Berlin Officials Pledge $1M+ To Save Club Culture

Berlin has long been known as one of the world’s centers of club culture and the creative arts. Some estimate that about 50 percent of the 32 million tourists who visited the city last year came because of its vibrant nightlife scene and the “open spirit of the city,” which in turn generates billions in revenue.

But despite Berlin’s stature and the benefits it has been reaping from this stature, the city has been dealing with many challenges similar to what clubs around the globe are facing. The statistics tell a clear story: about 170 clubs have closed in the city since 2011.

At the same time Berlin has undergone huge transformations with many property developments and an increased demand for new luxury condos affecting its urban landscape. In addition, some clubs are at increased risk of shutting down over noise disputes with neighboring businesses and residential buildings.

Because of these problems, the parliament recently set up a €1 million fund (equivalent to about $1.2 million) that will provide money to help soundproof clubs in the city center that can’t afford the modifications.

Supporters of Berlin’s club culture hailed this move and have expressed hope that this measure will go a long way towards protecting the city’s cultural assets.

For more information about the fund, go to Tagesspiegel. (Non-German speakers, you’ll need to use Google Translate).