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Melbourne’s Vintage Synth “Workshop” Opens

Vintage synth and gear enthusiasts will be especially delighted to hear Robin Fox, one of Australia’s leading experimental producers, has just opened a new business: a Melbourne-based vintage synth “workshop,” geared towards gear veterans and newbies alike. Operated by Fox and Byron Scullin, the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (M.E.S.S.) is a non-profit group offering annual […]

Apple, Dubset Partner Up To License Streaming Mixes

As the world of streaming becomes increasingly competitive, largely due to market saturation and legal action on behalf of artists and labels, each company is looking for a leg-up to bring in paid subscribers. It seems as if Apple Music will be taking the metaphorical cake for the time being; the company has just entered […]

Chrome Music Lab: Google Says No DAW, No Problem

Fans of Google Doodle, you’re in luck – Google has just launched a musical counterpart, the so-called Chrome Music Lab, a plethora of interactive tools, instruments, and sequencers that allow you to manipulate music and audio within your browser. Utilizing Web Audio API technology, Chrome Music Lab instantly turns the beloved browser into an innovative, […]

Soundcloud: ‘Time For Everyone To Pay Up’

The days of SoundCloud as a free music sharing and listening service are coming to an end, and have been for quite some time. The service, which boasts millions of users (both fans and musicians) and a nearly unlimited stream of music, has been plagued by several issues recently. Firstly, new licensing deals with major […]

Did Kanye Steal Plugins From Deadmau5?

Two of the most outspoken artists in the music industry have begun to battle it out on Twitter. Recently, Kanye West tweeted out an apparently innoculous photo of a Sufjan Stevens track playing on youtube; however, in doing so, he has essentially incriminated himself with the open tabs shown in his browser window. Immediately, fans took to […]

TIDAL Facing Another Lawsuit Over Royalties

TIDAL, Jay-Z’s streaming service, which launched in 2015, is fighting yet another legal battle. This time, Yesh Music and John Emanuele have filed a $5 million class-action suit, alleging that TIDAL has been streaming 116 songs by The American Dollar (Emanuele’s band), neglecting to pay any royalties. According to documents that Entertainment Weekly has obtained, the plaintiffs […]

Modstep: iPad MIDI Solutions For The Pros

Many have dismissed the iPad and other tablets as tools for hobbyist producers rather than legitimate components of a professional studio setup. However, the potential of these devices with regards to pro production is beginning to blossom. Thanks to Zerodebug’s Modstep, audio professionals have some amazing capabilities at their fingertips (no pun intended!); the so-called […]

Billboard, Instagram Announce Grammy Partnership

For the first time, Billboard Magazine has teamed up with the Recording Academy and Instagram to offer fans around the world a glimpse into the Grammy Awards Ceremony and its numerous upscale events. Fans will enjoy behind-the-scenes coverage of the artists and events, such as the official Pre-Grammy Clive Davis Gala, Billboard’s Power 100, and […]

Sonos Speakers, Meet Apple Music

Apple Music can now officially be played on Sonos Speakers; although the streaming service has been available since June, until now, it did not have the ability to play through the hugely popular, internet-enabled speakers. Sonos had already integrated many other streaming services, most notably Spotify, Apple Music’s primary competitor. Unlike platforms such as Apple’s AirPlay, […]

Live 9.6: Ableton’s iOS Link Now Available

A couple months ago, along with the release of Live 9.5 and Push 2, Ableton announced the forthcoming release of Link, the company’s brand new technology that would allow users to wirelessly sync Ableton Live software with a number of compatible iOs apps via wireless or ethernet connection. We are pleased to announce that the […]