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Bandcamp Has Raised $100 Million For Artists

bandcampBandcamp is a truly amazing company. In an era where producers are barely making a couple cents per purchase on sites like Beatport and Juno, there is clearly a need for their services.

What makes Bandcamp unique is a combination of two features. First, it allows artists to “name their price” when selling music, merch, and more. Secondly, as far as we know, it is the only “retailer” that pays the vast majority of the money directly to the artists. By only taking a mere 10%, Bandcamp reestablishes record sales as a legitimate revenue stream for up-and-coming independent artists, who are often forced to spend unreasonable amounts of time touring just to pay their rent.

Bandcamp has now officially paid out more than $100 million to the artists, something that most retailers and streaming services don’t come close to reaching. Retail outlets, who deal almost exclusively with labels, generally take large percentages,  with the remainder split between the label, manager, and then then the artist after label recoups. Bandcamp pays the royalties directly to the artists, with no room for exploitation by the various industry sectors. To check out the Bandcamp site, please click here.