A real and dedicated electronic artist is more concerned about manufacturing the right sounds and beautiful rhythms. They hardly pay attention to the tempting environments that are often part of. If they do seem absorbed, then it is rather a thing of the moment. Beyond that stage or club, they have serious issues to think about and realistic goals to meet.

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Bastian Bux: 5 Tips for Electronic Music Producers

Bastian Bux is the consequence of reducing everything surrounding a DJ and producer to its essential element: the music. That is the intention of Bux: be stripped of all artifice and be judged by his work. Pieces full of deep textures, powerful harmonies, heavy beats and fat basslines; where everything is assembled with soul and sensibility, with the mastery of a craftsman and surgeon’s precision.

His debut was 2015’s “Stay EP” in Suara, where four timeless tracks laid the foundations of what Bastian Bux means today: deep and emotional Techno, dark House, and high class Electronica. Such was the success of the debut that, a few months later, he repeated in Coyu’s imprint with “Teardrop EP”, “Screenshot”, “Tresor” or his recent “Oracle EP”, where his stylistic range extends further its own, going from futuristic Deep House to Progressive Techno. After a first step into the remix production with his Habischmann’s “All I Dream” re-interpretation and being remixed by Coyu himself, he released his first EP on Nicole Moudaber’s imprint Mood Records. In just one year, his work have been supported by most of the underground’s heavyweights and his profile is gaining a remarkable place in the scene.

In front of a crowd, Bastian is able to travel elegantly from housy grooves to rough techno, going thru epic melodies and sober beats, always loyal to his way of understanding music but without losing sight of the dancefloor. That ability has earned him to be one of the ElRow residents and touring all around the globe. After his summer residency in Space Ibiza and having played in UK, Germany, France or Dubai, future looks bright for this new up and coming techno wonderkid.

We had the chance to chat with Bastian earlier this year when we talked about his relationship with elrow, Suara and his connection with the scene in the United States. This time we asked the prolific producer to share 5 key tips for you to apply in the studio!


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Growing Your Social Media Presence as an Electronic Music Artist

We have always stressed here how important social media is for an artist to succeed in the music industry today. This is especially true in electronic music, where many artists, especially independent artists, have come to rely on social media to get their music released and be heard far and wide, not to mention using it to interact with their fans and the public in general on a more personal level.

But if you are a new artist or someone getting into social media for the first time, all this may seem overwhelming. You may also find yourself needing to catch up a lot considering that many artists have a more established social media presence than you have. Nevertheless, the potential is there for you to be successful with your social media efforts, and getting going now is always better than never starting. All it takes is to remember and follow the tips we will be sharing here.

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Work Faster In The Studio With These 5 Ableton Hacks

Thanks to its many capabilities, Ableton Live has become an invaluable tool for artists and the production of their music. With so many things the software can do though, it is easy for one to get lost amidst a myriad of features, which can ultimately hinder the progress of music production

Fortunately, there are a few “hacks” out there that can enable any artist or producer to navigate Ableton Live more easily and with better results. We are happy to share some of them here today:

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Why Your Personal Look Should Resonate With Your Artist Brand

For any artist, branding is an important element that makes them stand out from the rest. It is for this reason that some go to great lengths in creating that unique brand for themselves and the music they play, from their logo to the way they communicate on social media, and even the graphics they choose to use during their shows.

But an artist’s branding efforts would be in vain if they were not to extend to their personal look. After all, it is the one thing most visible to the artist’s audience and ultimately anything the artist projects will not only be noticed but at times can also lead to emulation if admired.

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How DJs and Producers Can Market Themselves with Social Media

For many artists and producers in the music industry, social media is a helpful and vital tool that enabled them to reach a wide audience across the globe.

Of course, given the prevalence of social media in our day to day lives, this may already seem like a given to most. You’d be surprised, however, by how much social media is undervalued, misunderstood or simply misused in the branding and marketing of one’s own artist profile. Social media has become more sophisticated in recent years, with important changes happening at such a rapid rate that it can be hard at times to keep up with the latest updates for even the most important and used social networks. Thus, it is important for any artist or producer to know the right strategies to be successful in their social media efforts, and to constantly stay up to date with the ever-changing landscape that is today’s social media world.

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Your Track Has Been Added to a Spotify Playlist…Now What?

Spotify has become one of the best places to go to for a new artist to showcase their music. For many new artists, nothing can be more fulfilling than having at least one of their tracks be featured on a popular Spotify playlist. After all, millions around the world explore Spotify and its diverse playlists and having an your track included in a playlist is enough to boost your profile, gaining more fans and exposure in the process.

Because of this, many artists tend to focus on having their music available on the popular music streaming platform, and with good reason. For these artists, seeing their music on a playlist is a milestone in itself, a milestone that pushes them to put in a lot of effort to showcase their music in any way they can until they achieve that goal.

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Digging Deeper with Codex and IAMT Label Owner Spartaque

Ukrainian DJ and Producer Spartaque, real name Vitalii Babii, has become a name known for raw quality on the international techno landscape. He’s been at it for many years, but got his first break in 2007 DJing at Ukraine’s Global Gathering festival, and has continued with this festival every year since. Since, he has added other vital performances to his resume by performing at Love Parade, Kazantip, Mayday, and others.

Spartaque supplements these performances and maintains the momentum by way of his award-winning Supreme podcast, in addition to numerous guest mixes on other podcasts and radio shows. As an artist he has been composing and producing dance music since his teens, finally being able to translate his passion and hard work into a career as a young adult. His first release came in 2005 with a contribution to a Virus Music album in 2005. More than a decade later, he now boasts over 300 released tracks on a large number of labels. His arsenal includes both original works and remixes for some of the top artists around the world.

Maintaining balance between industry and artisanship, Spartaque has played a key role in the creation and development of two key techno record labels, IAMT and Codex. With a touring schedule that is as busy as ever, we caught the opportunity to dig deeper about these label projects with Vitalii, getting into the nitty and gritty details of what it really means to be a label owner and manager of your own imprint(s), releasing on vinyl, throwing label parties, doing A&R and much more.

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option4: From Bedroom DJ to the Club

Guest post by producer, DJ and party curator option4

Often when people first start thinking about being a professional DJ it’s more of a dream than a reality. But when it actually comes to the crunch, it can be a potentially daunting decision to make the plunge. I think the biggest thing people need to weigh out before they go fully pro and try to pay their bills with this stuff is “CAN they pay their bills with this stuff?”

I’ve seen it happen time and time again where DJs start playing out and making a little bit of money, then think that quitting their job and devoting all of their time to their craft will push them to the next level. Sadly in this day and age that’s extremely rare. The DJ supply vastly outweighs the demand for DJ performances. Identifying whether it’s just a hobby or if it’s something more is a very honest evaluation that should be more encouraged in this culture. Attempting to make a living with this profession can oftentimes be more stressful than anticipated, ultimately killing the passion that started the journey in the first place. Going pro before you have an actual fan base to support it is a very slippery slope.

Of course I would fully endorse you making that leap if you believe in your abilities. So then the first thing to do is avoiding making the same mistakes that most DJs who are starting out make! I mean, I book A LOT of DJs. I always try and inspire new ones and support up-and-comers all of the time. Obviously there’s the playing appropriate music for the party, slot etc. but that’s been beat to death already. Most of the DJs that play for our parties all play great anyhow. One thing that I feel people mess up however is not understanding how important it is to be a PART of the party.

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