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Best of: Electronic Music Podcasts

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to electronic music. Everyone has their own methods of consuming and finding music, with podcasts being a widespread favorite among fans and artists alike. Many electronic music podcasts curate their own unique theme, and provide ample sonic entertainment for many situations. With so many great electronic music podcasts […]

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival Returns for 8th Edition

Music festivals have taken on a whole new dimension over the years. Many festivals such as Decibel and ADE extend beyond the music festival itself, and offer attendees a wide array of events such as workshops, panel discussions, and of course, world class musical performances from some of the best in the game. Today, Brooklyn […]

Japanese Sports Car to Feature Roland Synthesizer Sounds

Roland, one of the leading synthesizer manufacturers, will be taking their talents and technology to the Japanese automotive industry this Fall. The technology titan has recently announced that they will be co-developing a “neo-futuristic driving sound generation system” for GLM’s ZZ Roadster (seen above). Utilizing Roland’s SuperNATURAL synthesizer technology, the ZZ Roadster will have the […]

20 Years of House in Los Angeles with Sacred Grounds

Dance culture has evolved at a rapid rate around the world; some countries faster than others, but each rich with their own unique history. Where some cultures have developed a very specific sound, Los Angeles has always been a diverse melting pot of musical ideas and groups. Amidst the musical diversity, however, one thing is […]

Dubfire Puts on Mini-Marathon at Sunwaves 18

Sunwaves Festival in Romania is the place to be if festival marathon sets are your fortè. This past weekend it was Dubfire who rose to the occasion to deliver the enthusiastic crowd thirteen straight hours of pure sonic grooves and frequencies. While thirteen hours is a truly impressive feat, it is still only half of what […]

Q&A: Hunter/Game Debut New Project with Kúra

“Working on a band project is really different from producing techno music. Techno requires a lot of technical knowledge, as a straight studio approach. Working as a band is like merging energies between people, and some of the stuff is coming off more like a jam session” -Hunter/Game It’s often refreshing when dance artists step […]

Celebrate the 808 on 8/08

A selection of eight tracks with the iconic 808 sounds ranging from Ricardo Villalobos to A Guy Called Gerald As far as music technology goes, Roland’s 808 Drum Machine has been one of the most influential of our time. It’s hard to believe that the now coveted drum machine was actually discontinued in 1983. Since then […]

Draft Records First Vinyl Release with Vanita, Chris Lattner, and Cesare vs Disorder

Since inception, Draft has been releasing quality material from the likes of Frank Leicher, Emiliano Ferreyra, Chad Andrew, label owner, Roberto Apodaca, among many more. The first vinyl release on Draft comes courtesy of Zürich based artist, Vanita, and she delivers two sides covering the dark, groovy, and hypnotic realms of minimal. Sticking true with the […]