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Japan Amends No-Dancing Law

The notorious “no-dance” law known as Fueiho— officially recognized as the Entertainment Business Control Law, has finally been amended by the Japanese government. Implementation of changes to the law were first proposed in 2013 by an organization called “Let’s Dance” as they submitted a petition that garnered over 150,000 signatures. While updates were approved by […]

Techno Museum to Open in Frankfurt, Germany

In 1984, a 21 year old by the name of Andreas Tomalla invented techno… Not the musical genre, but the word (or so he claims). It all started when he was working at a record store in Frankfurt, and he had trouble categorizing the “new” vinyl coming in by Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode. The very […]

Inside The Do LaB

For years now, there has been one stage at Coachella that stands out more than any other. It doesn’t have the mainstream attention that the Coachella Stage garners every year and it doesn’t have near the amount of decibel levels as the Sahara Tent’s sound system. What does The Do LaB have that sets it […]

Freebie Friday and EP Preview: PILO

The pilomotor reflex, most aptly known as goosebumps is exactly what happens when you listen to music that sends shivers down your spine. For Freebie Friday today we present a track from PILO in preparation for his forthcoming release on Boysnoize Records. PILO has been consistently releasing truly original tracks from day one and his […]