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21 Great Free Sample Packs for the Budget-Conscious Producer

Electronic music producers have long used sampling in the studio, with the practice dating back to some of the early years of house and techno. While there are some contentious issues related to sampling (notably copyright matters) that are still being debated, there has been a growing number of less contentious options made available in recent years that allow for sampling without concern.

Some services such as BeatportJunoIrruptSample Magic and Loopmasters provide licensed samples for a fee. But if you are on a limited budget, don’t worry, there are also many great, royalty-free samples that are available for free, ranging from promotional freebies by online services to homemade files from artists and synth enthusiasts.

Fact Magazine recently compiled 21 noteworthy free sample packs that you can find available on the web. Encompassing a variety of genres from house to hip-hop, we hope these sample packs prove useful in your next studio session:

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Software and Accessories for the Budget-Conscious Producer/DJ

Are you interested in being a producer/DJ? Prepare to buy software and equipment which will help you learn and hone your skills in being one. Admittedly, these software and equipment can be very expensive, and at times incredibly so.

If you’re on a tight budget, do not fret. There are actually a number of great alternatives available at a lower price. In some cases, you can even get them for free. Today, we shall looking at some of these affordable alternatives that will help you get started as a producer or DJ.

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Most Common Pro-Audio Pitfalls At Electronic Music Events

Producing an electronic music event is no easy feat. There are a million and one things to properly execute that could go wrong at any time. From taping down the power cables to artist pick-up, many factors contribute to a successful, or not so much, experience.

We’ve done our rounds of event production and know there are common professional audio pitfalls at electronic music events of all sizes and kinds. Subtract Music founder Anton Tumas has been DJing and curating his own events for years now, gaining valuable experience in the process as both an artist and a party-curator. We put our experiences together to compile a list of common issues that can arise at any electronic music event,  and thus could be thought of and prevented beforehand.

Learn from our own and other’s mistakes. A lot of these issues are resolved simply by hiring a competent sound company to do the work for you.

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Artist Advice: How To Use Spotify To Get Ahead Of The Game

Guest post by entrepreneur and author George Goodrich. George co-founded and StudioSessions.Tv, two music-tech companies with bases in Los Angeles and Amsterdam. An avid techno and house music listener, George specializes in crafting innovative digital strategies to help artists thrive, with experience working dance music events in Australia, Europe and Mexico for The BPM Festival. His latest book Slotify Method: How to Use Spotify Playlists to Launch Your Career in Music dives into the growing importance of Spotify as a tool for emerging artists, with tools on how to gain millions of streams, make money off of Spotify and gain attention from labels and talent buyers. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.


I just read an article titled “Guide to Dance Music Marketing” that touched on the subject of Instagram Bots (really?), SoundCloud Playlists and YouTube Playlists. The scariest part of the article was the “2017” in the title.

Today more than ever it is crucial to take advantage of the best and newest technology on music platforms available. 80% of people going to YouTube are looking for a specific song (not your music) and SoundCloud continues to irritate its creators by taking away key featuresBelieve it or not, Spotify is dominating in artist discovery and helping launch new artists careers.

Spotify is quickly becoming more and more popular in the electronic music community. Many artists have jumped on the bandwagon and are developing a solid and thriving presence on this relatively new platform. Artists like T.E.E.D., with his randomly titled playlists like “Office” and “Bedroom”, or Dosem with his regularly updated “Housestrike” playlist are gathering hundreds of new followers and generating thousands of streams. Even Marco Carola is dropping Spotify Playlists to promote Music On. Here are three key parts of Spotify that can get you ahead of the game.

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Finding and Winning Competitions for DJs and Producers

Guest post by Eric Louis

Whether you’re an aspiring DJ, producer or both, competitions are a great way to hone your craft and get noticed. The nature of competitions forces you to do two important things: you have a deadline so you have to get your work done in a set time frame, and you have to put something out there for the world to hear.

Winners of these competitions usually get a release on known labels and other prizes like Dj/production related software and hardware, as well as exposure that could translate into new bookings and opportunities.

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10 Lesser-Known Tools and Platforms to Discover New Music

Are you tired of your music library and in dire need of finding new tunes? You can search billions if not millions of songs with just click-through streaming services like Spotify and Pandora but it will take too much time to go over each list. So where do you start? You could ask a friend or depend on social media and the various charts out there, but there are also tons of gizmos to help you find great music based on what you already like.

Here are 10 lesser-known tools and platforms you can use to discover new music:

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How Spotify Can Help You As An Artist


There is a lot of speculation these days about music streaming services and how they can help musicians/producers  make an overall impact in the highly-competitive music business industry.

Right now it seems like you can find almost every fresh and up-and-coming producer on Spotify. Aren’t you wondering why? Read and find out how Spotify can help you as an artist:

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Tour Bag with Christian Smith


Pioneering techno DJ/producer Christian Smith began 2017 on tour and at the top of his game, starting with a Tronic Showcase at The BPM Festival. The Swedish born artist has been a leading name in the underground techno scene for over 20 years, with a steady stream of releases on labels including Plus8/Minus, Drumcode, Cocoon, Bedrock, Mobilee and his very own imprint Tronic Music. With three solo albums under his belt, his own label with over 200 releases and his weekly Tronic radio show which is now syndicated in over 100 stations worldwide, Christian is definitely a busy artist always on the go.

Christian Smith N.America Flyer


We caught up with him during the middle of a hectic worldwide album tour which brought him to the West Coast to reveal what he packs in his tour bag to help him survive on the road. Here are his must-have DJ items:

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Why You Should Stop CDJ Shaming (A Message to Vinyl Purists)


It seems that the prevalence of CDJ shaming is a direct result of the rise of vinyl-exclusive DJs.

Hey, I incredibly enjoy an all vinyl set when it comes around, but to those who negatively label CDJ users as talentless laypersons are completely missing the point.

Technology has directly revolutionized the dance music community, especially with regards to accessibility, capability, and creativity when it comes becoming and being a DJ in today’s world.

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The Music Business Has a Gender Problem and This Is What Everyone in the Industry Can Do About It


You are lying to yourself if you think that the music business does not have a gender problem. Whether you’re a DJ, producer, promoter or work for a record label, the signs and evidence are all around you: female DJs are grossly under-represented on lineups (and not due to lack of skill), mansplaining occurs even at the highest level with international touring acts, stories of sexual assault and misogyny continuously pop up left, right and center and of course the typical rebuttal to all of this sounds something along the lines of, “she fucked her way to the top and doesn’t even make her own music.”

Having been involved with the dance music industry in the United States for the past five years, I have noticed the uneasy and lopsided pressure on women in music. In the fall of 2016, at the Sørveiv conference in Norway, a panel was conducted on the subject of gender in music that led to a revealing discussion that highlighted several key points on the subject. A man, interestingly enough, took a stance and argued that women simply need more role models, once again putting blame on women for the gender plight that is so pervasive in this industry. The gender problem is not just a woman problem, it’s a problem every single member of the music community is responsible for in one way or another, and shifting the blame back to women is not only irresponsible and short-sighted, but only serves to cement the status quo that we find ourselves debating in the first place.

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